Access Management / Identity Governance

Save time approving access requests

Save time onboarding new employees and auto-revoke access upon exit. Receive approval requests in real-time via email and Slack, ensuring no delays or missed messages.

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Provisioning and deprovisioning

Manually providing and revoking access to multiple apps can be strenuous and long. Set up workflows to onboard employees and grant the necessary access right away. Auto-revoke access when employees leave the organization.
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Self-service access requests

Reduce the number of IT tickets and improve time-to-resolution by upto 50% and above with CloudEagle's self-service platform for requesting access to apps. When an employee requests access, admins will be instantly notified via email or Slack, and can reject or approve the request without any delays or follow-ups.

Track employee app access and monitor usage

Logins are not an excellent indicator of app usage. Delve deeper into feature level usage of each app. CloudEagle monitors and records employee access and usage of apps maintaining a comprehensive audit log.

Custom fields

In CloudEagle, users have the flexibility to store crucial compliance information in a structured manner using custom fields. These custom fields allow organizations to store information, like compliance status, to meet business requirements and industry standards.
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What Our Customers Say

“We are relieved that we no longer have to access each application to grant and revoke access. "CloudEagle's provisioning module saved us hundreds of hours every month and helped us focus on more strategic tasks.”

Alice Park,

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