We’re making it easier for companies to Save on SaaS

We help Finance, Procurement and IT teams to get visibility into their software spend, save on it,  and streamline the entire SaaS buying and renewal process. Our value prop is simple- take away the painful tasks of managing software vendors and optimizing cost, so teams can focus on growing their business.

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Why we started CloudEagle

While working at companies like Box, Airbnb, ServiceNow we saw that over 40% of the spend is unattended and non-negotiated. A typical company has more than 200+ apps, Finance, IT teams are struggling to get visibility on the spend, optimize the spend and streamline the buying and renewal process.

They don’t have the bandwidth nor the, tools, data, or expert help to do it on their own. Unmanaged environments such as these, tend to overspend by over 30% and have chaotic procurement processes. We are here to help companies save both time and money !!

How we are different?

Efficient Spend Management

"Saving on software spend" should not be a laborious quarter-end task of searching for contracts and sending countless emails to determine app usage and vendor overpayment. We want to make the process of spend management effortless, making sure you are getting ROI on your SaaS tools.

Amazon for SaaS buying

CloudEagle is the future of SaaS Buying. As Amazon changed how consumers bought everyday items, we want to change how enterprises buy and manage SaaS apps.

Negotiation Insights Platform

Our out-of-the-box connectors organize all your spend and usage on a single dashboard, and our AI engine recommends optimization opportunities. Whether it is you or us negotiating your contracts, we ensure you get the best price and the best product.

World-class procurement process

We realize that as companies grow, the buying and renewal process gets more complex to manage via emails and spreadsheets. Eliminate hassles and build your dream procurement process with our tailored intake forms and customized procurement workflows.
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We are  GLOBAL Team

People behind it

We’re a mighty team spread across the globe in 8 different time zones providing 24x7 support to our global customers.

Customers are the heart of everything we build at CloudEagle. We're a group of thoughtful, driven people who want to build an exceptional company that transforms the way businesses buy and manage SaaS apps. Our team has deep expertise in technology, finance, data, and vendor negotiations.

Our Leadership Team

Nidhi jain
Nidhi Jain
CEO & Founder
20+ years of experience in researching and negotiating with SaaS vendors at companies like Goldman Sachs, Box, Intuit, and ServiceNow.
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Prasanna Naik
CTO & Co-Founder
10+ years of experience in building and launching highly complex products at companies such as Airbnb, Oracle cloud, Riverbed, and Cisco
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Why companies trust us

Based in the heart of
Silicon Valley
Combined 600+ years of experience building and negotiating
Transparent Pricing
$20M+ Savings realized for our customers
250M+ Transactions Processed
Trusted by customers
& 300+ vendor partners

Modern IT, Finance & Procurement Leaders Use CloudEagle to Save on their SaaS Spend

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