40 Best SaaS Management Platforms for 2023

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December 23, 2022

Average SaaS apps usage per company is 254 apps as of 2022; this wasn’t the case back in 2015 when the average usage was just 8 SaaS applications per company–this shows how rapidly SaaS has grown in a limited time period. 

By 2025, SaaS tools will constitute 85% of software used by companies where their SaaS spend will be a third of their total cloud spend. 

Businesses use these tools across internal teams to execute various activities, but the problem is that the more SaaS apps they use, the more difficult it gets to manage these applications. And the majority of their SaaS spend is wasted.

Managing SaaS apps manually using documents and spreadsheets is not feasible, you need the best SaaS management platforms which will give you complete visibility over your SaaS stack and optimize your spending. 

There are hundreds of SaaS applications in the market, each with its own set of features, costs, and uses. Finding the right SaaS management software can be hard if you don’t have an expert to guide you. 

That’s why we’re here; We did the research for you and compiled a list of the best SaaS management tools to effectively manage SaaS app, vendors and optimize your SaaS portfolio.

So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

What are SaaS management platforms? 

Gone are the days when an organization's IT and finance leaders relied on spreadsheets and decade-old apps to keep track of the applications used by their teams. They frequently encountered visibility difficulties, uncontrolled SaaS spend, shadow IT, and missed renewals, all of which contributed to their worries and made effective SaaS management appear unachievable.

But that's not the case anymore, thanks to the advancement in cloud technologies, businesses can now easily manage their Saas portfolio using a cloud platforms called SMPs.

SaaS management platforms or SMPs are cloud based software built to help business leaders, CFOs, CIOs, finance leaders, etc. keep an eye on all the SaaS products they use and track their usage data and spend data from one place. 

These platforms can be considered as automation tools because they can automate repetitive tasks like contract management, paying renewals, provision and deprovision users, etc. which saves time for the team and helps them focus on more important tasks. 

SMPs are unique to each other with functionalities relevant to various business types, some of the common SMP features are, 

  • Application discovery 
  • Contract management
  • Spend management 
  • Application cost optimization 
  • Vendor management 
  • Procurement automation
  • Negotiation 
  • Risk compliance 
  • Assisted buying

Let us now get to the platforms, and you can choose the right one that fits your needs. 

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Top 40 SaaS Management platforms for 2023

1. CloudEagle

CloudEagle dashboard

With a comprehensive list of features, CloudEagle is considered one of the best SaaS management platforms for SaaS app management. From providing 100% visibility, managing software vendors, and automating procurement to assigning dedicated managers to manage license renewals, CloudEagle has all the functionalities needed for a business with 100–2000 employees. 

CloudEagle follows the "3S" principle to help businesses control SaaS sprawl.

See your apps - Get 100% visibility into your SaaS stack, track app usage insights, easily identify underused, duplicate, and hidden apps, and keep shadow IT under control. 

Save on SaaS spend: Use our accurate price benchmarking data to empower your procurement team during SaaS contract negotiations. We’ll also assign expert negotiators to engage with vendors on your behalf and minimize your SaaS costs using pre-negotiated discounts. 

Procurement automation workflow in a SaaS management platform

Streamline procurement

Dynamic procurement workflows are available to automate your procurement process. Your procurement team can save time and focus on critical tasks rather than chasing approvals. 

Let’s have a quick brief of CloudEagle features, 

App discovery 

SaaS application discovery is table stakes for CloudEagle. It doesn’t just show apps; thanks to its 600+ integrations, browser extensions, SSO, HRIS and finance integrations, you can get a bird’s eye view of your entire SaaS stack and optimize SaaS costs. 

An extensive database of 150,000 applications is readily available to meet your needs right away. You need not worry about the credibility of applications; the database will automatically categorize SaaS and non-SaaS apps, so you’ll always choose the right one. 

Contract management 

When you use hundreds of SaaS tools, you’ll need to manage all contracts and invoices relevant to those applications. Contracts are highly likely to get lost if you use manual organization methods like documents or spreadsheets. 

Contract management dashboard of a SaaS management platform

CloudEagle lets you manage all your contracts and invoices in one place, so you can easily retrieve them during vendor negotiation processes, audits, etc. 

Here's how Aira centralized their SaaS contracts using CloudEagle

Automated workflows 

Procuring applications can be tedious when done manually. The intake requests might get lost in the process, and the procurement team will be chasing the stakeholders to get their approvals before submitting them to vendors. 

CloudEagle has automated workflows to handle the procurement process. The requester can create an intake request in Slack; it will be assigned to the appropriate person for approval, and the procurement team can begin negotiating immediately. There will be 100% visibility over the entire process, so there will be no bottlenecks. 

Assisted buyers 

CloudEagle will assign expert buyers to help you find the right SaaS software. They’ll perform the vendor research for you and use our price benchmarking data to negotiate on your behalf to get the app you need. 

Thanks to years of healthy relationships with SaaS vendors, CloudEagle possesses pre-negotiated discounts from multiple vendors, which is something that other SMPs in this list cannot offer. 

Renewal monitoring 

SaaS licenses will be up for renewal sporadically; most platforms will send renewal reminders via email or SMS and call it a day, but not CloudEagle. As a matter of fact, CloudEagle's renewal monitoring begins with reminders, and the renewal workflow will begin 90 days in advance. 

Renewal reminder workflow from one of the best SaaS management platforms

It will assign dedicated managers to keep track of your renewal and remind you periodically until the renewal is paid. The workflow stops only after you pay the renewal—it works more like renewal guidance than renewal monitoring. 

Check out how Pratibha Mehta and her team at Falkonry streamlined SaaS renewals using CloudEagle:

Vendor management 

Managing software vendors should not be overlooked, as they are more like your business partners. Maintaining a healthy relationship with software vendors is essential, and CloudEagle will let you do that using its extensive feature stack. 

Perform vendor research and get intrinsic details about them before starting your negotiation, so you start off on the right foot. Manage all your vendors and their contracts in one place; get detailed app usage insights so you can leverage them during negotiations. 

Vendor management is more than just organizing all of your vendors in one place; it also refers to managing the entire vendor lifecycle, and CloudEagle is the only SaaS management software that allows you to do so easily.

Application cost optimization 

Unused apps, duplicate apps, and hidden apps are all major causes of SaaS spend waste. To save SaaS costs, it is necessary to address these issues right away. With CloudEagle, you can get accurate app usage insights and eliminate apps with low usage. 

Applicaiton cost optimization dashboard

Its extensive database will scan through your tech stack and reveal duplicate applications, so you can replace it with a credible app within minutes. Easily detect unused SaaS subscriptions and negotiate with vendors to optimize SaaS costs efficiently. 

Additional features 

  • AI-powered recommendation engine that suggests SaaS apps based on your needs.
  • Read relevant reviews within the platform before starting negotiations. 
  • Onboard and offboard users automatically.
  • Get real-time reports on an intuitive dashboard.
  • Transparent and affordable pricing plans.


Starter plan is priced at $500 per month.

2. Vendr 

Vendr dashboard

Vendr is a SaaS management platform that focuses on SaaS procurement. Thanks to its powerful recommendation tools, you can find the right app for your business, raise requests, and purchase the application within minutes. 

It is one of the most sophisticated platforms on this list, serving multiple teams from IT, finance, procurement, department heads, security, and sales. 

This cloud software simplifies the purchasing process by using accurate insights from thousands of software transactions to help businesses make decisions quickly. Vendr’s expert team will empower you with accurate insights, so you can nail your negotiation process and purchase the right SaaS application. 

You can build a streamlined buying process using workflow automation with the help of their in-house procurement experts. Vendr provides a complete view of your SaaS stack, app purchases, manage SaaS renewals, and shadow spending. Get accurate updates on SaaS pricing, deals, and new apps worldwide before your competitors. 


The starter plan is priced at $36,000 per year. 

3. Productiv

Banner of a SaaS management platform, Productiv

Powered by SaaS Intelligence™, Productiv is more than just a SaaS management platform. You can get detailed insights and data on your SaaS portfolio, not just the app login activity that most platforms provide. 

Productiv will help you gain the most value from your SaaS stack with the help of SaaS Intelligence™. It’ll help you leverage data and combine IT, procurement, finance, and business leaders to effectively manage your SaaS stack, streamline your operations, and optimize SaaS costs across applications. 

With Productiv, you can save up to 35% on your expenses using spend optimization insights. View all your app usage and spend data in one place—you can also get specific spend data based on the app, vendor, and employee. 

Automation workflows are available for the license management process, and you can get instant renewal alerts, so you can always have the upper hand during negotiations. Save time by automating repetitive and mundane provisioning and payment tasks using Productiv. 


Schedule a demo to learn more about pricing.

4. Sastrify

Sastrify banner

Sastrify is known for its dynamic automation workflows, and it provides a centralized view of your entire software stack. Sastrify is suitable for procurement teams, CEOs, CTOs, and procurement leaders looking to streamline their procurement and minimize their SaaS costs—Sastrify believes they can reduce 35% of SaaS spend for organizations. 

It will keep your team operating without bottlenecks with the help of automated workflows for procurement, renewal reminders, and more. 

It has cultivated years of relationships with software vendors to get the best deals and accurate pricing plans and save on your SaaS spend. You can use your procurement team, or Sastrify will assign dedicated procurement specialists to assist you in obtaining the best deals on SaaS apps before your competitors. 


The starter plan is priced at $2,990 per month and $35,880 per year. 

5. Zylo 

Zylo banner

If you're looking for a SaaS management platform to manage your SaaS sprawl, Zylo is a fantastic option. Zylo leverages a massive amount of data and combines the latest technology with accurate price benchmarking and knowledge to ensure your SaaS investments don't go in vain.

With a plethora of certifications from G2, it is considered the primary choice of CIOs and CFOs for SaaS management. It leverages data gathered from managing $21 billion in SaaS spending, so you can readily compare your portfolio, stack, and pricing against your competitors and see where you stand.

Zylo is powered by smart technology and a huge volume of data that can drive impeccable growth for small businesses and enterprise-grade organizations. 


Request a customized quote. 

6. Spendflo 

Logo of a SaaS management platform

Spendflo is a rapidly growing SaaS management platform to optimize your SaaS portfolio and automate the tedious procurement process. If your business lacks a procurement team, then you seek the help of Spendflow’s expert buyers to negotiate on your behalf and procure suitable SaaS applications. 

You can cancel your auto-renewals as Spendflo will manage your vendors and their respective renewal processes, so you’ll only pay for what your team uses. Get complete visibility into your procurement process, from raising requests to vendor negotiations. 

Integrate Spendflo with your Slack and streamline your procurement process by fast-tracking requests and approvals. Save your time using automation workflows and focus on risk compliance tasks and security concerns, which are more essential than approving requests. 


Customizable pricing plans based on your spend.

7. Procurify

Banner of procurify which is a SaaS management platform

If you’re looking for dedicated SaaS procurement software, then Procurify is the right one for you. It is a robust spend management solution that provides visibility over your SaaS spend and helps the procurement and finance teams optimize it. 

No more chasing approvals and operating the procurement process in the dark. Centralize the approvals, automate the procurement processes, and enhance your accounting systems by integrating with financial bookkeeping platforms. 

You can run dynamic audits to see how your organization's money flows and get real-time insights into your budgets, spending, and vendors without breaking a sweat. If your needs are limited to financial management and procurement, it is one of the most straightforward spend optimization tools. 


Contact the sales team for pricing details. 

8. Torii

Torii banner

Torii can be considered the lite version of CloudEagle and Vendr, with key SaaS management features like app discovery, procurement, onboarding, and offboarding. Using Torii, you can quickly onboard your users to SaaS apps while reducing operational risks. 

Every time a new employee joins your team, you don’t have to manually assign the user to their respective applications for work collaboration. Torii will automate your onboarding and offboarding processes, assign SaaS apps based on their team, and remove access in just a click when the employee quits. 

Manage all your SaaS contracts and vendors in one place, and receive renewal notifications whenever a contract renewal closes. Scale the license management process with ease using Torii’s license recommendation engine. 


Contact the team for pricing plans. 

9. NachoNacho 

NachoNacho website banner

NachoNacho is a robust SaaS management platform that lets you manage SaaS subscriptions from one place and save money with dynamic application cost optimization insights. 

It is one of the few platforms on this list with straightforward features that can be a perfect fit for small to medium-sized businesses with 500–1000 employees. It is also a SaaS marketplace where companies can buy SaaS applications based on their requirements.  


A free trial for one month is available. Pricing starts at $5 per month. 

10. BetterCloud

Dashboard of SaaS management platform

Boost your employee productivity, centralize your data, and increase operational efficiency using BetterCloud, the market leader in SaaS operations management. Monitor and eliminate security threats throughout your SaaS ecosystem and reduce data exposure caused by automated security policies. 

BetterCloud was named G2’s best software for 2022. The best aspect of BetterCloud is its security and compliance features, which other platforms lack. Safeguard your systems against unwanted exposure and set up user roles and permissions effectively using BetterCloud. 

Other key SaaS management features include app discovery, onboarding, offboarding, automated workflow, file security, etc. It is most suitable for IT and security teams within the organization. 


For pricing, please contact the team.

11. Cledara

Cledara banner

Cledara is a popular SaaS subscription management platform for securely managing SaaS subscriptions. Are you using spreadsheets to track your invoice? Switch to Cledara now and automate your invoice collections and renewal payments. 

It is probably one of the few SMPs that offers a purchase card, the Cledara Card. For every software subscription, you can earn points when you purchase it using the card, and then you can redeem the points for cash. 

This cloud software is best suited for finance and IT teams; you can automate software purchases, manage management, and streamline your accounting using Cledara. 


Starts at $104 per month. Pay annually and save 16%.

12. Zluri

Banner of Zluri

Zluri focuses on reducing SaaS waste for businesses by helping them see 100% of their SaaS stack, automating tasks like procurement, onboarding, and offboarding, and securing their stack by eliminating compliance risks and duplicate and vulnerable SaaS applications. 

It helps the IT, finance, and procurement teams optimize their SaaS apps and minimize SaaS costs and is suitable for businesses with 500+ employees. 

Buying applications can be simplified with Zluri, thanks to its data intelligence and automation. You can automate onboaring and offboarding process with Zluri and get the process done in a few clicks. 


Contact the sales team for pricing details.

13. Coreview

Logo of a SaaS management platform

If your business ecosystem is powered by Microsoft365, then CoreView is the SMP you need that can manage, monitor, and run security audits on your stack. 

Automate repetitive administrative tasks and license lifecycles, get complete control over your license costs, and manage your Microsoft Teams at scale using CoreView. It has automated monitoring and response capabilities to keep your system secure and can send instant alerts in the case of unusual errors. 


Standard pricing starts at $20,000 per year. 

14. Ampliphae

Ampliphae banner

Ampliphae is a SaaS security management solution that can discover shadow IT within your teams and eliminate the security risks arising from hidden SaaS usage. 

Its SaaSGuard functionality helps keep your data secure by monitoring your organization's internal and external connections. It will notify you of any insecure connections, allowing you to eliminate them quickly and keep your ecosystem secure. 

If your ultimate goal is to get visibility over your SaaS applications and their connections and ensure data security and privacy compliance, then Ampliphae is the right solution for your team. 


Contact the team to learn about the pricing plans. 

15. Basaas

Basaas banner and logo

Basaas centralizes your stack and brings all the applications you use into one place, allowing you to switch between them effortlessly. It can help you unify your team and tasks by connecting with Microsoft To Do Planner or Planner with Asana. 

Create a digital hub for all your SaaS applications and increase your remote workforce’s productivity by helping them collaborate effortlessly. It is more suitable for managing SaaS apps and sharing them within your team; it is more like a workforce management tool. 

You can switch between accounts and SaaS applications easily, collaborate with your colleagues in a snap, and take data-driven decisions that contribute incrementally to your business growth. 


It has a free trial available. The smart pricing plans start at $6.50 per month. 

16. Cyclr

Logo if Cyclr

API integrations are necessary for a SaaS management platform to integrate and manage your SaaS tools effectively, and Cyclr can help you with them. Though SMPs come with custom integrations, your business can highly benefit from Cyclr’s native API integrations.

Remove friction between your applications, enable a seamless flow of data with 400+ connectors, and enhance your ecosystem with the scalable connectivity framework of Cyclr. 


A free trial is available. The pricing starts at $999 per month. 

17. Setyl

Setly logo and banner

Setyl is a robust SaaS management platform that can effectively manage your IT assets, SaaS subscriptions, and licenses from one place. Assign dedicated admins to the vendor contracts in just a click and make license management a cakewalk with Setyl. 

Track your SaaS spending in real-time and create accurate reports to make budget projections and certain purchase decisions for your software assets. Get a 360-degree view of your SaaS stack and improve asset management and due diligence using Setyl. 

It is an easy-to-use software asset management tool suitable for small and medium-sized businesses with 100 to 1000 employees. Easily integrate with your existing stack and start tracking the KPIs from the get-go. 


Starts at $249 per month. 

18. Binadox

Binadox logo and banner

Binadox, like Setyl, is a software asset management tool that assists businesses in reducing waste in their cloud services by effectively tracking cloud usage data and spend. Binadox offers AI-based cost optimization recommendations to optimize your cloud costs. 

This is one of the very few SaaS management tools that offer robust data visualization insights and integrative reports by combining both present and historical data that’ll assist in making better managerial decisions. 

Binadox allows you to track all of your software assets, licenses, terms, and services from your SaaS vendors in a single window. 


The starter plan is priced at $99 per month. 

19. TropicApp

TropicApp banner from website

Do you want to streamline your procurement process as Fortune 500 companies do? Using TropicApp, you can simplify your purchasing process and get the best deals from apps. This TropicApp is the right SaaS procurement solution for your business's needs. 

This SaaS management tool is suitable for IT, procurement, and finance teams to achieve effective SaaS app management, a seamless procurement process, and spend optimization. 

You can easily discover SaaS apps, automate the approvals, and manage all your SaaS contracts from one place using this tool, and the best part is their end-to-end procurement process feature. You can sit back and relax while TropicApp experts will do the work for you. 


Customizable pricing based on your annual spend. 

20. Applogie

Applogie banner

Applogie is expense management software that can help you get the most out of your SaaS investments. Get detailed insights into your SaaS subscriptions, control your expenses, and save money and time using Applogie. 

It has an extensive database that'll reveal all your subscriptions, provide optimization insights, and guide you to where you can save money. You can empower your negotiation team with these insights and confidently negotiate with the vendors, acquire the right pricing plans, and control your wastage.

Get expert support based on your subscription management requirements and streamline your business operations.


Starts at $100 per user per month. 

21. Apptio SaaS insights

Apptio SaaS insights and banner

Apptio helps simplify your SaaS portfolio management by effectively managing SaaS apps and tracking your tech portfolio. Your team can make data-driven investment decisions using Apptio and save on your SaaS spend without impacting your business process. 

ApptioOneMX, CloudabilityMX and TargetProcess are some of the SaaS management solutions offered by Apptio for effective SaaS app management and spend optimization purposes. You can easily identify and eliminate SaaS sprawl due to duplicate, underused, and hidden applications and reduce the risks associated with them. 

Get detailed spend data based on users, departments, and licenses; this data can be leveraged during negotiation. Apptio lets you create consistent and precise planning, budgeting, and projection systems while comparing against competitors to achieve continual optimization.


For pricing, please contact the team. 

22. Sailpoint

SailPoint banner and logo

SailPoint is unlike any other SaaS management tool in this list; it is an identity security platform that secures the ecosystem of modern businesses. An ecosystem filled with complex SaaS applications will have sensitive data; securing this data is crucial, and that's where SailPoint comes in.

Manage and control user access to essential applications in one place. Security teams usually keep track of these in spreadsheets or legacy applications, but SailPoint is a cloud based AI platform that streamlines these processes with its robust features.

Automated risk analysis and governance: SailPoint will automatically analyze users and their stack for vulnerabilities before granting access to critical applications. Keep your workplace secure and increase your productivity with SailPoint. 


For pricing, please contact the team.

23. Improvado

Improvado banner

Improvado automates marketing analytics and is considered one of the best data extraction tools on the market. This tool can easily extract data from marketing tools with zero manual assistance.

Marketing is essential for increasing brand awareness, and tools like Improvado will make your marketer's life easier. Integrate your marketing tools with Improvado and gather all the insights within seconds. Let your marketers focus on analyzing the insights and deriving solutions rather than scraping the data.

Improvado is one of the best data management tools you can get your hands on, and that's why it made this list.


Contact the team and request pricing relevant to your needs.

24. Beamy

Beamy banner

Beamy is a SaaS management tool that focuses on centralizing SaaS applications. Most businesses have decentralized IT applications with no control or management; this is one of the significant reasons shadow IT has gone beyond control in many organizations, and Beamy can help you streamline it.

Using robust automated workflows, Beamy assists in developing responsibility and governance among all important stakeholders (BUs, CISOs, DPOs, CIOs, and so on). It centralizes your SaaS portfolio in a single place to manage app usage, contract and license optimization, and risk mitigation.

Minimize compliance risks through centralization, govern your SaaS portfolio by assigning responsibilities, and achieve seamless collaboration through Beamy. 


For pricing, please contact the team. 

25. Augmentt

Augmentt banner

Augmentt lets you enhance SaaS app management by automating provisioning, simplifying user management, and increasing security compliance. It is a SaaS security management software that protects Office365 by alerting users to illegal sign-in attempts and compliance violations in real-time.

It is more suitable for MSPs and IT teams to get the work done without exposing the system to security risks that come with multiple access points. Data is the essential fuel for cloud based organizations, and Augmentt will help secure your data by storing it in secure inventory with limited access.

If you're looking for a robust access management system, Augmentt is the best choice to grant and revoke access at scale and keep your internal systems secure from threats.


Contact Augmentt’s sales expert to know the pricing. 

26. LeanIX

LeanIX Banner

LeanIX is a fully automated SaaS management solution built to help companies get complete visibility over their SaaS portfolios by integrating with enterprise systems. The most underrated feature of LeanIX is the Import API, which lets you extract SaaS data from any source into LeanIX.

Using LeanIX, centralize your SaaS contracts with drill-down functionality and get detailed SaaS spend data to plan your budgets effectively. Track the applications in your SaaS portfolio and ensure they comply with GDPR, SOC 2, and more to keep your system secure.

Mitigate security risks, prevent unauthorized access to your applications, and take your SaaS management process to the next level using LeanIX.


Contact the team to know the pricing.

27. Flexera One

Flexera One logo with quote

Flexera One is a cloud software built to mitigate, optimize, and reduce SaaS spend for businesses through detailed optimization insights. Enhance your negotiation process by getting a bird's-eye view of your SaaS applications and usage data. 

Centralize all your SaaS subscriptions and manage SaaS renewals effectively. Never miss a renewal; Flexera One will alert you as renewals close so that you can pay them on time.

Optimize cloud spending and get accurate estimates for your software spend by eliminating underused and duplicate SaaS apps in your ecosystem. Get complete control over your IT assets in one place using Flexera One.


Contact the team to know the pricing. 

28. Snow

Snow logo

Snow uses cutting-edge technology and intelligence to help businesses increase their value. Adapt your business to the ever-changing market by leveraging Snow's technological intelligence. Stop squandering your SaaS investment by optimizing SaaS spend with a powerful SaaS management solution.

It combines software asset management, cloud management, and a SaaS app management platform. Snow allows you to seamlessly integrate with your enterprise systems to accomplish application cost optimization and risk mitigation.


Contact the team to know the pricing.

29. Scalue

Logo of a platform called Scalue

Scalue is a procurement analytics and SaaS cost management tool that provides specific vendors and needed data to help your procurement team easily make purchase choices. Get control of maverick buying and the risks associated with it.

Scalue will reveal your overall spending. Using Scalue, you can quickly optimize negotiations and achieve cost efficiency by extracting all organized, classified, and aggregated procurement data within seconds.

Analyze direct and indirect spend on contracts, invoices, payments, and material costs and optimize them to increase ROI using Scalue.


Contact the team for estimates. 

30. Frontegg

Frontegg logo

Frontegg is a user management tool designed to meet complex business requirements through various funnels and GTM strategies. Accelerate your business faster and scale to greater heights without worrying about your security. Frontegg will ensure all the necessary compliance and secure your ecosystem from threats and vulnerabilities.

Frontegg consistently ensures the safety of its information security management system, so you can relax; your data will be safe with Frontegg. Track your users' activities from a single dashboard and make data-driven decisions without relying on other apps.


A free plan is available. Pricing plans start at $99 per month. 

31. AssetSonar

Assetsonar logo

AssetSonar is a powerful IT asset management software that lets you track and manage your entire IT inventory from one place. Easily onboard and offboard your employees, assign the right IT assets to them automatically, and revoke access within seconds during offboarding.

AssetSonar has built-in Zendesk and Jira integrations to manage IT assets, service requests, and tickets. Set automated alerts and proactively manage license renewals. Easily detail unused and underused licenses and optimize them.

A configuration management database is available to help you get a consolidated view of your IT dependencies and mitigate problems using AssetSonar. Get complete visibility into your assets using endpoint integrations like Microsoft Intune, JCCM, Jamf, and Google Endpoint Manager. 


A free trial is available. Pricing starts at $69.99 per month for 100 users and 1 admin.

32. Intello

Intello banner

Intello is one of the best SaaS management tools with straightforward pricing plans. It offers browser extensions that give businesses a bird's-eye view of their SaaS portfolio. Integrating Intello with your existing cloud software allows you to find SaaS apps, manage them, and improve vendors.


The starter plan is priced at $500 per month. 

33. Substly

Substly logo

Substly is a SaaS subscription management platform suitable for small and medium-sized businesses that want to take control of their digital subscriptions. Get intrinsic details on your spending per person and alert the relevant DRIs before renewing using Substly.

Get utilization insights and manage all your subscriptions in one place automatically. Also, Substly is one of the affordable SaaS management tools on this list. 


Starts at €3 per employee, billed annually. 

34. Eracent

Eracent logo and banner

Manage software licenses and IT assets effortlessly using Eracent. Minimize audit and security risks and enhance asset management processes easily with Eracent. It is one of the most comprehensive SaaS management solutions, with a plethora of software and license management functionalities and optimization capabilities. 

It has automated AI discovery bots that display application usage data, performance, and other intrinsic details relevant to the software. Eracent is enterprise-grade SaaS management software suitable for businesses with over 1000 employees dealing with heaps of data.


Contact the team to learn more about the pricing.

35. CloudFX

CloudFX logo and banner

CloudFX is a popular SaaS management solution that delivers a unique ITaaS experience. This platform will help scale your business by minimizing operational costs and generating a better ROI.

Manage all your SaaS stack at one centralized location, automatically provision and deprovision SaaS apps, and promote a collaborative workplace where employees can access the apps easily and be more productive.

CloudFX is well-known for its active control and monitoring of all business SaaS application purchases, employee onboarding, licensing, renewal alerts, and offboarding.

It combines cloud management, a digital marketplace, and a SaaS management platform.


For pricing, please contact the team.

36. Quolum 

Quolum logo and banner

Quolum makes SaaS buying easy, it will handle all the heavy lifting while you and your team focus on running your core business. It helps IT, finance and procurement team to effectively manage applications, control spend wastage and streamline procurement process.

The best aspect of this tool is the Quolum expense card, which makes SaaS buying more straightforward. Manage recurring expenses, renewals, and product trials easily using the #1 expense card explicitly built for SaaS buying.


A free version is available. Contact the team to learn about the pricing plans. 

37. Genuity

Genuity banner

Genuity is a SaaS contract management tool that lets you completely control vendor contracts, costs, and IT assets. You can maintain track of and command over your vendor spending using Genuity. This software asset management tool will help improve audits and compliance and detect unused software that is wasting money.

Optimize your SaaS spend with Genuity and take advantage of your IT marketplace, where you can find the right software to fit your business needs.


Free for the first 30 days. Pricing starts at $29.99 per month. 

38. G2Track

G2Track logo

There are no strangers to G2, a popular review platform. But did you know they had one of the most straightforward SaaS management platforms too? Yes, G2Track is an SMP that gives you complete visibility over your SaaS portfolio and optimizes your SaaS spend.

Manage your contracts and security compliance effortlessly, get complete control over your SaaS licenses, and gather detailed insights for better budget forecasting using G2Track.


A free version is available. The Pro version starts at $300 per month. 

39. CloudM 

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CloudM makes software management easy and gives you a consolidated view in one place. Automate Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace using CloudM. Onboard and offboard users both boost your productivity. 

CloudM's broad features and workflow automation will reduce expenses, increase accuracy, and centralize your contracts and licenses. Automate and manage your productivity suite from one place using CloudM.


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40. Lumos

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Unlike any other SaaS management platforms that promise to save SaaS spend, Lumos focuses on increasing productivity, security compliance, and cost optimization. App visibility, automated onboarding, approvals, managing licenses, preventing shadow IT, and eliminating unused licenses are some of the features of Lumos.


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Wrapping up 

Reducing SaaS expenses and getting complete control over your SaaS contracts and licenses is necessary to scale your business. To do that, you need to use the best SaaS management tool capable of automating repetitive tasks and doing the heavy lifting for you. 

Amidst the ocean of SMPs, we wanted to show the best SaaS management platforms that'll bring the transformation your business needs. CloudEagle, Vendor, Zluri, CloudFX, and Zylo are some SaaS app management leaders you can benefit from.  

However, before you select the right SMP, you must understand how to select the right one. here is what you need to know before making a decision. 

So, what's it going to be? 

Did we miss any SaaS management platforms that deserved to be on the list? Let us know.

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Frequently asked questions

1. Why do you need a SaaS management platform?

On average, a business uses more than 100+ applicaitons to run their business operations. SMPs will give visbility over those appliications by tracking app usage data and spend. These data will help the business optimize their SaaS stack, negotiate better and increase their ROI.

2. How many SaaS apps can I use for my business?

There is no limit on SaaS apps you should be using. Depending on the size of your business, your customer base, your budget and the needs of your team, you can use as much as SaaS app you want. But be mindful to keep your SaaS portfolio under control using SaaS managment solutions.

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B2B content writer and marketer.

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