CloudEagle + Slack
Bring work to where your teams live
Bring work to where your teams live
Your users can now request app access, approve or deny requests, leave comments, get renewal alerts; all without ever leaving Slack.

“CloudEagle saved us $250k in just a few months of onboarding. CloudEagle saved us $250k in just a few months of onboarding.”

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Eric Silver
Head of IT & Procurement
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Simplify app access requests

Ensure your employees can request access to apps they want from Slack without going to a portal or emailing you. Your app admins will be notified and will act on the requests directly from Slack.

Single gateway for all intake to procure requests

CloudEagle simplifies procurement by reducing the steps required to raise an intake request–simplifying and streamlining all purchase requests. Users can fill a customizable intake request based on the kind of request (hardware, software, marketing vendor, etc) and routed through the appropriate approvals Most importantly, users can check on where their intake request is sitting right from Slack.

Stay on top of renewals

Tracking renewals for hundreds of SaaS apps can be daunting. CloudEagle’s renewal workflows initiate weeks before the contract expiry, a Slack channel is created to keep all stakeholders informed and enable them to communicate, share documents, and add comments seamlessly.

Get notified on Slack

You can get every detail on your apps- usage, access requests, approval status, savings alerts, renewals alerts. Leave comments or nudge stakeholders directly on Slack. 

Manage your apps and users without leaving Slack