Increase productivity and collaboration
with Slack integration
Increase productivity and collaboration with Slack enabled workflows
Procurement teams spend several hours per day coordinating with various stakeholders for SaaS requests and approvals. CloudEagle connects all teams instantly on Slack to drastically reduce the coordination effort and save time, keeping all stakeholders in the loop. 


More productivity per day


Time saved on coordination


Real time visibility

Stay on top of renewals

Tracking renewals for hundreds of SaaS apps can be daunting. CloudEagle’s renewal workflows initiate weeks before the actual contract expiry, a Slack channel is created to keep all stakeholders informed and enable them to seamlessly communicate, share documents, and add comments.

Raise new procurement requests 

CloudEagle simplifies procurement by reducing the steps required to raise a procurement request–turbocharging your SaaS buying process. Users can create a procurement request through Slack, fill in the basic information, and the workflow gets triggered on the CloudEagle platform.

Track the status of your requests

Even though CloudEagle sends procurement updates via emails, it can get lost in the inbox easily. With Slack notifications, get real-time updates about your requests throughout the procurement journey.   

Get approvals faster

Whenever you create a channel for a workflow, tag the relevant people and get them to approve faster. Eliminate endless email back and forth and get approvals in minutes not weeks. 

Stay informed about your SaaS stack

Receive instant alerts whenever a billing anomaly or underused apps are detected. Quickly tag the right people and take action. Also get a weekly/monthly digest of notifications for record-keeping and audits.

Retain the context from previous discussions

No more starting from scratch before each buying or renewal cycle. Refer to your past conversations on Slack threads and get complete context and make well-informed decisions.

Save 30% of your SaaS spend

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What our customers say

"We got complete visibility into our procurement process through automated workflows, while CloudEagle's SaaS buying experts handled vendor negotiations and purchased the right products at competitive prices. Their partnership streamlined our contract and procurement operations and ensured smart purchasing decisions."
Diego Coria
Finance Manager, Nowports