A Quick Walkthrough of CloudEagle's Integration Library

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April 6, 2023
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The adoption of SaaS management platforms is happening quickly and on a large scale. This shows that businesses are putting a high value on managing their SaaS apps and spending. They want to make sure their SaaS stack and spending remain organized

It is refreshing to witness enterprises adopting proactive measures to reduce their spending instead of taking drastic actions to reduce expenses.

As the frontrunner in the SaaS management space, CloudEagle has been helping enterprises save on their SaaS spend.

What makes this possible is CloudEagle’s robust system integration capabilities and custom API integrations with 100s of popular SaaS applications.

Well, how do integrations help CloudEagle simplify SaaS management? And what are those integrations?

Read on to learn more about our integration library.

Integrations: Why does it matter for SaaS management?

(Note: This is not an introduction to Integrations, as business leaders, we know you’re no stranger to the term.)

However, we often encounter one question from our customers: how will your platform discover our SaaS apps, spending, and users?

We only have one response: Through integrations.

An visual representation of integrations help CloudEagle discover apps

Integrations enable SaaS management platforms like CloudEagle to look into an organization’s SaaS ecosystem.

SMPs provide full visibility into SaaS apps through integrations. This includes granular app usage data, cost optimization insights, and spend data. It also provides visibility into users and their activity on applications, login activity, and much more.

These integrations are complex. For instance, an organization’s SSO system has all the login information of users, user activity, and other crucial data. A data breach can be detrimental to a company's reputation.

SaaS management platforms aren't regular tools. They are robust, secure, and compliant with needed security standards. They have also proven to keep your data safe. This is why they have a higher price tag.

  • SSO integration
  • Finance integration
  • HRIS integrations
  • Direct API integration
  • Contract management integration

CloudEagle uses integrations to discover SaaS apps, spending, contract details, user activity, and renewal alerts. These integrations also provide optimization insights. Let’s have a detailed look at each.

CloudEagle’s integration library

SSO integration

CloudEagle can collect user authentication and authorization data by integrating with single-sign-on identity and access management systems. These include Microsoft Active Directory, G-Suite, and Okta.

This data will show us who is accessing the applications with a single sign-on. This makes it simpler for CloudEagle to find out which applications are being used in your organization.

An image showing the SSO capability of CloudEagle

Note: Through SSO integrations, CloudEagle can only find SaaS apps accessed using single-sign-on authentication.

SaaS apps accessed using unauthenticated personal credentials will not appear through SSO integrations.

Through SSO integrations, CloudEagle provides:

  • User login information and activity
  • High-level app usage data

SSO makes managing login activity across the organization easier for IT teams and is more secure. This makes SSO integrations a go-to method for application discovery and has a lesser impact on data breaches.

Shadow IT

It is the act of purchasing SaaS apps without the approval of IT. If your users have purchased and accessed an app using SSO, it’ll be revealed after SSO integration.

IT teams can quickly identify these applications and the users accessing them and make necessary optimization decisions.

Finance integrations

SaaS discovery is table stakes for CloudEagle. The real deal comes with the finance integrations, enabling the platform to provide cost optimization insights.

Businesses use finance systems to handle billing, transactions, bookkeeping, etc.

CloudEagle integrates with finance management systems like Freshbooks, Quickbooks, Expensify, etc. to collect spend data on vendors and SaaS applications.

An image of finance systems that CloudEagle integrates with

SSO integrations might have missed the apps accessed using unauthenticated credentials. However, these apps can be identified here as each app will have its own transaction data.

Employees may purchase apps without IT approval. However, finance integrations can reveal this as they may have used the company credit card or tried to claim reimbursements for the purchased app.

CloudEagle collects all the transactions, invoices, and billing information from the finance systems and maps them to each vendor and application. You’ll see the spending details in one centralized dashboard, making spend management easier.

Our platform provides granular spending details on each application and vendor based on payment types, entities, departments, etc. You can also look into historical spend data using CloudEagle custom reports.

Get to know how Edge streamlined spend management using CloudEagle in this customer success story.

HRIS integrations

SSO and finance systems reveal login and spend data on the application, but what about the user accessing those applications? This is what HRIS integrations can deliver: a deep dive into user insights through this discovery method.

CloudEagle integrates with HRIS systems like Bamboo HR, Bob, Workday HCM, etc., to collect detailed user information, including when a new employee joins, and an employee quits.

HRIS integrations will also reveal all the user details, like name, email, location, department, role, etc. We can use this information to automatically provision apps when users join and deprovision apps when they quit.

A dashboard image of CloudEagle showing users

CloudEagle collects complete user data and organizes it in one location for easy user management, where you can provision and deprovision users in just a few clicks.

HRIS integrations streamline employee onboarding and offboarding. No need to manually provide app access by referring to spreadsheets. Use CloudEagle provisioning workflows instead. This will assign apps to users automatically when they join.

Alice Parker from Remediant faced various challenges with manual user provisioning and deprovisioning, check out her story as she recalls how she streamlined process using CloudEagle:

Similarly, revoke access instantly when they quit; this prevents sensitive data from being siphoned off by ex-employees.

You can use SSO integration as your primary app discovery method.

SSO, finance, and HRIS integrations work in tandem. This provides 100% visibility of applications, accurate spend data, and user information helping businesses make necessary optimization decisions.

Direct integrations

Besides system integrations, CloudEagle comes with direct integrations. It has the largest number of integrations in the entire SaaS space. And with each monthly release, we keep expanding our platform’s integration capabilities.

An image of apps that CloudEagle connects with

These are just a few of the applications that CloudEagle can integrate using custom APIs; the list keeps growing. Users can gain more detailed insights into an application using direct integrations.

What kinds of insights are we talking about?

Accurate data: Direct integrations enable CloudEagle to synchronize with your SaaS apps in real time. It extracts data directly from the app. This allows you to get the latest and most accurate data. This data includes app usage, user login activity, and other information.

User access: CloudEagle gathers information on an individual's app roles, permissions, and access levels. It also tracks their usage patterns, such as login session lengths and app changes, through direct integrations. This enables IT teams to optimize their SaaS usage for better performance.

Spend data: Our platform can extract accurate spend data from finance systems and other direct API integrations. This lets you track how much your users are spending on applications. An easy way to identify unverified spending and prevent shadow purchases.

License details: CloudEagle can pull exact license details such as pricing, number of seats, provisioned users, license utilization, and expiration dates. This is possible because it connects directly to the application.

You can waste your budget if you purchase too many licenses. For example, if you bought 100 licenses for Hubspot but only 60 were used, then 40 licenses were wasted.

Now, how will you identify how many licenses are being used?

This is where direct integrations come in. Though system integrations provide app usage data, they are high-level. Direct integrations enable CloudEagle to provide granular app usage and license utilization data directly from the application.

CloudEagle's dashboard showing app usage data

You can check how many licenses have been purchased, how users utilize those licenses, and make necessary right-sizing decisions.

In summary, direct API integrations allow for comprehensive control over SaaS applications, addressing system (SSO, finance, HRIS) integration limitations.

Contract management

SaaS applications have contracts and agreements that must be stored securely as they contain sensitive information.

Most businesses use spreadsheets for contract management, and they often end up losing their SaaS contracts. You don’t have to be one of those businesses.

CloudEagle can connect with contract management systems and extract contract documents stored within the system. If the documents aren’t available, it can extract the contract metadata and map it to the respective vendors and applications.

An image of CloudEagle's contract management system

Here’s why you need it:

Enhanced efficiency: This integration eliminates the cumbersome task of manual data entry or file transfers. Automating the contract management process through integration increases efficiency.

Better accuracy: Manual data entry is prone to errors. Our platform can extract documents available from contract management systems. It can do this without manual assistance. The documents are then centrally organized.

Risk management: Integrating with your contract management system enables our platform to ensure compliance with internal policies and regulations. CloudEagle can help you maintain high compliance and security through this integration.

All the contract data collected from the system will be centralized and stored in one location. This makes it easier for the teams to retrieve and review it during audits or renewals.

Our platform will create a renewal calendar based on the contract data collected. And when a contract is up for renewal, our platform will initiate renewal workflows 90 days before the deadline.

Check out how CloudEagle helped a customer streamline SaaS renewals:

CloudEagle will consistently remind stakeholders and escalate the situation until one of them acts on it, and the contract is renewed. Auto-renewals can cost you valuable dollars; never miss renewals again using CloudEagle and its contract management integration.


CloudEagle is a comprehensive SaaS management platform that businesses worldwide use to manage their SaaS applications and save on SaaS spend.

Integrations make CloudEagle what it is: a pioneer in the SaaS management space. We were often asked about our platform’s integration library and what it does.

So we created this article to talk about the integration capabilities of CloudEagle. And how they help our platform discover SaaS apps and provide app optimization insights.

So, what kind of internal systems are you using? Do you want to discover SaaS apps and streamline SaaS management?

Written by
Joel Platini
Content Writer and Marketer, CloudEagle
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