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Reveal every app in your SaaS stack

Discover all apps in your company within 30 minutes of onboarding. Take proactive steps to curb shadow IT by receiving alerts that flag risky or duplicate apps. Gain detailed insights beyond just logins, including precise app usage data such as recorded meetings in Zoom and opportunities created in Salesforce. This information empowers data-driven decisions like which plan you should sign up for.

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“We knew unsanctioned free apps existed within our SaaS portfolio but couldn’t attribute them to the right users. Also, it was a hassle to see who and how the apps were being paid for.”
Devin Murphy
Devin Murphy
Senior Accounting manager

Discover all apps

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Duplicate, unauthorized, unused and underutilized apps increase your SaaS spend. CloudEagle’s 300+ out of the box connectors give you complete visibility of all your apps within 30 minutes of onboarding.
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Easily categorize apps

Keep track of all your app access
Are you unable to allocate apps to departments? Our categorization engine makes it easy to figure out what an app does. Now you can easily categorize marketing apps from product apps. Track department level app usage and eliminate duplicate apps.

Proactively prevent shadow purchases

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Unauthorized apps pose a risk to company data and can increase SaaS costs when they transition to paid subscriptions. CloudEagle’s browser extension detects unauthorized apps that employees are signing up for online to prevent without the approval of IT and Security teams to prevent shadow purchases happening through the company credit card.
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300+ direct out-of-the-box integrations for complete SaaS visibility

SSO Integration
Identify all the apps your employees have logged into, whether through G Suite, Azure AD or an SSO like Okta.
Finance Integration
Identify all paid apps however they are paid – credit cards, vendor payable systems like Expensify, bill.com, or invoices.
Direct Integrations
Over 300+ direct out-of-the-box integrations give you round-the-clock visibility into detailed app usage like logins, opportunities, and call records etc.
Browser Extensions
Our browser extensions identify apps that   employees are accessing even if they are not logging in through SSO.
Desktop Agents
Desktop agents monitor all apps that are even used offline through agents installed on the system.
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