Aira Centralized their SaaS Contracts and Invoices using CloudEagle

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March 15, 2023
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Aira is an on-demand, live, human-to-human, visual interpreting service that can be used as an accommodation or productivity tool. 

It improves independence by offering reliable and skilled visual interpreting services for any tasks like reading a newsletter, shopping, navigating, etc. Aira can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime; this is what makes it even more special. 

Industry: Electronics (B2C

Founded: 2015

Company Size: Mid-Market (250-300 employees)

Location: United States

Use Case: Contract management 


“SaaS contracts hold sensitive information, and storing them in one secured location for easy access is recommended. “

  • Aira had its SaaS contracts and invoices dispersed throughout different locations, such as employees' inboxes, shared folders, etc.

What was missing was a centralized inventory to store all this sensitive data in one place.

  • Their decentralized storage process led to the team often missing out on SaaS renewals, leading to the auto-renewal of multiple contracts. 

“It was challenging for the team to track SaaS contracts using spreadsheets, and often we missed the renewal dates, which resulted in increased SaaS spending,” says Troy Otilio, CEO of Aira.


Aira started actively looking for a contract management solution that not only managed contracts (like most platforms in the market do) but a holistic platform that could do more.

They decided to proceed with CloudEagle as it can manage Aira’s entire SaaS lifecycle, including procurement, renewals, contracts, apps, and their SaaS vendors. 

During the onboarding process, the first step for the CloudEagle platform was to integrate with Aira's internal systems to extract contract-related information.

We helped Aira’s team upload all their SaaS contracts to the CloudEagle platform, and everything started coming into place.

  • CloudEagle organized all the SaaS contracts and invoices in one centralized dashboard and helped Aira’s team quickly retrieve and verify the contracts whenever needed. 
  • Aira’s procurement and finance team were immediately relieved that their contracts won’t be auto-renewed anymore, as CloudEagle’s renewal workflows will initiate 90 days before the renewal date and remind the team to renew on time. 

“CloudEagle was the right choice for us. “We got a centralized view of all the SaaS contracts, and the team doesn’t have to chase behind employees’ inboxes anymore.”

- Troy Otilio, CEO, Aira


Centralized contract management: CloudEagle enabled Aira to centralize their SaaS contracts and invoices, ensuring that these sensitive documents would no longer be lost in employees' inboxes or shared folders.

Based on the information extracted from the contracts and invoices, CloudEagle organized all the documents relevant to each application in one place. This made it easier for the team to track and manage them.

Renewals: After uploading all the SaaS contracts to the CloudEagle platform, the platform extracted the renewal dates from the contracts and initiated renewal workflows for each application.

Workflows helped the team stay on top of the renewals. Renewal workflows initiate 90 days in advance, providing enough time for the team to leverage the app usage data and ace their renegotiations, saving significant SaaS expenses. 

Dynamic filter: Aira’s team used CloudEagle filters to easily retrieve the right SaaS contracts and invoices they needed without having to scroll through 100s of them. 

For example, suppose Aira's team is interested in examining a contract with a particular renewal date. They can simply apply the "renewal date" filter, and the CloudEagle platform will present the document as of that specific date. 

Likewise, CloudEagle organized the SaaS contracts based on various filters like renewal date, contract period, contract value, etc., to save time for the team. 

Are you looking for SaaS contracts in your employees' inboxes and decentralized folders too?

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Troy Otilio
Chief Executive Officer

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