How Quickly Rec Room Onboarded with CloudEagle?

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March 15, 2023

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Rec Room 

Rec Room is a social app where one can build games, create avatars, and play games with friends. It combines the fun of video games with advancements in virtual reality to create an immersive gaming experience for its users. 

It's a modest, efficient, kid-friendly gaming and socializing platform with no money-making schemes. The focus is only on providing the best environment for customers to leave behind the world's hassles and have fun in the virtual environment.

Industry: Software Development

Use Case: Quick Onboarding


Rec Room’s team didn’t have any visibility on the total number of SaaS applications being used by the team. 

They were tracking a fraction of their SaaS stack using spreadsheets, but the team soon noticed discrepancies between their spreadsheets and their actual SaaS expenses. 

“The number of applications we tracked using spreadsheets didn’t correlate with our SaaS spending; our expenses were spiraling out of control," says Devin Murphy, Senior Accounting Manager at Rec Room. 

  • The IT and Finance teams evaluated a few SaaS visibility and spend management solutions but hesitated to proceed due to their longer onboarding process.
  • Realizing the true size of their SaaS stack was challenging due to the lack of centralized app visibility.   

When their spreadsheets and spending didn’t match, Rec Room’s IT team suspected the presence of unsanctioned applications within their SaaS ecosystem.

  • But the team was uncertain about it as spreadsheets were not enough for the team to detect shadow IT.
  • Spreadsheets were also used to track their SaaS contracts, resulting in the team missing out on SaaS renewals.


Rec Room wanted a 360-degree view of their SaaS stack and visibility into spending to take necessary cost optimization measures. 

“We looked at all possible solutions and then decided to proceed with CloudEagle as their existing customers were praising their rapid onboarding process, which was evident in our first meeting,” says Devin Murphy. 

Rec Room decided to go ahead with CloudEagle's 15-day free trial, to begin with. 

  • CloudEagle integrated with their SSO and finance system on the 1st day of onboarding with just a 30 mins onboarding call.

  • Once all the data was synced, CloudEagle segregated SaaS from non-SaaS, providing complete visibility into their SaaS spending, app usage, cost per license, and unlocked optimization insights. 

Rec Room uploaded all the existing data in their current vendor spreadsheets, like employee departments, renewal dates, and business owners, to the CloudEagle platform with a simple spreadsheet upload. 

  • All their SaaS contracts and other contract-related documents, which were tracked manually, were also uploaded to the platform by CloudEagle. 

At this point, Rec Room was convinced that CloudEagle was the platform they wanted to work with for complete visibility into their SaaS spending, app usage, etc., and decided to proceed. 


Rapid onboarding: The onboarding process was swift, and it helped Rec Room discover the true size of its SaaS landscape immediately. CloudEagle provided a centralized view of their SaaS stack, making managing their SaaS apps easier. 

Shadow IT: With SaaS visibility, they detected Shadow IT within just a day of onboarding and emailed the users of the unauthorized apps. All the duplicate apps were eliminated, resulting in significant cost savings.

SaaS renewals: CloudEagle’s platform extracted all the necessary information from the SaaS contacts and initiated renewal workflows 90 days in advance based on the renewal dates; this helped Rec Room stay on top of their SaaS renewals.  

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Devin Murphy
Senior Accounting Manager
Rec Room