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IT leaders trust us with their SaaS security
and savings goals

Thanks to CloudEagle, we now have a comprehensive view of our SaaS stack. The platform made it easier to identify free apps, and promptly sends alerts after detecting unsanctioned apps entering our system, helping us prevent shadow IT in early stages.
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Devin Murphy
Senior Accounting manager
It’s a great collaboration tool between IT and Finance for managing our SaaS applications. Anytime an employee uses a new application or buys from a new vendor, I get notified right in my inbox.
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Chad Lockey
Senior IT Manager
We are relieved that we no longer have to access each application to grant and revoke access. CloudEagle's provisioning module saved us hundreds of hours every month and helped us focus on more strategic tasks.
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Alice Park
IT ops manager, Remediant

Here's what world class SaaS management and procurement looks like

Before CloudEagle
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Time-consuming spreadsheets, emails, and ticketing system
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Duplicate and low usage apps
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Shadow IT.
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Last-minute renewals.
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Not sure who has admin access to Salesforce.
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SDR joined 15 days back and still does not have access to all the tools needed.
After CloudEagle
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A centralized platform for all your vendors, apps, and licenses.
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Get feature-level app usage to reduce software spend by 30%.
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App catalogs for self-service app access.
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90-day renewal reminders and drag & drop renewal workflows.
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Control & manage privileged access reviews in minutes.
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Automate onboarding/offboarding to all SCIM and non-SCIM apps from a single dashboard.
Software that pays for itself
Get started in 30 mins & save from Day 1
Our 300+ connectors give you 100% visibility into your SaaS stack
Get optimization recommendations
Identify duplicate, low usage apps or where you are paying more than your peers
Start saving
With our data and insights, reclaim unused licenses &  negotiate smartly with vendors
Complete access control
Save the time IT spends logging into each app to manage and govern access.