How Remediant Streamlined User Provisioning & De-provisioning

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December 14, 2022


On average, an employee has over 500+ Admin access, and having control over all the access points across an organization can be hectic – but not with Remediant.

Remediant is an IT-Security company that offers privileged-access management software and services. It is also the only Lateral Movement Preventive solution that can help customers achieve Zero Standing Privilege.

User credentials are vital; they hold sensitive information, and a security breach can risk the users and your business.

Remediant prevents the risk by stopping the hackers from using the stolen credentials to retrieve the data – which is considered the #1 attack vector across all security breaches.

It helps businesses to protect their accounts and other valuable data from hackers by detecting vulnerabilities beforehand.


We had a conversation with Alice Park, Executive Assistant at Remediant.

Her day-to-day activities include tracking vendor contracts and managing users and their access to various applications used at Remediant. She also collaborates with the IT team to provision and deprovision users from the apps.

Alice Park and her team were finding it hard to provision and deprovision users. They had to log in to each applications one by one, granted and revoked access whenever an employee joined the team or quit.

This was cumbersome and time-consuming for the team.


CloudEagle minimized the workload and saved time by helping Remediant easily handle repetitive and critical tasks.

  • Thanks to CloudEagle’s Provision and deprovision modules, Remediant could easily deprovision their users from the apps in just two clicks – that’s how robust CloudEagle provision modules are.
  • CloudEagle is equipped with automated Onboarding and Offboarding features to help businesses assign respective apps to users automatically and revokes all access in just a click when an employee quits.

What good is a SaaS management platform if it can’t deliver real-time reports on your applications?

  • With the help of CloudEagle, the Remediant team created custom real-time reports that gave them a holistic view of the apps by combining the contract data and app usage data.
  • They were able to keep track of all their applications, contracts, and usage effortlessly – this was something that Remediant appreciated greatly.
  • Because it saved their time – instead of spending long hours scraping all the essential app usage data, CloudEagle just took a few seconds to deliver the necessary information.

Alice and her team focused on reviewing and organizing the data to help their leadership team make necessary data-driven decisions on licensing needs.

Imagine doing all these tasks manually using spreadsheets and documents – CloudEagle simplified the critical data retrieval process and helped the Remediant team save time and workload.


Alice Park and her team are now relieved that how easily they can provision and deprovision users and manage their entire SaaS stack from one place.

CloudEagle made it easier for the Remediant team to collect accurate app usage insights, spend data and assisted them in taking data-driven decisions on their SaaS stack rapidly.

“I’m a big fan of CloudEagle, and I strongly recommend them for any teams looking to get visibility into their SaaS applications, provision users, and financial spend data.”

Alice Park, Remediant

Automate repetitive SaaS management tasks, get 100% visibility, optimize your applications and save on SaaS spend with CloudEagle.

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Alice Park
Executive Assitant

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