RingCentral consolidates SaaS management and Procurement with CloudEagle

"CloudEagle’s custom fields helped us migrate our data from Smartsheet to the platform and their SaaS buying experts secured a favorable deal.”

- Erik Silver, Head of Procurement, RingCentral

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2350 hrs/yr

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3350 hrs/yr

Saved on renewals

1570 hrs/yr

Saved using Procurement Workflows

RingCentral used Smartsheets and another SaaS management platform to manage their SaaS apps and renewals. The data was manually updated – this was a time consuming and error prone process. They did not have a centralized view of their vendors or renewals.


CloudEagle’s 300+ integrations and custom fields centralized RingCentral’s vendor data that was migrated from Smartsheets. Automated procurement workflows streamline the procurement process and ensure complete visibility for all stakeholders at all times.


We helped RingCentral optimize tail spend apps and stay ahead of renewals with reminders. Procurement workflows provided transparency and saved time for the team. Rather than chasing renewals, they do more productive work, resulting in higher revenue and cost savings.

Key Highlights:

CloudEagle provided unified and up-to-date view of all contract and vendor data and its automated workflows ensured that tasks were routed to the right stakeholders and completed on time.

We rely on various SaaS applications from different vendors. But here's the catch: all crucial vendor information, from GDPR compliance to contract values and security details, was tracked and stored manually in Smartsheet. This manual process was prone to errors and made tracking challenging for our team.

The Smartsheet-based system made it challenging to renew contracts on time. Users manually updated the data, and there were no links to the actual app bought and tracked via the SaaS management system.

There was a disconnect between the Smartsheet data and actual application buying and usage. Because of this siloed system, we did not have real-time visibility on app renewals. This meant that apps were getting auto-renewed or renewal deadlines were getting missed.

Approvals for procurement and SaaS renewals were delayed because there was no standardized process. Renewals did not follow a single process, and follow-ups for approvals took a lot of time.


“CloudEagle happened to be a comprehensive platform and gave us an opportunity to consolidate two different applications. It's extensive features also helped us automate repetitive tasks, saving valuable time for the team."

- Erik Silver, Head of Procurement, RingCentral

One centralized platform

RingCentral wanted an all-in-one platform that could manage vendors and the procurement process. CloudEagle was the right choice, as it was the only platform with contract management capabilities, automated renewal workflows, and SaaS management features.

Easy and quick integration

We created several custom fields to update information about vendors, such as links to architectural tickets and security information. 300+ out-of-the-box Connectors provided real-time visibility into spend and usage data. Now, all the data about SaaS vendors was in a single place.

Procurement and renewal workflows

Our procurement and renewal workflows enabled the RingCentral team to initiate renewals 90 days in advance, adhere to a streamlined process, and automatically escalate if approvals were delayed.

The Impact

Easy vendor data migration

After creating the required custom fields, RingCentral migrated all the vendor data from Smartsheet to our platform. RingCentral removed the Smartsheet and uses CloudEagle as the single source of truth for all software vendors.

Workflows saved time and increased productivity

By implementing transparent procurement workflows with automated approvals and streamlined renewals, RingCentral slashed its procurement processing time by 3,350 hours for renewals and 1,570 hours through improved communication and automation, saving a total of 4,920 hours annually

Consolidation results in significant savings

RingCentral successfully consolidated the use cases of two separate platforms into a single, unified solution using CloudEagle. This consolidation eliminated the need for multiple platforms, resulting in significant savings. Our platform's extensive features and integrations enabled RingCentral save 2,350 hours annually in SaaS management.

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