Rec Room Gets Complete Visibility on Free Apps Used By Its teams

Thanks to CloudEagle, we now have a comprehensive view of our SaaS stack. The platform made it easier to identify free apps, and promptly sends alerts after detecting unsanctioned apps entering our system, helping us prevent shadow IT in early stages.

- Devin Murphy, Senior Accounting Manager, Rec Room.

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Rec Room faced an uncontrolled increase of SaaS apps within their stack. The absence of centralized management allowed unauthorized purchases and shadow IT. This lack of visibility made identifying unsanctioned apps challenging, posing security, financial, compliance, and management concerns.


Rec Room adopted CloudEagle's SaaS management solution for application visibility, cost optimization, procurement automation, and assisted buying. Integration with SSO systems revealed application details, including sanctioned and unsanctioned apps, and finance integrations provided spend visibility.


CloudEagle's integration helped Rec Room uncover free apps used without admin knowledge. Rec Room optimized its SaaS stack by eliminating redundant applications and effectively controlling shadow IT through CloudEagle's centralized visibility and proactive alerts.

Key Highlights:

  • Rec Room faced uncontrolled SaaS proliferation and shadow IT challenges.
  • CloudEagle revealed free apps from Shadow IT including the users accessing those apps. 
  • It also identified duplicate apps and optimized the SaaS stack for efficient management.


Rec Room had an uncontrolled proliferation of SaaS applications within their SaaS stack. 

They lacked a centralized SaaS management system to prevent users from purchasing applications without the approval of IT.

  • Even though shadow IT was evident within their organization, preventing it was challenging due to the lack of application visibility. 
  • The lack of app and spend visibility made it even harder for the team to differentiate between sanctioned paid apps and the free apps used by employees without IT’s knowledge. 

Shadow IT was a major concern for the team as it posed significant security, financial, and compliance risks and difficulties in managing them. 

“We knew unsanctioned free apps existed within our SaaS portfolio but couldn’t attribute them to the right users." Also, it was a major hassle to differentiate between paid and free apps within our SaaS stack.

- Devin Murphy, Senior Accounting Manager, Rec Room.


Rec Room decided to eliminate its manual SaaS application tracking methods and switch to a SaaS management tool. 

After detailed research, CloudEagle was the answer they were looking for. It was the only SaaS management platform that provided application visibility, cost optimization, automated procurement, and assisted buying services.

To get things started, Rec Room signed up for a 15-day free trial with CloudEagle.

To begin with, CloudEagle integrated with Rec Room’s SSO and financial systems. 

  • SSO integrations with Gsuite and Azure AD revealed all the existing applications, including the sanctioned and unsanctioned apps their users signed up for. 
  • Financial system integrations with Netsuite revealed the spending on each application by the finance teams. 
The Impact


Visibility on free apps: The CloudEagle team compared both the SSO and financial data and identified the list of free applications that users signed up for without the knowledge of the administrator and finance teams.

CloudEagle also revealed the users logging into those free apps and enabled Rec Room to communicate with those users to identify the reason behind their use of unsanctioned apps, this comprehensive management approach saved 630 hours per year for Rec Room, resulting in 70% time reduction on SaaS management.

Shadow IT and duplicate applications: SSO and financial system integrations helped Rec Room get complete visibility into shadow IT. It also enabled the team to identify similar applications already existing in their SaaS stack. 

Proactive alerts helped Rec Room identify shadow IT instances when they happened, making it easier to remove those apps in the early stages. Rec Room completely eliminated shadow IT from their system using CloudEagle.

Rec Room optimized its SaaS stack by eliminating applications with similar functionalities and controlling shadow IT effectively using CloudEagle’s centralized SaaS management and application visibility features, saving thousands of dollars in spend.

So, do you want to get visibility into shadow IT and optimize your SaaS portfolio?

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