SaaS Procurement

Get procurement visibility and the best deals on SaaS

Streamline procurement through custom intake request forms and workflows that automatically assign the request to the approver. For SaaS requests, find vendors, access pricing, customer reviews, and create RFPs from the platform. Then lead negotiations or leverage CloudEagle's SaaS buying experts.

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Save time researching vendors

Vendor research is a time consuming process–you might still not be able to get the best price which CloudEagle as an expert can. Find the right vendor from CloudEagle’s database of 900+ vendors. Get complete information about a vendor, including peer reviews, ratings, and pricing plans.
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On-demand SaaS buying team

Vendor negotiations require you to get on multiple calls and you need a data backed negotiation strategy and expertise. CloudEagle has access to price benchmarking data and our SaaS-buying team functions as your extended procurement team and considers all factors, from the number of seats to app usage, when creating a solid negotiation strategy.
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Custom workflows

Manual procurement leaves a lot of room for errors. Get custom request forms and no-code workflows for all SaaS and non-SaaS purchase requests. Centralize on one dashboard, streamline requests, and track progress in real-time for complete visibility.
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What Our Customers Say

"CloudEagle streamlined our procurement process. With centralized visibility, proactive alerts, renewal workflows, and usage insights, we gained control over spending and simplified our buying process. They helped our team focus on strategic tasks by taking over negotiations."

Tom Baroch
Tom Baroch,
Head of Global Supply Management, Outrider
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"CloudEagle's team saved us thousands of dollars in just a few months. Their platform's insights & automation got us ROI faster than we anticipated."

Erik Silver
Erik Silver,
AVP, Head of Procurement

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