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"CloudEagle's team saved us thousands of dollars in just a few months. Their platform's insights & automation got us ROI faster than we anticipated."

Eric Silver
AVP, Head of Procurement
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Erik Silver

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ICEYE Achieved Smart
Savings with CloudEagle

Meet Lucas, the IT Lead at Iceye, a pioneering space tech company redefining Earth monitoring capabilities. Amidst their hyper-growth, managing tools, licenses, contracts, and costs became overwhelming. CloudEagle helped Iceye streamline procurement and secure deals below market rates, doubling expected savings in just two months.
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Wefunder Streamlines Cost Management with CloudEagle

Sophie Wang, the Head of Finance at Wefunder, a fast-growing crowdfunding platform, recalls how CloudEagle helps her monitor software spending and realize potential savings. Our SaaS buying experts stepped in for Wefunder, saving them time by handling negotiations and cutting costs. This freed them up to tackle important strategic tasks.
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Edge Gets Razorsharp
Spend visibility using CloudEagle

Edge, a Global hiring platform’s SaaS spending started spiraling out of control. CloudEagle integrated with their SSO, financial, and HRIS systems and provided 100% application visibility and helped their team see how much they were spending on each vendor and respective applications.
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Remediant Streamlined User Provisioning and Deprovisioning

Alice Park from Remediant, recalls how she spent most of her time manually visiting each application to provision and deprovision users. By integrating with their HRIS systems, CloudEagle organized all users in one location, allowing Alice Park to streamline provisioning and deprovisioning and save valuable time.
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"We got complete visibility into our procurement process through automated workflows, while CloudEagle's SaaS buying experts handled vendor negotiations and purchased the right products at competitive prices. Their partnership streamlined our contract and procurement operations and ensured smart purchasing decisions."
Diego Coria
Finance Manager, Nowports
Amazing to see how CloudEagle's team saved us thousands of dollars within just a couple of months of engagement. With their insights about internal usage and persistence with vendors, it feels like they are our own team that’s working hard to save us money.
Michal Lipinski
Director of IT & Security
CloudeEagle's onboarding was fast and easy. Setup took just 30 minutes thanks to all integrations. A Game-changer in SaaS management. Thanks, CloudeEagle!
Devin Murphy
Senior Accounting manager

CloudEagle is your Savings Partner.

We take ownership of your KPIs such as spend reduction, time savings, and visibility.
We function as your extended team, dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

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What our customers are saying on G2

Sohail W
Sohail W
Director of IT Infrastructure

Excellent user experience and speedy onboarding

CloudEagle is an intutive platform with minimal learning curve. It helped us streamline procurement through automation, enabled us to manage procurement via Slack, and kept us ahead of contract renewals through constant reminders. We got complete visibility into spending and application usage through their extensive integration library.

Mark. M
Mark. M
Senior Finance Associate

Easy to work with

CloudEagle satisfied our expectations as they simultaneously met all our requirements, saving us time and money. The team was easy to work with, and they continue to help us with our existing services and the new services we are exploring.

Richa. K
Richa. K
Strategy and Operations

Streamlined our SaaS procurement and renewal process

CloudEagle's user-friendly procurement workflows saved me valuable time. I can customize workflows based on our SaaS purchases, streamlining the process. CloudEagle integrates with Slack to send renewal reminders, which helps us renew contracts on time. No complaints—CloudEagle solves our manual renewal tracking issues seamlessly.

Regina. K
Vendor Manager
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Proactive vendor management solutions

CloudEagle has been instrumental in organizing all our vendors in one place. The product has been rapidly improving. It has one place to store vendor data and provides real-time insights whenever I need it. The platform has custom spend reports, usage reports, and workflows.

Beena K
Product Engineer
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Eliminated manual user provisioning and deprovisioning hassles

CloudEagle is an excellent SaaS management tool that offers a clear view of application usage, licenses, and SaaS spend. It quickly uncovers savings by identifying shadow IT. Their responsive team understood our needs and ensured a quick setup. It removes the hassles of manual provisioning and deprovisioning, streamlines the process, and saves time.

Jayesh. J
IT Manager
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Best way to save on your software spend

CloudEagle is the best solution for organizations to save on software spend as it can integrate with various solutions like Okta, Microsoft, Workday, etc. Having comprehensive visibility into our SaaS spend was a major challenge for us. With CloudEagle, we can see our spend data based on each cost center, department, and business unit.

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