Zluri Pricing Guide: Should You Choose It?

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October 16, 2023
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In today’s competitive market, SaaS applications have become vital for organizations. These solutions offer convenience, scalability, and flexibility that help organizations enhance their business operations.

So, businesses swiftly shifted from outdated legacy platforms to agile SaaS applications, aiming for seamless business operations and maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

However, this rapid adoption brought challenges, including SaaS sprawl and increased software spending. The uncontrolled proliferation of SaaS apps and a lack of visibility led to rising costs and suboptimal ROI.

Luckily, for organizations, there was a solution to overcome this challenge: a SaaS management platform. These versatile solutions are built to help organizations get complete visibility over their SaaS stack, reduce their SaaS spend, streamline business processes with automation, and much more.

Zluri is one of the robust solutions helping organizations manage their SaaS stack and optimize their spend. If you're exploring SaaS management options and wondering if Zluri's pricing aligns with your business needs, we're here to assist you in making an informed decision and selecting the right solution for your SaaS optimization needs.

Zluri - What is it?

Zluri is a SaaS management platform that empowers businesses to streamline, secure, and optimize their SaaS applications with an array of robust features. It has automation workflows to streamline procurement and the entire employee lifecycle for SaaS applications, including provisioning, mid-lifecycle adjustments, and deprovisioning.

Image of Zluri's homepage


SaaS Management

Image of Zluri's SaaS management page

Application discovery: Leave no application hidden. Zluri automatically detects all your SaaS applications, even the elusive shadow IT, through 800+ integrations.

Cost optimization: Optimize your SaaS spend by identifying unused licenses and auto-reclaiming them, eliminating redundant apps and duplicate subscriptions.

Manage SaaS: Centralize apps, licenses, and their relevant spend in one place to monitor them effectively. Create renewal calendars and stay ahead with automated renewal reminders.

Onboarding & Offboarding: Suggest apps based on employee roles, deprovision users without any hassles, and reassign them to other users. Streamline the entire process.

Application usage tracking: Get a comprehensive overview of user activity, license utilization, and spending, ensuring that every aspect of your SaaS investments is under your watchful eye.

M365 Optimization: Maximize your M365 efficiency with Zluri. With a unified dashboard, manage every aspect of M365 effortlessly. No more manual efforts or complexities; Zluri streamlines it all. Auto-assign licenses seamlessly, plan future needs accurately, and save by optimizing utilization. Make the most of M365 with Zluri.

Identify Governance

Leverage Zluri's Cloud IGA to enhance access governance within the identity cloud. Automate provisioning and deprovisioning processes, connecting access to new joiners, changes with movers, and departures of leavers.

Image of Zluri's Identity governance page

Streamline access reviews seamlessly with policy-driven automation and maintain compliance through scheduled certifications.

Revamp access requests through an enterprise 'App Store' and expedite approvals with the integration of Slack. All access management needs are simplified and consolidated on a secure platform.

Zluri Pricing - The Hidden Factor

Zluri offers a plethora of features, split into two modules: SaaS management and Identify Governance. You can select any one or both based on your business needs.

Zluri's pricing approach is refreshing; it doesn't stuff features into multiple tiers. Instead, it empowers the buyer to choose the specific features they need, offering a more flexible and tailored experience.

But still, hidden pricing is a red flag for many SaaS buyers. Here’s why:

  • Finance teams usually analyze the return on investment (ROI) before approving software purchases, but hidden pricing makes it harder to assess returns.
  • Hidden pricing allows vendors to upsell their products, potentially charging more than your peers pay.
  • Hidden pricing complicates product comparisons between different vendors.
  • Vendors with hidden pricing may add undisclosed fees after your purchase.

Pricing plan

Image of SaaS management pricing plan

As mentioned above, Zluri has two modules: SaaS Management and Identity Governance. Each module has its own set of add-ons associated with it.

The SaaS management module has two pricing tiers: Scale and Enterprise, while identity governance has no tiers, just a single plan.

Image of identity governance pricing of Zluri

SaaS Management module

The Scale and Enterprise plan caters to businesses seeking a unified solution to uncover and oversee all their SaaS applications.

  • App discovery
  • User management
  • App management
  • Spend management
  • Contract management (Only available in Enterprise)
  • Optimization (Only available in Enterprise)
  • Security (Only available in Enterprise)
  • Analytics (Limited features are available in Scale plan. The rest are in Enterprise plan.)
  • Training & Support (Add-on, available in Enterprise)
  • Lifecycle management (Add-on)
  • Access requests (Add-on)
  • Access certifications (Add-on)
  • Managed Services (Add-on)

The Scale plan contains very basic features: you can integrate your internal system and get visibility into users, apps, and spend. For more advanced functionalities, such as automating onboarding, offboarding, and approval requests, you'll need to purchase their add-ons to expand your options.

The Enterprise plan seems comprehensive. You’ll have access to advanced reporting, contract management, license optimization, savings insights, etc. Still, to get access to onboarding, offboarding workflows, approval workflows, and more, you’ll have to purchase the add-ons.

Identity Governance module

As the name suggests, this module is specific to user identity and application access. Interestingly, this module comprises the add-ons of SaaS management modules as its main features.

  • Lifecycle management
  • Access requests  
  • Access certifications
  • Access discovery (Add-on)
  • App automation (Add-on)
  • Integrations (Add-on)
  • Training & Support (Add-on)
  • Managed services (Add-on)

So, the choice is yours. If you’re only interested in user and access management, you can opt only for the Identify Governance module. It has additional director integrations, user provisioning workflows, and access discovery features as add-ons.  

Our thoughts

Buyers have two clear options:

1. For comprehensive management of SaaS applications, users, licenses, contracts, cost optimization, and process automation, they can opt for the SaaS management module with Identity Governance add-ons.

2. For streamlined user management and access control, buyers can choose the Identity Governance module.

However, there is a bigger ‘what if’ in their pricing plan.

If you look at every significant SaaS management platform like CloudEagle, Vendor, Zylo, Productiv, etc. you can see a common thing: annual software spend and savings.

Most platforms differentiate their pricing plans based on how much organizations spend on SaaS annually; the pricing plans change based on the spend, and savings change accordingly.

Image of CloudEagle's guaranteed savings dashboard

For instance, let's consider CloudEagle as an example. If your annual SaaS expenditure falls from $1 million to $2.5 million, CloudEagle offers a guaranteed $500,000 in savings, with pricing plans starting at $2,000 monthly. The more you spend, the higher the savings guarantee and pricing.

Regrettably, Zluri doesn't provide these distinct savings guarantees or differentiators. Furthermore, as a potential buyer, you won't have clear visibility into the cost of each plan or add-on without direct discussions with their team.

For organizations that adopt a more flexible spending approach, Zluri might align well with your preferences. However, if you're part of an organization with a meticulous budgeting process and financial constraints, alternative options are available.

These alternatives, like CloudEagle, offer transparent pricing, advanced platform and service features, and cost-effective pricing plans.

Quick summary

  • Zluri has two modules: SaaS Management and Identity Governance. Each module has its own set of features and add-ons.
  • All prices are hidden.
  • The SaaS management module has two pricing tiers: Scale and Enterprise.
  • The scale plan has very basic features; you must purchase add-ons, or you won’t get the best bang for the buck.
  • It makes it hard for buyers to prepare ROI analysis or compare vendors or benchmarks due to hidden pricing.
  • The SaaS management module has Identify Governance features as add-ons. However, Identity Governance is focused only on user and access management.
  • Guaranteed savings are not mentioned.
  • Limited service features; only platform is available.

Why is CloudEagle a better alternative to Zluri?

CloudEagle is a SaaS management and procurement services platform that offers both platform functionalities and buying services.

CloudEagle stands out as one of the few platforms directly comparable to Zluri in terms of features. It offers a comprehensive platform combining SaaS management, procurement, and identity and access management features in one package.

In contrast to Zluri, CloudEagle adopts a transparent pricing approach, guaranteeing savings based on the customer's annual SaaS spend.

Essential features like procurement workflows, provisioning workflows, the app catalog, Slack notifications, and more are not gated behind add-ons; they are all encompassed within the pricing plans. The only optional add-on is the SaaS buying service.

Features offered

Assisted buying services

If your lean procurement team lacks the bandwidth or time to negotiate with the vendors, we can help you. We have a team of SaaS buying experts with years of negotiation expertise who can work as your extended team and streamline the negotiation process.

Image of CloudEagle's assited buying dashboard

Our experts will perform usage analysis, conduct market research, leverage benchmarks, compare competitive pricing, analyze your budget, and negotiate with the vendor to secure the right product at the right price.

Alternatively, you can use our SaaS buying experts as consultants if you wish to retain control over your negotiations. They will provide invaluable insights, enabling you to excel in your negotiations and secure advantageous deals.

Here’s Sophie Wang, Head of Finance from Wefunder, recalling how our experts helped them save on SaaS spend:

Application discovery

CloudEagle’s extensive integration library lets the platform look into your SaaS stack and provide complete visibility into apps, spend, licenses, contracts, workflows, and users. You can control and monitor your entire SaaS stack from one place.

You’ll receive proactive alerts when CloudEagle detects an unsanctioned application in your system, thus preventing shadow IT in its early stages, which might lead to SaaS sprawl and escalated spending.

Cost optimization

Identify unused licenses and redundant and underutilized applications, eliminate them, and save on SaaS spend. Direct integrations will provide complete visibility into purchased licenses.

You can set a minimum usage limit for licenses and configure a workflow to automatically deprovision users from the license. This allows you to reassign them to other users subsequently or, if preferred, engage our SaaS buyers to negotiate their elimination, thereby maximizing your savings.

Contract management

Centralize all your contracts, invoices, and other sensitive documents in one location and use dynamic filters to retrieve them whenever needed. You can also manually upload documents, and CloudEagle will extract relevant metadata from the document, create new contracts, and store them securely.

Based on the contract data, our platform will create a renewal calendar. You can configure a workflow for each contract renewal. The workflow automatically triggers 30, 60, or 90 days before the deadline. Renewal reminders will be sent via Slack and Email, giving your team enough time to analyze the usage and ace your renewal negotiations.

Our contract management module helped Oyster HR eliminate spreadsheet-based tracking and streamline the renewal process. Here’s their success story.

Procurement workflows

Use automated workflows to streamline the SaaS buying process. This empowers your procurement team to focus on their core responsibilities instead of wasting time chasing stakeholders for approvals.

Additionally, you can create intake forms for both SaaS and non-SaaS purchases. When users submit these forms, the corresponding workflow is triggered. Notifications are promptly sent to relevant stakeholders via Slack, email, or in-app for collaboration and task delegation.

CloudEagle's procurement Slackbot takes it further, enabling users to initiate purchase requests directly from Slack. Furthermore, you can create private channels for these workflows, fostering collaboration and informed decision-making.

Custom fields

CloudEagle’s Custom fields will help you expand the functionality of the platform. If you want to house more data, customize the modules to suit your needs, and add more functionality in addition to the default ones, custom fields can help you do so.

Additional features

Automated provisioning and deprovisoning: Use auto-provisioning rules to suggest the right apps to users based on their roles and departments. And deprovision users from apps in a single click when they quit.

Vendor Management: The Vendor Spend module consolidates all spending associated with a specific vendor and their applications, offering comprehensive management on a single dashboard.

Vendor Research: Our AI-powered vendor recommendation engine simplifies the vendor research process. It allows you to seamlessly identify suitable vendors, access reviews, and check ratings within the platform.

Benchmarks and Discounts: Access the most up-to-date pricing benchmarks and benefit from pre-negotiated vendor discounts through our platform.

Transparent pricing

CloudEagle has transparent pricing with three pricing plans: Starter, Growth, and Enterprise. Each has its own set of functionalities.

Image of CloudEagle's pricing page

The plans are pretty self-explanatory. The higher the plan, the more advanced the features get. The best thing is that there are no hidden prices for specific integrations, support, onboarding, etc.

Based on your annual software spend, we guarantee specific savings. Please check it out here.

Additionally, CloudEagle has one add-on, which is the SaaS buying service. This add-on can extend the existing plans mentioned earlier, or you can opt for our services as a standalone feature.

Here’s why you should outsource your procurement process to CloudEagle →

Image of CloudEagle's SaaS buying feature

Do you want to know which plan will best suit your needs? Visit our pricing page and check out the ‘Compare all plans’ section to make the right decision.

So, what do you think?

While CloudEagle and Zluri share several common features, organizations increasingly favor CloudEagle over Zluri due to its strengths in areas such as SaaS buying services, workflow capabilities, and transparent pricing.

If you're searching for a SaaS management solution that not only handles SaaS but also streamlines your procurement processes and bolsters your Identity and Access Management, CloudEagle stands out as the perfect choice.

Schedule a demo with our experts now for a swift, guided tour of our platform!

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