Heath Ceramic's IT and Finance team got 100% SaaS visibility and spend data using CloudEagle

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March 23, 2023

Key Highlights:

Heath Ceramics 

Heath Ceramics is a leading manufacturer and retailer of handcrafted ceramic and home furnishing products. The distinctive aspect of their products is that they are primarily human-made; though machines are used in manufacturing, Heath Ceramics does not rely heavily on them. 

Industry: Manufacturing & Retail, Home Furnishing

Use Case: SaaS visibility and spend data


Visibility into SaaS applications is vital for an organization to optimize its SaaS portfolio and control its spending.

Optimizing SaaS applications and their spending was the prime objective of Heath Ceramics.

The team used spreadsheets to manage SaaS applications, but they weren’t sufficient and accurate enough to make well-informed management and optimization decisions. 

  • The team didn’t have a centralized view of their SaaS stack. Spreadsheets were only able to track a small fraction of their SaaS portfolio. 

This lack of visibility made it hard for the IT team to differentiate sanctioned apps from unsanctioned ones (shadow IT), making optimization difficult. 

  • Heath Ceramics’s finance team couldn’t attribute the spending to each application and vendor. 
  • Drawing a line between the apps formally paid for by the finance team and apps resulting from shadow purchases was impossible as spreadsheets didn’t provide all the necessary information. 


Heath Ceramics was looking for an all-in-one SaaS management platform with SaaS visibility and spend optimization features. 

CloudEagle platform came equipped with all the functionalities that the Heath Ceramics team needed, so they chose to onboard with us.

  • CloudEagle integrated with their SSO systems to discover all the SaaS applications used by the team. 
  • Proceeded by finance system integrations, which will allow our platform to retrieve all the spending data related to applications and vendors.

“CloudEagle provided a bird's-eye view of our entire SaaS stack. "We realized the true size of our SaaS portfolio and were able to track and manage them in one place,” says Chad Lockey, IT Manager at Heath Ceramics. 


100% SaaS visibility: Heath Ceramics got centralized visibility on all their applications and app usage data. CloudEagle displayed all the data in one place, making it easy to manage and saving time from needless navigation.

This centralized visibility enabled the IT teams to effortlessly identify the applications sanctioned for purchase and those resulting from shadow IT. 

Spend visibility: Heath Ceramics team identified how much their teams were spending on applications and vendors. Not just the high-level spend data, CloudEagle Reports enabled the finance team to see how each department was spending on SaaS applications. 

This granular spending data helped the finance team at Heath Ceramics distinguish between the applications that were legitimately procured by the team and those that were procured through shadow purchases.

Using both application and spend visibility, the IT and finance teams optimized their SaaS stack by eliminating duplicate apps and free apps that resulted from shadow IT and purchases. 

CloudEagle continues to assist Heath Ceramics in keeping its SaaS stack optimized by providing cost optimization insights and preventing shadow IT. 

“It’s a great collaboration tool between IT and Finance for managing our SaaS applications." "Anytime an employee uses a new application or buys from a new vendor, I get notified right in my inbox.”

Chad Lockey, IT Manager, Heath Ceramics

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Chad Lockey
Senior IT Manager
Heath Ceramics