Nowports Secures 34% Savings with CloudEagle's Effective Negotiation

“ CloudEagle’s AI platform streamlined our entire SaaS procurement process by centralizing all the vendor contracts in a single repository and sending timely renewal reminders, so we were not caught off guard. The platform analyzed the right number of licenses to buy, and their experienced SaaS buyers got us the best prices. We saved a ton of money and time.”

- Diego Coria, Finance Manager, Nowports

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Time reduction on negotiations

Nowports lacked data points like app usage data and contract renewal dates. They did not have access to benchmarking data to negotiate with vendors during procurement and renewals. As a result, they were not able to track their own SaaS usage and were prone to missing renewal deadlines.


CloudEagle provided access to these data points along with visibility into app usage through integrations. Additionally, it sent timely reminders about upcoming contract renewals, and a centralized view of all contract details, combined with benchmarking data and expertise.


CloudEagle’s AI platform combined with experienced SaaS buyers to negotiate with vendors and secure discounts on contracts, saving Nowports a lot of time and money on software spend.

Key Highlights:

  • CloudEagle provided Nowports visibility into all their SaaS contract and usage data.
  • CloudEagle got a 34% savings from a vendor where getting even a 10% savings was tough.
  • Slack integration ensures seamless collaboration and faster approvals for procurement requests.


The finance team at Nowports was dealing with several weekly renewals, which was hard to keep up with. Tracking this through emails and spreadsheets while trying to get 8-10 stakeholders across IT, Security, Legal, Finance, and Executives to approve the request was becoming unmanageable.

On the other hand, purchase requestors did not have visibility into the approval process, and a few approvals were stuck without anyone looking into them for a couple of weeks. Sometimes, Finance teams would miss contract renewals and have to rush through last-minute approvals for fear of being locked out of apps.

New application purchase requests were sent in emails and tracked on spreadsheets. The procurement team had no access to pricing benchmarks. Purchases were most often based on the list price, with no negotiations.

“We faced significant challenges in managing repetitive tasks manually. Sometimes, our teams missed the renewal deadline and the contract got auto-renewed, leading to unwanted spending.”

- Diego Coria, Finance Manager, Nowports


CloudEagle has more than 300 integrations with almost all financial and SSO systems. Using these connectors, Nowports was able to get a complete view of its SaaS stack within a few hours of onboarding. The platform combed through their finances and SSO transactions to form a list of SaaS products they ever paid for or their employees used.

We helped the Nowports team upload all the contracts from their various Google Drives, including the data for missing contracts, to the CloudEagle platform. Our team helped them get the missing contracts by contacting the vendors.

CloudEagle extracted all the metadata from the contracts, including the renewal dates, and organized them in a centralized dashboard for easy tracking. Integration with messaging channels enabled our platform to send renewal notifications and alerts 90 days before the deadline. The platform identified four project management tools and helped consolidate one, thereby getting better prices on one consolidated vendor.

CloudEagle streamlined its procurement process, so now employees can track their requests on the platform. CloudEagle’s SaaS buying experts worked as an extension of the Nowports team and, based on the insights from the platform, were able to provide detailed market research and get the best prices for the best product for Nowports. We also created a renewal calendar so the Nowports team can be ahead of contract renewals.

The Impact


  • CloudEagle's SaaS experts secured a 34% savings for Nowports, overcoming vendor resistance with effective negotiation tactics.
  • Nowports got complete visibility into its SaaS repository, spend, and usage.
  • Automated workflows streamlined the procurement process, eliminating the need to chase approvals.
  • With CloudEagle, Nowports saved 473 hours annually in negotiations, constituting a significant 70% of their total time savings.

"We got complete visibility into our procurement process through automated workflows, while CloudEagle's SaaS buying experts handled vendor negotiations and purchased the right products at competitive prices. Their partnership streamlined our contract and procurement operations and ensured smart purchasing decisions."

- Diego Coria, Finance Manager, Nowports


Nowports is the first and biggest digital Freight Forwarder in Latin America. It mixes logistics with financial and technological tools to ship cargo efficiently, transparently, and securely. The platform reduces human mistakes to 0% and saves up to 40% of delays with Nowports models and algorithms.

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