For Procurement Leaders

Enabling procurement teams to negotiate better and save more with data

Shorten the purchase cycle and streamline SaaS buying and renewal processes with price benchmarking, app usage insights, and automated workflows. Offload lengthy vendor negotiations to our extended team and free up your time to focus on strategic tasks.
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Your only partner for cost-effective and systematic SaaS purchases

Streamline end-to-end buying and renewal processes with configurable workflows
Make every procurement request transparent with automated workflows
Negotiate better and right-size your underutilized apps with state-of-the-art app utilization insights

Ace negotiations with app usage data and price benchmarking

Stop wasting away weeks trying to collect app usage data from multiple apps. Get a bird’s eye view of everything from the number of licenses used to the best price for each vendor in just a few clicks. Don’t just negotiate better; close deals quicker.

Easy-to-use workflows for faster approvals

Stop chasing approvals over emails and spreadsheets. Be it contract renewals or new asset purchases, your IT, finance, and procurement teams can configure custom workflows that auto-collect and escalate to retrieve necessary approvals.

Guaranteed savings with an extended procurement team

Are you finding it hard to negotiate with your ever-growing list of 300+ vendors? We’ve got your back! Focus on your strategic vendors while we take care of your tail spend and let the savings flow in from the rest.

Software evaluation has never been easier and more affordable

What if you can choose the right vendor without expensive Gartner subscriptions or exhaustive research? With CloudEagle’s extensive research at your fingertips, you can quickly present pros/cons to your business partner, analyze features, compare pricing, and find the right vendor for your budget.
"We got complete visibility into our procurement process through automated workflows, while CloudEagle's SaaS buying experts handled vendor negotiations and purchased the right products at competitive prices. Their partnership streamlined our contract and procurement operations and ensured smart purchasing decisions."
Diego Coria
Finance Manager, Nowports
Amazing to see how CloudEagle's team saved us thousands of dollars within just a couple of months of engagement. With their insights about internal usage and persistence with vendors, it feels like they are our own team that’s working hard to save us money.
Michal Lipinski
Director of IT & Security
CloudeEagle's onboarding was fast and easy. Setup took just 30 minutes thanks to all integrations. A Game-changer in SaaS management. Thanks, CloudeEagle!
Devin Murphy
Senior Accounting manager

Let us be your Eagle to continuously track opportunities and save on your software spend.