Sastrify Pricing Guide - Should you choose it?

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March 20, 2024
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Procuring software solutions in today’s landscape is complex, as the purchased software must align with your team's needs and stay within budget. Organizations today are more focused on their software spending as it has become the third highest, according to CloudEagle.

Managing software spending has become increasingly tricky as businesses lean heavily on SaaS applications to drive productivity. Annual software expenses frequently overshoot allocated budgets, creating a pressing need for procurement visibility and efficient spending optimization.

Companies aim to simplify their procurement procedures to prevent unauthorized SaaS purchases, often leading to increased spending. Sastrify steps in as a potential solution to this intricate problem, promising a streamlined approach to the chaotic world of SaaS procurement.

Yet, while promises are made, practicality is what truly matters. This article intends to shed light on Sastrify's pricing strategy, examining how well it aligns with your company's objectives. It aims to clarify if it will be the right solution for your SaaS procurement and management needs.

What does Sastrify do?

Sastrify isn't just another tool for buying software; it's a robust platform that helps you streamline the complete procurement process. Sastrify is packed with the right solutions to help you transform how you purchase SaaS.

Image of SaaS procurement platform Sastrify

Regular SaaS buying often means buying too much or not using what you have, causing chaos and overspending. Sastrify has a different approach. It promises to cut your spending by 35% compared to others. It makes SaaS purchasing fast, sets up workflows automatically, keeps an eye on everything, and helps in negotiations.

But what can Sastrify do for you?

1. Consolidates your SaaS stack: By integrating with your ERP or accounting system, Sastrify provides a complete view of your SaaS tools, enabling instant identification and removal of redundant subscriptions.

2. Streamlines procurement: Set alerts for renewals, assign tool ownership, centralize documentation, and collaborate seamlessly—making SaaS management a breeze from a unified source.

3. Saves your budget: With access to benchmarked SaaS pricing and negotiation expertise, Sastrify helps secure the best deals, aiming for 35% or more savings on your software expenditure.

4. Optimizes your stack: Continuously recommending SaaS solutions tailored to your business needs, Sastrify ensures your software stack stays in tune with your evolving technology preferences.

In a nutshell, Sastrify centralizes SaaS procurement, automates tasks, ensures compliance, expedites tool discovery, and supports negotiation efforts—saving time, simplifying decision-making, and providing clarity in a complex software world.

If your organization prioritizes a comprehensive SaaS lifecycle solution covering all aspects, Sastrify might not fully meet your needs.

However, if procurement is your primary focus, overlooking app management, spend, licenses, and vendor oversight, Sastrify could be suitable. Yet, there are unified solutions available in the market offering comprehensive features at a cost-effective price point.

Speaking about the price, let’s find out if Sastrify’s pricing will suit your needs.

Sastrify Pricing

Three Sastrify pricing models are tailored to meet diverse business requirements. Two plans offer transparent pricing details, while the elusive Platinum tier awaits discovery for those seeking unique benefits.

Sastrify makes managing SaaS subscriptions easy for businesses. With their suite of solutions, you can buy, manage, and save on software subscriptions effortlessly.

Their services help you save time, lower risks, and maximize your SaaS spending for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

They offer pricing options in EUR, GBP, and USD, giving you flexibility wherever you are. Their plans are personalized to fit various needs and budgets, ensuring you get the perfect solution for your requirements.

Image of Sastrify's pricing plan


Image of Sastrify's pricing plan

Sastrify’s Essential plan is ideal for gaining complete visibility into your SaaS stack. It's the perfect starting point for businesses looking to manage their SaaS subscriptions efficiently.

This plan, which is billed annually and starts at $750 per month, includes features like Shadow IT discovery through ERP/SSO APIs, unlimited subscriptions and document management, a renewal calendar with alerts, and usage analytics for up to 200 users.

It offers an internal tool store and savings tracking for SaaS procurement in this plan. Integrations include single sign-on (SSO) authentication, a Slack bot, and ERP discovery. Additionally, expert support provides access to SastriMarket and custom benchmarking and insights.


Image of Sastrify's pricing

The Professional plan from Sastrify is tailored for businesses focused on smart workflows and spend optimization. When billed annually, it starts at $2,000 per month. This plan encompasses all features of the Essentials plan, with the added benefit of enhanced usage analytics, catering to up to 500 users.

The Professional plan offers extra procurement initiatives (workflows), vendor insights & benchmarks integration with HRIS/CLM/Ticketing, and custom benchmarking & insights.

Moreover, it includes unlimited custom SaaS optimization advisory and a dedicated expert buyer, ensuring personalized assistance and support tailored to your business needs.


The Platinum plan from Sastrify is made for big businesses that want to seamlessly integrate Sastrify into their existing workflows. Pricing is available upon request so that you can customize your subscription.

Image of Sastrify pricing

This plan includes all features from the Essentials and Professional plans, with usage analytics for up to 1000 users.

In addition to the abovementioned features, the Platinum plan offers extras like third-party risk management (TPRM) and custom procure-to-pay workflows, giving enterprises more flexibility and customization options.

Our thoughts

While effective in streamlining software procurement, Sastrify lacks comprehensive features required for broader SaaS management tasks such as vendor research, shadow IT alerts, and complete SaaS lifecycle management.

CloudEagle's 2023 SaaS spend report indicates a trend towards full-stack solutions rather than single-function products like Sastrify.

Image from Sastrify's homepage about procurement

Users clearly understand the value they receive for their investment, fostering a strong and mutually beneficial relationship. Indeed, it offers enticing features like price benchmarking, a SaaS marketplace, potential savings, and cloud optimization, all of which organizations highly value.

If you're considering Sastrify, you must know that the Essential plan lacks essential features such as procurement workflows, vendor insights, and certain integrations. One significant disparity across plans is the absence of usage analytics for users in the Essential plan, making it suitable only for small-scale businesses.

Moreover, the lack of HRIS integrations means user management may be less effective. In our analysis, it appears Sastrify has strategically structured its plans to encourage users to opt for the Professional and Platinum tiers, highlighting the shortcomings of the essential plan in crucial areas.

However, platforms like CloudEagle offer comparable, if not superior, features within a more cost-effective pricing range. Since its inception, CloudEagle has stood as the sole product in the market, offering complete SaaS management, vendor management, spend management, software procurement, and SaaS purchasing capabilities, along with potential savings.

Let’s say you’ve purchased Sastrify and streamlined your SaaS procurement process. However, what if the need arises for an automated user provisioning system? What if your team aims to establish workflows for automatic license reclamation? What if you seek automation for diverse purchases spanning SaaS and hardware?

You then have to purchase individual platforms for provisioning, license management, etc., further escalating your spending and making it harder to manage. So, make the right purchase decision and go for the full-stack solutions that cover the entire SaaS lifecycle.

Here’s a quick rundown of the pros and cons of Sastrify’s pricing:

Pros of Sastrify’s pricing:

Software procurement workflows: Sastrify streamlines the process of procuring software by providing efficient workflows, making it easier for businesses to acquire the necessary tools.

SaaS marketplace: Sastrify offers a marketplace for SaaS applications, allowing businesses to discover and purchase various software solutions conveniently from one platform.

Price benchmarks and discounts: The platform provides insights into pricing benchmarks for different software products and may offer discounts, helping businesses make more informed purchasing decisions and potentially save money.

CSM and negotiation support: Sastrify assists businesses with customer success management (CSM) and supports negotiations, ensuring that they maximize the value of their software investments and maintain positive relationships with vendors.

Cons of Sastrify’s pricing:

Lack of deeper integrations: Sastrify may have limitations in integrating deeply with other systems or platforms within a business's tech stack, hindering seamless data flow and automation.

Limited to SaaS procurements: The platform's focus on SaaS applications means that it may not support procurement processes for other types of software and hardware, potentially limiting its utility for businesses with diverse software needs.

Poor SaaS management capabilities: Sastrify might lack robust features for managing SaaS applications post-procurement, such as monitoring usage, optimizing licenses, or tracking renewals effectively.

Why is CloudEagle a better option than Sastrify?

From its inception, CloudEagle has uniquely understood the needs of organizations, building a platform that remains reliable in its offerings rather than succumbing to fleeting trends like other platforms do.

Anticipating the evolving demands of companies, CloudEagle foresaw the need for a comprehensive solution. This foresight led to the development of a holistic SaaS lifecycle management platform.

While competitors like Sastrify focus solely on procurement, CloudEagle distinguishes itself by adopting an all-in-one approach.

Image of CloudEagle's dashboard

It is a unified SaaS management and procurement platform capable of optimizing SaaS portfolios, reducing SaaS spend, streamlining procurement processes, automating repetitive tasks, providing vendor recommendations, centralizing contracts, and providing negotiation assistance.

Its comprehensive features are one of the reasons organizations like RingCentral are consolidating two or more applications using one unified solution like CloudEagle. Here’s their success story.


Application discovery

CloudEagle’s integrations library is extensive and not limited, like Sastrify. With its 300+ integrations, browser extensions, and desktop agents, CloudEagle will provide a complete view of your SaaS stack, including your apps, vendor spend, contracts, licenses, etc.

Image of CloudEagle's usage data

The platform intuitively identifies both active and inactive apps within your stack, seamlessly categorizing SaaS and non-SaaS applications and consolidating them for easy accessibility. Users gain a convenient overview of app usage, spend, contract details, license purchases, user provisioning details, renewal schedules, and more through the application module.

Configurable proactive alerts are available, ensuring admins receive notifications upon detecting new unsanctioned applications. CloudEagle empowers users to protect their portfolios from third-party applications, proactively preventing shadow IT and managing SaaS sprawl, culminating in a finely tuned and optimized SaaS portfolio.

If you want to know how organizations achieve effective visibility, read this case study.

Here, you will understand how Rec Room achieved complete visibility into the free apps used by its teams. Earlier, the company faced a surge in SaaS apps due to a lack of centralized management, leading to security and compliance issues.

By adopting CloudEagle, they gained visibility, optimized costs, and controlled shadow IT, eliminating redundant apps and improving management.

Usage analytics and license management

Direct integrations enable CloudEagle to provide granular and accurate usage insights for applications. Unlike Sastrify, usage analytics is not limited to just 500 users. You can see the usage insights of all users, including departmental insights.

CloudEagle provides visibility into the purchased licenses for each application, and you can also track individual license usage. Customizable workflows can be set up according to usage thresholds; users will be automatically deprovisioned if usage remains low, allowing for license reclamation.

These reclaimed licenses can be reallocated to other users requiring them, or our team of experts can assist in communicating with vendors to eliminate unnecessary licenses, leading to cost savings.

Cost optimization

In these uncertain economic conditions, where CFOs are mandated to reduce 30% of software spend, you need a spend management solution like CloudEagle. This platform will identify underused, duplicate, and redundant apps existing in your system and organize them on individual dashboards.

You can analyze the usage and connect with the respective app owner to understand why the app is not being adequately utilized. And then, you can either consolidate the apps or eliminate those applications, reducing your spend.

Image showing duplicate applications

You’ll also be able to see the duplicate apps being used by the team. Engage with the team to understand their requirements, eliminate the low-usage ones, or purchase a full-stack solution to suit the needs of various teams.

Vendor management and research

You can also manage all vendors from one place, not just apps and spend. You’ll be able to see vendor applications, relevant spend, licenses, upcoming renewals, contract value, etc. You don’t have to visit each vendor to gather this information. CloudEagle has made the process easier.

Choosing the right partners—vendors—is crucial for your business. Instead of searching on different sites, our platform has what you need, an AI-powered vendor recommendation engine.

Image of CloudEagle's vendor research module

Just enter your challenges in simple words, and the platform will give you a list of suitable software. You can see the latest reviews and engage with their customers before you make the right decisions.

You can compare vendors side-by-side and choose the best vendors that align with your business needs.

Automated user provisioning and deprovisioning

As we said earlier, CloudEagle helps you manage their entire SaaS lifecycle, including user management. By integrating with HR systems, the platform can see and organize the entire user database in one place, making it easy to grant and revoke permissions.

Auto-provisioning rules are available; you can configure the workflows, and when a new employee joins, relevant apps will be suggested based on his role and department. This saves time for the HR and IT teams, increasing productivity.

Image of CloudEagle's inactive users dashboard

Likewise, when employees no longer work for the company, their access can be quickly revoked using deprovisioning workflows, preventing unauthorized access by ex-employees.

Teams no longer have to visit each application to grant and revoke access; they can automate the entire process or do them in a single click, as all users and their access details will be organized in one place.

Here’s Alice Park from Remediant sharing her success story of how Remediant streamlined user provisioning and deprovisioning with CloudEagle.

Procurement workflows

Both Sastrify and CloudEagle offer procurement workflows, but CloudEagle's strength lies in its adaptability. Its workflows can be customized for various purchases, including software, hardware, and more. In contrast, Sastrify is mainly focused on SaaS purchases.

You can personalize these workflows using customizable intake forms based on the type of purchase. Plus, stakeholders will be notified via Slack, email, and in-app alerts when a specific workflow is triggered based on the purchase request.

Image of intake forms from CloudEagle

Moreover, you can set up a private Slack channel for seamless collaboration during workflow setup. This transparency streamlines the SaaS procurement process, allowing real-time monitoring and boosting accountability.

With this automation, your software procurement team can redirect their efforts from chasing approvals to focusing on core strategic tasks.

Slackbot for procurement

CloudEagle also has Slacbot integration, through which users can directly raise purchase requests from Slack and create a private Slack channel for collaborations. All stakeholders will be notified via Slack, and they can communicate and make the right purchase decisions quickly.

Assisted Buying

Just like Sastrify, CloudEagle also provides assisted buying services. If your procurement team lacks time and bandwidth to negotiate with the vendors, our on-demand SaaS buying experts will take over the tasks and negotiate for you.

Our experts will analyze the usage insights, perform market research and competitive analysis, and provide recommendations and crucial negotiation data.

You can use this data to negotiate with the vendor or let our expert take the lead and purchase the right product at the right price through effective negotiations.

CloudEagle’s SaaS buying experts will work as an extended part of your procurement team. During negotiations, they’ll leverage price benchmarks, pre-negotiated discounts, and usage analytics to help you purchase the right product without escalating your spending.

Here’s how Nowports saved on SaaS spend by outsourcing their procurement process to CloudEagle, here’s the inspiring success story.

Contract and renewal management

Contracts are sensitive documents; you have to keep them in a secure location. During integrations, CloudEagle will extract the contract metadata, including contracts and agreements, from the applications and store them in one centralized repository.

Also, it’ll create a renewal calendar based on the renewal dates in the contract. Stakeholders will be notified via Slack or email regarding upcoming renewals. The alerts will begin 30, 60, or 90 days before the renewal deadline.

Unlike other platforms, CloudEagle doesn’t stop with simple alerts. It’ll keep escalating the process to various stakeholders until one of them acts on it and renews the contract.

You’ll always stay ahead of renewals with CloudEagle’s workflows. Our experts can assist you with renewals; they’ll engage with the vendors, cancel the auto-renewal clause, and ensure you optimize your spend and licenses during renewals.

Furthermore, you can check out this testimonial from Lucas Dermois, IT Systems Architect at ICEYE, in which he talks about how CloudEagle's assistance with effective contract negotiations which resulted in significant savings.

A quick rundown of why CloudEagle is a better option:

  • Extensive integration library
  • Accurate usage insights, no limits
  • Vendor management
  • Ai-powered vendor recommendation engine
  • Workflows for all types of purchase
  • Slackbot for procurement
  • Shadow IT alerts
  • Auto-provisioning and deprovisioning workflows
  • App Catalog
  • Custom spend reports
  • Custom fields

There you go; with CloudEagle, you can manage and optimize the entire SaaS lifecycle and not just software procurement. And the best part is CloudEagle’s transparent pricing plans.

CloudEagle Pricing

CloudEagle's transparent pricing structure sets it apart from Sastrify, offering comprehensive features across three tiers: Starter, Growth, and Enterprise, tailored to various company sizes and needs.


This plan is designed for small teams aiming to manage applications efficiently. It starts at $2000 per month and is flexible, and can be adjusted based on team size. Features include app usage tracking, spending overview, and basic reports. Users also gain access to over 300 app integrations, along with contract management and renewal reports.


This plan is tailored for growing companies, starting at $3000 monthly. It encompasses all features of the Starter plan, along with additional functionalities like license management, optimization insights, and advanced reporting. Moreover, it introduces various workflows and enables self-service access requests to enhance operational efficiency.


Crafted for large enterprises handling multiple applications, this plan starts at $4000 monthly and builds upon the Popular plan by incorporating features such as employee onboarding/offboarding management, procurement requests, and custom reports.

Furthermore, it facilitates approval requests via Slack/Teams and provides access to SaaS research and consulting services to support enterprise-level needs.

Additionally, CloudEagle has one add-on: the SaaS buying service. This add-on can extend the existing plans mentioned earlier, or you can opt for our services as a standalone feature for negotiation assistance.

Image of CloudEagle's SaaS buying service

CloudEagle distinguishes itself by promising potential savings based on your annual software spend, with details on our pricing page.

Our assisted buying services are separate offerings, giving you the flexibility to choose the platform, service, or blend that aligns with your preferences.

CloudEagle's commitment to transparency means no hidden charges, implementation fees, or specialized integration costs—everything you need to know about pricing is easily accessible on our website.


We believe you're searching for a comprehensive platform to handle and optimize your entire SaaS lifecycle, right?

Sastrify might not be the ideal choice in that case due to its limited integrations and user management modules.

You need a holistic solution like CloudEagle, as it has a comprehensive stack of features suitable to handle an entire SaaS lifecycle. Deeper integrations, workflows, contract management, vendor research, procurement modules, and assisted buying make it an all-in-one solution.

Notably, it has recently garnered recognition on Forbes, TechCrunch, and Nasdaq for its impressive 2023 SaaS spend report.

Here’s an interesting fact: CloudEagle has the fastest onboarding process in the industry: 30 minutes.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a demo too see how CloudEagle can transform your SaaS management and procurement processes.

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