How Remediant Streamlined User Provisioning & Deprovisioning and saved hundreds of hours managing SaaS apps

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December 14, 2022

Key Highlights:

Remediant is an IT security company that offers privileged-access management software and services. It is also the only preventive lateral movement solution to help customers achieve Zero Standing Privilege. 

It helps businesses protect their accounts and other valuable data from hackers by detecting vulnerabilities beforehand. 

Industry: Computer and Network Security

Use case: App provisioning and deprovisioning


Remediant’s IT team faced challenges in provisioning and deprovisioning users for SaaS applications. Their IT team did not have enough bandwidth to manage users and their access to each application.

“Whenever an employee left, I had to log in to each application to de-provision them manually,” says Alice Park.

The repetitive tasks of logging into each application to grant and revoke user access was tedious and time-consuming, hindering their productivity.

Remediant used to manage role and department specific app access policies over spreadsheets which quickly became obsolete.


Remediant uses CloudEagle to automate employee onboarding and offboarding.

Our platform integrated with their SSO, finance, and HRIS systems to get complete visibility into their entire SaaS ecosystem.

CloudEagle discovered all their SaaS applications and user access for each application. The HRIS integrations enabled our platform to detect new employees leaving or joining the company.

“CloudEagle integrations enabled us to see the users provisioned to each application on a single dashboard.”

- Alice Park

CloudEagle organized all the users and their access to each application in one place, making it easy to provision and de-provision users very easily


De-provisioning: Remediant's team no longer logs into each application to revoke user access whenever an employee leaves the company. Instead, they now use CloudEagle's user module to deprovision users in a single click.

Auto-Provisioning: CloudEagle recommends which apps a new employee needs to have access to. Remediant’s IT team set up auto-provisioning rules for new employees. They were automatically granted access to certain apps based on their roles and departments.  

This auto-provisioning, combined with our recommended app capabilities, made app provisioning effortless for Alice Park and the IT team.

“We are relieved that we no longer have to access each application to grant and revoke access. "CloudEagle's provisioning module saved us hundreds of hours every month and helped us focus on more strategic tasks.”

- Alice Park.

With a small team, managing user access to each application was a cumbersome task for Remediant.

But CloudEagle simplified the process with its provisioning and de-provisioning modules. Now they’re able to onboard and offboard employees without any hassles in min rather than hours

“I’m a big fan of CloudEagle, and I strongly recommend CloudEagle to r any team looking to get visibility into their SaaS applications, provision users, and financial spend data.”

Alice Park, Remediant

Automate repetitive SaaS management tasks, get 100% visibility, optimize your applications and save on SaaS spend with CloudEagle.

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Alice Park
Executive Assistant