Contract Management

One-stop Contract Management and Metadata Extraction
Do not worry about contracts and invoices getting lost in someone’s email or personal drive. All the contracts are stored in a single place, metadata extracted from the contracts and available to access at any time.
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Get Notified of Contracts Renewals

Keeping track of renewals and notice periods is tough. Get notified about contract renewals in your email, and slack with enough time and relevant insights to renegotiate or look for new options.

With automated workflows, never miss a renewal

Don’t get caught off-guard about renewals. CloudEagle knows your landscape and we can automatically start contract renewal workflows 90 days in advance, and assign it to right stakeholder with automated tasks.

Store Your Contracts in One Place

We know that handling 100+ contracts and invoices is a messy and unproductive task. CloudEagle brings all contracts and invoices in one place for easy access. No more trying to dig contracts and invoices out of employees’ inboxes or shared folders.

Extract Important Information From Contracts

Are you missing crucial contract information like contract renewal date, billing frequency, or auto renewal? We extract all the contract metadata so you can figure out which vendors are on auto-renewal and what the payment terms are on a single dashboard, making it easy to keep track of all your SaaS vendor information.

Get app usage visibility with 200+ Direct integrations

With over 200+ direct integrations into SaaS applications, you get deeper insights into usage like exact login details, a number of premium licenses, how many have not used the app in the last 30 days, and more which will give you 100% visibility to take appropriate actions.

Browser Extension for added visibility

Cut down on unauthorized or risky applications by catching them early. By enabling browser extension, you’ll have 100% coverage on all your employees' applications.

Save time with automatically categorized Apps

With a new app launched every day, it’s hard to keep track of the name and category of apps. With a 150,000 database, we automatically categorize your SasS apps from non-SaaS so you can quickly glance at what the apps do and why your team has purchased/used them. 

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