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Erik Silver

CloudEagle saved us thousands of dollars in just a few months.

Erik Silver
AVP, Head of Procurement
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Get 100% visibility on your vendors, streamline procurement and spend less
on every app with our SaaS buying and optimization platform

30 Minutes

30 minutes

30-minute onboarding
Day 1

Day 1

Start saving from
day 1
500+ Hours

500+ hours

Save 500+ hours
per FTE annually


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your investment

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Amazing to see how CloudEagle's team saved us thousands of dollars within just a couple of months of engagement. With their insights about internal usage and persistence with vendors, it feels like they are our own team that’s working hard to save us money.

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Michal Lipinski,
 Director of IT & Security
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CloudEagle’s team keeps delivering results, both in time and money! My Vendor Management team uses CloudEagle almost daily for our internal review, and for quarterly board meetings, I use CloudEagle actively to pull out reports.

Troy Otilio,

Tracking renewals through CloudEagle’s workflow has eased things up for us. I am no longer spending time chasing others for status updates on their tasks, instead we're getting more productive work done leading to real savings.

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Sophie Wang,
 Director of Finance
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CloudeEagle's onboarding was fast and easy. Setup took just 30 minutes thanks to all integrations. A Game-changer in SaaS management. Thanks, CloudeEagle!

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Devin Murphy,
  Senior Accounting manager

Powered by an intelligent AI platform and years of negotiating with SaaS vendors

where you are overspending with 300+ integrations
on your spend
with $50M savings experience
save time and money
with automated workflows

Get guaranteed ROI & save hundreds of hours renewing and managing SaaS apps

See where you are overspending in 30 min

See unused & duplicate apps
See where you are paying more than your peers
Detect free apps before they become paid apps

Save from Day 1, don’t wait for renewals

Deprovision users and pay for what you use
Negotiate smarter with usage insights & benchmarking data
Leverage expert negotiators with guaranteed savings
Stremline procurement

Streamline procurement to save time & money

Don’t chase your team for approvals. Our configurable workflows does it for you.
Get ahead of your renewals with our workflows that auto start 90 days in advance
Streamline procurement with intake requests

Our simple process


Our 300+ connectors give you 100% visibility into your SaaS stack

Get optimization recommendations

Identify duplicate, low usage apps or where you are paying more than your peers

Start saving

With our data and insights, reclaim unused licenses &  negotiate smartly with vendors


Our automated procurement workflows save you time managing and buying SaaS apps

Saving time and money for every stakeholder


Save time and streamline buying and renewal process with insights and workflows

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Get guaranteed ROI and save time renewing and buying SaaS applications

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Get the best tool without the hassles of researching or negotiating, in the shortest amount of time

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Get 100% visibility into your SaaS stack, get rid of the excel sheet and make app rationalization a breeze

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We’re here to save on your SaaS spend

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