Aira Slashed Bug Tracking Software Costs by 90%

CloudEagle's platform helped us tackle our bug-tracking challenge effectively. It provided various alternatives to our tool and shared insights from similar customers, saving us weeks of research. It helped us migrate to a new bug-tracking software, which reduced costs by nearly $63,000, and their platform saved us weeks of research.

- Troy Otilio, CEO, Aira

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The challenge was to find a cost-effective bug-tracking tool because most JIRA users were passive "watchers," resulting in inefficient licensing costs. The goal was to optimize ROI and allocate savings to other software needs and strategic initiatives.


CloudEagle provided a detailed comparison of the tools. The comparison included data like pros, cons, integrations, and pricing tailored to the customer's needs. It also analyzed 10M reviews from JIRA switchers, providing valuable insights.


Aira switched from JIRA to, cutting their bug tracking expenses from $70,000 to $7,000. CloudEagle's platform saved weeks of research time, enabling a focus on strategic initiatives.

Key Highlights:

  • Successful transition to reduced bug tracking costs from $70,000 to $7,000.
  • CloudEagle's platform saved weeks of research, allowing a focus on strategic tasks.
  • Valuable insights from customer reviews facilitated informed cost optimization decisions.


The customer's primary challenge was finding a more cost-effective bug-tracking solution, as most of their JIRA users were passive "watchers" rather than active contributors to bug tracking. 

This inefficiency led to high licensing costs. They aimed to optimize their return on investment (ROI) in bug tracking and explore opportunities to allocate savings towards other critical software needs. 

Aira lacked a tool to compare bug-tracking tools, analyze pros and cons, evaluate pricing tiers, and facilitate an informed decision-making process.


CloudEagle's comprehensive platform addressed customers' search for cost-effective bug-tracking software. 

CloudEagle facilitated a detailed comparison of bug tracking tools, offering insights into vendor attributes, customer experiences, integrations, and pricing, all tailored to the customer's specific needs. 

Additionally, CloudEagle scanned through a vast database of 10 million reviews, extracting feedback from similar customers who had switched from JIRA to alternative bug-tracking software. This provided valuable insights into migration experiences and challenges.

The Impact


By transitioning from JIRA to and strategically moving "watcher" users to more cost-effective seats, the bug-tracking software cost decreased substantially from $70,000 to $7,000, 90% decrease in software spend.

CloudEagle's platform played a pivotal role in achieving these cost savings. Furthermore, it saved the customer weeks of research time by providing comprehensive insights from 10 million reviews and similar customer experiences, facilitating an informed decision-making process. 

This newfound efficiency freed up valuable time and resources, allowing the customer to focus on strategic tasks and allocate the savings to other critical software needs, ultimately optimizing their software investment and operational efficiency.


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