Edge Gets Razorsharp Spend Visibility using CloudEagle

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December 14, 2022

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Industry: Human Resources/ Financial services

Use Case: Spend visibility


Edge followed a decentralized approach to manage its SaaS applications and their relevant spending. This led to lapses in their spend data, which made their SaaS spending spiral out of control. 

This decentralized spend management approach raised a string of challenges, 

  • The finance team had no insight into how much their internal departments spent on each application. Their spreadsheets weren’t capturing these instances. 
  • Attributing SaaS spending to each department was challenging, The team visited each application to check the spending manually, which was time-consuming. 
  • Edge had a broader view of the apps used by the team as they were tracking them using spreadsheets. But they didn’t have the intrinsic details of each application, like the licenses purchased and cost per license. 

“It was hectic; We were unaware of the exact number of licenses purchased for each application and even if we were paying the right price for them,” says Iffi Wahla. 


Edge chose CloudEagle for its comprehensive SaaS spend management features, automation workflows and assisted buying services to get complete visibility on their SaaS spending.

  • Edge onboarded with CloudEagle shortly; the onboarding process only took a few minutes.
  • CloudEagle integrated with their SSO, HRIS, and financial systems, which allowed the platform to discover their entire SaaS landscape and the relevant spending on each application and vendor. 

“Our onboarding process was very quick, and CloudEagle instantly integrated with our internal systems and started scanning our SaaS portfolio,” says Iffi Wahla. 

Along with application and vendor spend, CloudEagle also revealed the cost per license, which would help Iffi Wahla and his team realize their spending and right-size their licenses. 


Spend visibility: Edge gained comprehensive spend visibility into the SaaS stack. The financial system integrations revealed all instances of purchase, even sanctioned and un-sanctioned spending by the team. 

Easy attribution: The finance team easily attributed the spending to each application, vendor, and department. 

Granular spend details: More than just a centralized view of their SaaS spending, Edge’s finance team can now look into each vendor's applications and their spending on app licenses. 

These granular SaaS spending details helped the team right-size their SaaS licenses by leveraging the app usage data provided by the CloudEagle platform. 

Centralized spend management: The team got rid of spreadsheets and started using CloudEagle's centralized dashboard to track their SaaS spending and make informed spend management decisions about it. 

“I highly recommend CloudEagle to anyone trying to get complete spend visibility and cost per license details to optimize their SaaS spending.”

- Iffi Wallah, co-founder and CEO of Edge

CloudEagle gives you 100% visibility on your tech stack, streamlines vendor management, and automates procurement processes to help you find the right app and save on SaaS spending.

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Iffi Wallah
Co-founder & CEO