Customer Gets Complete SaaS visibility with CloudEagle's Workday Integrations

630 hrs/yr

Saved on SaaS management

30 mins

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Shadow IT prevention

Our customer faced difficulties managing their diverse SaaS stack using traditional methods like spreadsheets. This led to time-consuming processes, a lack of visibility into internal team applications, and challenges in identifying unsanctioned apps, contributing to a high level of shadow IT.


The customer selected CloudEagle as their SaaS management solution to gain complete application visibility and prevent shadow IT. Our platform integrated with their Workday systems to discover and centralize all SaaS applications, usage, and spending in one dashboard, facilitating optimized SaaS management.


CloudEagle's Workday integrations provided comprehensive visibility. This centralized visibility allowed the IT team to identify unsanctioned apps, optimize usage, and eliminate free and duplicate apps. CloudEagle ensures 100% SaaS visibility and effective SaaS stack management, preventing shadow IT.

Key Highlights:

  • CloudEagle provided a comprehensive view, revealing the true extent of the SaaS portfolio
  • Centralized visibility made it easy to identify unsanctioned applications
  • The IT team utilized app usage data for necessary optimization decisions.


A popular Residential and Commercial services organization faced challenges managing its entire SaaS stack. 

Their diverse SaaS stack was tracked using traditional methods like spreadsheets, but the process was time-consuming and more challenging when the team started purchasing more applications. 

  • The customer had no comprehensive visibility into the applications being used by the internal teams.

The teams often purchased applications without the approval of IT, but identifying these unsanctioned applications was tedious, with zero app visibility. 

  • Shadow IT was high, but the IT team couldn’t attribute these apps to the users by just using spreadsheets. 


The customer sought a sophisticated platform that could offer complete application visibility and assist the IT team in preventing "shadow IT."

The proven track record of CloudEagle helped the customer in finalizing their decision. They chose our platform as their SaaS management solution and was onboarded in 30 minutes.

  • The customer used Workday systems, and our platform integrated with their systems to discover all the SaaS applications in their stack. 

CloudEagle organized all the applications, usage, and spending on each application in one centralized dashboard. 

  • With complete SaaS visibility, it was now easier for the IT team to prevent shadow IT and keep their SaaS stack optimized. 


SaaS visibility: Workday integrations helped CloudEagle provide a bird’s eye view of our customers' SaaS stack. The team realized that they were only tracking a fraction of the applications using spreadsheets, and CloudEagle revealed the true size of their SaaS portfolio. This helped our customer's team save 630 hours per year they spend on SaaS management.

Shadow IT: With centralized visibility, the IT team identified unsanctioned applications and attributed them to the right user or department. This helped the team make necessary optimization decisions by considering the app usage data. 

Free and duplicate apps existing in our customer’s stack were eliminated, and CloudEagle continues to help the customer effectively manage their SaaS stack and prevent shadow IT with 100% SaaS visibility. 

Tracking and managing SaaS applications through manual techniques is not feasible in the long run; redefine how you handle your SaaS portfolio using CloudEagle.

About Customer

A cloud platform built to enhance home and commercial services. It is an all-in-one solution that delivers intelligent reporting, dispatch services, customer relationship management, marketing automation, QuickBooks, etc., to assist field technicians in the industry. 

Our customer aims to enhance the services industry through out-of-the-box digital integrations and delivers a SaaS infrastructure for the housing and commercial industries, which rely primarily on manual workflows.

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