Contract Management

Bring all your contracts to one place, automatically.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets! Save time and resources by accessing all contracts from a single dashboard. View, and manage all your vendor contracts in one place for secure storage and easy tracking. Our platform extracts metadata from contracts, so you know which ones are on auto-renewal and what the minimum spend commitment is.

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“CloudEagle was the right choice for us. We got a centralized view of all the SaaS contracts, and the team doesn’t have to chase employees’ anymore for vendor contracts, it’s all here in CloudEagle.”
Tory Otilio
Troy Otilio
CEO, Aira

Renewal calendar

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Last minute contract renewals can catch you off guard and leave you chasing for approvals. We automatically start contract renewal workflows up to 90 days in advance and assign it to the right stakeholder with automated workflows. You also get renewal reminders on Slack and email.
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Auto-extract all your contract data

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See all your spend details in a single dashboard. CloudEagle's AI extracts renewal dates, billing frequency, payment terms, and auto-renewals within minutes.

Integrations with contract repositories

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CloudEagle has native integrations with contract repositories like DocuSign, Workday, Ironclad, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. Now you can easily import contracts from different document repositories and our AI engine will organize and extract metadata giving you a single pane of glass for all contract data.
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Take complete control of SaaS contracts and renewals