Torii Pricing Guide: Should You Choose it?

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November 6, 2023
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SaaS management platforms are becoming increasingly popular among organizations to manage their SaaS stack and optimize their spend effectively.

This rapid adoption came after these companies noticed their annual software spend exceeded their allocated budget. In some organizations, software spend has become the third-highest spending category, according to CloudEagle’s SaaS spend report.

However, Gartner’s market report says that the SaaS management market is still in its early stages. Many organizations struggle with the uncontrolled proliferation of SaaS applications but have yet to adopt a SaaS Management Platform (SMP) to address these challenges.

If you’re one of those organizations looking for a SaaS management solution, Torii can be the right choice, but will its pricing and features align with your business needs?

Well, let’s discuss Torii’s pricing strategy in this article and help you make the right purchase decision.

What is Torii and what does it do?

Torii is a SaaS management platform that helps organizations efficiently manage and optimize their SaaS portfolio. It provides a centralized solution for tracking, analyzing, and controlling various software applications and cloud-based services used within an organization.

This includes creating a comprehensive inventory of SaaS applications, tracking expenses, and gaining insights into usage patterns. Torii also aids in renewal management, cost optimization, and compliance with licensing agreements and security policies. It integrates with other software and financial tools, providing a comprehensive view of an organization's software landscape.

Image of Torii's homepage

Main features

Shadow IT discovery: Torii's AI-driven Shadow IT discovery feature provides complete visibility into your organization's SaaS ecosystem. It automatically identifies and maps all SaaS applications, including Shadow IT, ensuring robust security, transparency, and proactive risk mitigation.

SaaS Onboarding & Offboarding: Automates SaaS onboarding and offboarding, scheduling workflows, and providing automatic employee access. It also enhances compliance, offers a self-service app catalog, and enables immediate alerts for app usage, elevating strategic engagement.

Automate the application lifecycle: Streamlines app management by providing automated notifications for new app adoption, simplifying security evaluations, and allowing tailored workflows. It identifies and consolidates redundant apps and offers instant alerts for critical situations, ultimately unifying data for actionable insights.

SaaS spend management center: Provides intelligent oversight for optimizing SaaS spending, offering cost-saving recommendations, financial visibility, and tools to unmask, eradicate wasted spend, and confidently manage renewals. It also helps consolidate redundant apps and construct a strategic SaaS plan based on unified insights.

SaaS vendor management and renewal management: Helps organizations slash renewal costs, optimize their SaaS stack, and ensure cost-efficient subscriptions. It offers complete transparency, financial insights, and automation to uncover subscriptions, eliminate waste, and stay renewal-ready 24/7. This solution provides unparalleled financial clarity and control for SaaS management.

Open platform: Torii's Open Platform invites developers to co-create the future of SaaS management by leveraging its open API. Join the developer community to augment Torii, access resources, and explore the Plugin Marketplace for seamless integration and extendibility, empowering innovation on your terms.

AI-Powered SaaS Management: Torii's AI-Powered SaaS Management transforms SaaS administration by automating tasks and delivering actionable insights. With AI-driven discovery and mapping, contract ingestion, an AI assistant, and an application identifier, it offers a comprehensive solution to refine SaaS operations and decision-making, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Image of Torii's chatbox feature

Torii has a great stack of features suitable for mid-size and enterprise organizations, but will its pricing align with your needs?

Torii pricing - Will it suit you?

The mystery begins here, as Torii doesn’t disclose their pricing. You have to contact their team to learn more about their pricing and how much savings they can guarantee. This process can be a stretch and a major red flag for SaaS buyers. Here’s why:

Delays in Decision-Making: With hidden pricing, potential buyers need to talk to the sales team just to find out basic prices. This takes time and can make it harder for them to decide.

Challenges in Budget Planning: Hidden pricing makes it tough for buyers to figure out how much budget they should allocate for a specific purchase. This lack of transparency can lead to spending too much or insufficient budget.

Difficulty in Competitive Comparison: Hidden pricing makes it tricky to compare with other vendors. Buyers like to see what they get for their money, but this is hard with hidden prices.

ROI Analysis: Buyers often want to figure out if the application will generate more profit than they spend on it. Hidden pricing makes it impossible to perform ROI analysis.

Resource Allocation Issues: Hidden pricing can mess up how the budget is set aside for the product. This affects the overall budget and how decisions are made.

Additional charges: With hidden pricing, there is always a risk of the vendor billing additional charges for onboarding, updates, support, etc. Vendors will also try to upsell the product to you, resulting in overspending.

Our thoughts

Torii is an ideal SaaS management platform for organizations looking to optimize their SaaS stack. Still, their hidden pricing plans can be a deal breaker for organizations with a meticulous spending approach.

So, is it advisable to skip Torii just because of their hidden pricing plans?

Certainly not!

Torii has all the essential features for effective SaaS management. It is capable of tracking and providing insights to assist finance teams in optimizing their SaaS spend with accurate usage, and spend insights. Renewal alerts will ensure you never miss a contract renewal.

IT team can keep their SaaS stack free from unsanctioned applications through Torii shadow IT alerts, and the HR team can streamline user management with automated onboarding and offboarding workflows.

However it lacks major functionality compared to a few SaaS management platforms, like CloudEagle: SaaS procurement.

Why does procurement matter?

Decentralized procurement is one of the reasons for increased spending due to hidden expenses, along with shadow IT and SaaS sprawl.

  • For organizations to truly achieve an optimized SaaS landscape, in addition to SaaS management and spend management, they must also streamline their procurement processes with robust approval workflows, which Torii lacks.

Also, organizations with lean procurement teams won’t have enough time and bandwidth to handle vendor negotiations. Often, these organizations will pay the list prices quoted by vendors, leading to increased spending beyond the budget.

  • To help procurement teams ace their negotiations, you need a team of SaaS buying experts who can work as an extended part of your team, analyzing usage, leveraging benchmarks, and purchasing the right product at the right price.

The major challenge: If you proceed with Torii, you might have to purchase separate SaaS procurement, contract management, and vendor research platforms in the future, which will greatly escalate your annual software spending.

Simple solution: This is why organizations are choosing CloudEagle for its comprehensive set of features that cover their entire SaaS lifecycle, from vendor research, SaaS management, and renewal workflows to procurement. And it has transparent and cost-effective pricing plans, suitable for organizations of all sizes.

Pros and Cons of Torii


  • Custom alerts for shadow IT and renewal
  • License cost comparison with similar apps
  • Workflows to reclaim licenses
  • Browser extension to detect shadow signups
  • Self-service application catalog
  • Automated user provisioning and deprovisioning
  • AI-powered SaaS management
  • Open platform with developer’s community


  • Procurement workflows
  • Assisted buying services
  • SaaS marketplace
  • Vendor research and management
  • Direct integrations
  • Contract management
  • Limited integrations
  • Limited application library
  • Lacks extensive benchmarking data
  • No pre-negotiated vendor discounts

Why CloudEagle is a superior option to Torii?

CloudEagle is an all-in-one SaaS management and procurement platform built to help organizations manage SaaS, optimize spend, track contract and renewals, streamline procurement, research vendors, and ace their negotiation processes with vendors.

While Torii provides valuable SaaS management features, the burden of complex procurement and negotiation still falls on your team's shoulders.

CloudEagle, however, offers similar SaaS and spend management features to Torii. However, it follows a unique approach by combining a powerful platform with expert services.

It essentially becomes an extension of your team, offering detailed insights and expert guidance to navigate the intricate landscape of the market.

Image of CloudEagle dashboard

With an extensive integration library in the market, SaaS negotiation experts, workflows to automate repetitive tasks, pre-negotiated vendor discounts, a SaaS marketplace, the latest pricing benchmarks, and an AI-powered vendor recommendation engine, CloudEagle will provide the best bang for the buck over Torii.


Procurement workflows

Streamlining the procurement process is essential to save time for your team and to possess complete control over purchases and spend. Manual procurement process is susceptible to bottlenecks and delays, and your team will be spending most of the time chasing stakeholders for approval.

CloudEagle’s procurement workflows are readily available to automate the process. You can configure a workflow with intake forms. When a user initiates a purchase request, the corresponding workflow is triggered, and stakeholders are promptly notified through various channels, including Slack, email, and in-app notifications.

Image of CloudEagle's procurement workflows

Every user can see the progress in real time, which increases accountability and accelerates the purchasing process.

What sets CloudEagle apart is its flexibility—you can configure workflows for a wide range of purchases, whether they involve hardware or software. Unlike other platforms, CloudEagle's workflows aren't confined solely to SaaS, offering a versatile solution for various procurement needs.

Assisted buying

Negotiations can be tricky, and many companies end up spending too much on SaaS because they don't negotiate well. CloudEagle’s experts can help if your team lacks time to negotiate.

You can contact our experts for negotiation advice and guidance, whether you're dealing with a new purchase request or renewals. Our dedicated team of assisted buyers is always ready to assist you in simplifying the negotiation process.

Image of CloudEagle's assisted buying module

Our SaaS buyers will thoroughly assess your requirements, conduct in-depth market research and competitive analysis, make use of the most up-to-date pricing benchmarks, and provide you with precise insights that are essential for successful negotiations.

You can take the lead in negotiations with our experts providing support, or you can have our experts fully manage the negotiation process on your behalf—the decision is in your hands.

Our experts will engage with vendors, establish strong rapport, and utilize pre-negotiated vendor discounts and benchmarks to secure the product at a cost-effective price that aligns with your budget and specific needs.

Here’s Sophie Wang from Wefunder recalling how we helped her team save on SaaS spend through negotiations:

Vendor research

Think of vendors as crucial business partners; selecting the right one can significantly impact your operations and keep your expenses in check. You no longer need to rely on Google, Capterra, or G2 to find the ideal vendor—our platform has you covered.

You don't need to deal with complex terms, lengthy reports, or searching through lots of reviews. Tell us your business challenges in simple language, and we'll give you a shortlist of suitable software options.

In today's fast-changing business world, it's crucial to stay updated. Our platform helps you discover new software providers with the latest features and support, and it helps you connect with peers to make decisions faster.

Image of CloudEagle's vendor research module

CloudEagle highlights the most important reviews and their pros and cons so you can focus on the key insights. You can focus on features that matter to your industry and size, guided by what your peers find important. Our platform helps you compare vendors easily, speeding up your buying process and aligning your software strategy with your business goals.

Application Discovery

CloudEagle's comprehensive integration library offers a complete view of your SaaS environment. The platform overviews your applications, spending, licenses, contracts, workflows, and users, including in-depth usage details.

CloudEagle proactively alerts you when it detects unauthorized applications. It'll help you shadow IT in the early stages, stopping cost escalations in the future.

It provides detailed insights into all aspects of your SaaS applications, such as vendors, expenses, and licenses, enabling effective management and spending optimization.

Renewal Management

CloudEagle extracts contract metadata, including renewal dates, and creates a renewal calendar. It automatically sends reminder alerts via Slack or email 30, 60, or 90 days before renewal deadlines. You will always stay ahead of renewals.

This gives your team ample time to review usage benchmarks and prepare negotiation plans. Unlike Torii's reminders, CloudEagle escalates the process to various stakeholders until action is taken.

Reminders continue until the contract is renewed, ensuring you don't miss out on renewals or incur expenses due to auto-renewals.

Automated user provisioning and deprovisioning

Through HR integrations, CloudEagle delivers a consolidated user list and their application access in one convenient dashboard. This eliminates the need for manual access management for each employee.

You can use auto-provisioning workflows to suggest the right apps to users based on their roles and responsibilities. Likewise, when an employee quits, you can automatically deprovision them from license apps and revoke access to sensitive data using deprovisioning workflows.

Check out this insightful customer success story from Remediant and how they streamlined user provisioning and deprovisioning using CloudEagle.

Cost Optimization

The platform identifies unused, free, and redundant apps in your portfolio. You can analyze usage, eliminate redundancies, or consolidate overlapping applications to reduce SaaS spending.

Image of duplicate applications dashboard

CloudEagle identifies duplicate, free apps often associated with shadow IT, allowing you to make cost-optimization decisions effortlessly.

License Management

You can easily track purchased licenses, users assigned to those licenses, and accurate usage data. Set a minimum usage threshold for licenses; if usage is low, users are automatically deprovisioned, and licenses are reclaimed using automated workflows.

You can then reallocate licenses based on user requirements or remove them during contract renewals with the assistance of our SaaS experts, all without affecting your vendor relationship.

Contract Management

Centralize your contract and important documents in one secure location instead of leaving them in your inboxes.

You can manually upload contracts to CloudEagle, which extracts contract metadata and organizes them in a unified dashboard. Additionally, a renewal calendar is generated based on contract data, triggering renewal reminders through Slack and email, and simplifying negotiations.

Additional features

  • Comprehensive app catalog
  • Custom fields
  • Pre-built workflows
  • Deeper usage insights
  • Vendor risk and compliance insights
  • Manual contract upload and metadata extraction
  • Pre-negotiated vendor discounts


CloudEagle has transparent pricing plans, unlike Torii, and it also offers more functionalities for the feature price quoted. You can do more by paying less than any other platform in the market.

There are three pricing tiers: Started, Growth, and Enterprise. Each pricing plan has its own set of features. You can choose the one you need based on your company's size and requirements.

Image of CloudEagle's pricing

CloudEagle provides a clear advantage over Torii by ensuring potential savings. However, the amount you can save depends on your annual software spend, and you can find out the potential savings on our pricing page.

As you advance through the pricing tiers, you'll unlock access to more advanced features. Our assisted buying services are not bundled into the plan; instead, you have the flexibility to purchase them individually. You can opt for the platform, the service, or a combination of both based on your preferences. The choice is yours.

CloudEagle guarantees transparency with straightforward pricing, eliminating implementation fees, hidden costs, and specialized integration charges—all pricing is displayed on our website.


Suppose you’re looking for a comprehensive platform to manage and optimize your entire SaaS lifecycle. In that case, Torii may not be the ideal choice as it lacks essential modules that can make a significant impact, and their hidden pricing plan might not fit your needs.

To optimize your SaaS stack, reduce SaaS spend, enhance negotiations, and streamline your procurement process, you need a comprehensive platform like CloudEagle.

Remember, CloudEagle has the fastest onboarding process in the industry right now. Here’s Devin Murphy from Rec Room sharing his onboarding experience with CloudEagle; check it out.

So, what do you think? If you want a quick demo of CloudEagle to see how it can transform your SaaS management experience, book a demo with our experts.

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