BetterCloud Pricing Guide: Is It The Right Solution For You?

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January 7, 2024
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CloudEagle is dedicated to unraveling the complexities of the pricing structures of popular SaaS management platforms (SMP). We advocate for informed decision-making and ensure customers get the maximum ROI from their SMP investments.

When considering an SMP, pricing can significantly impact the decision-making process. However, grasping the intricacies of pricing goes beyond mere numbers. It involves aligning your organization's requirements with the value provided by the solution.

In this guide, we’ll decode BetterCloud pricing, explaining its pricing structure in detail and, more importantly, what value lies within those costs. Does the depth of its value proposition justify BetterCloud's price tag?

Dive into our guide to explore whether the features, scalability, and support justify the investment or if there are considerations beyond the numbers that significantly impact its worth to your organization's SaaS management strategy.

BetterCloud: SaaS management or just IT automation?

BetterCloud presents itself as a SaaS management platform (SMP). However, our research of BetterCloud's features reveals a primary focus on automated workflows for IT tasks. Due to the extensive SaaS management work done by IT, it indirectly falls into the category of a SaaS management platform.

BetterCloud enables IT teams to eliminate up to 78% of SaaS management work by automating onboarding, offboarding, mid-lifecycle changes, SaaS application access and entitlements, and security policies in a multi-SaaS environment.

While a typical SMP assists IT, procurement, and finance teams in SaaS management, renewal, and procurement, BetterCloud is tailored to automate IT operations. BetterCloud works with IT and Security teams of all sizes and industries who must manage their SaaS application portfolio and secure the sensitive data stored in those apps.

Let's dive into the features of BetterCloud. BetterCloud offers the following three products:


This feature involves identifying and cataloging all the SaaS applications used within an organization. BetterCloud's "Discover" capability scans the network to find these applications, even those that might be used without official approval (shadow IT). It helps create a comprehensive inventory, enabling better management and control of the SaaS ecosystem.


BetterCloud's "Manage" feature involves the governance and control of SaaS applications. It allows administrators to set policies, automate workflows, manage user access, and oversee various aspects of the applications. This feature streamlines tasks related to user provisioning, access controls, and compliance, ensuring that the SaaS applications align with organizational policies.


The "Secure" feature focuses on safeguarding SaaS applications and their data. It includes security measures such as data loss prevention, threat detection, access controls, and encryption. BetterCloud's security features aim to protect against breaches, unauthorized access, and data loss, enhancing the overall security posture within the SaaS environment.

Along with these products, BetterCloud also offers the Platform which has the following capabilities:

  • Automated Workflows: Enables the creation of custom automated workflows for repetitive IT tasks, saving time and reducing manual effort.
  • User Lifecycle Management: Manages user onboarding, offboarding, and modifications across various SaaS applications, ensuring consistency and security.
  • Security Management: Provides a range of security measures such as data loss prevention, threat detection, access controls, and encryption to protect SaaS applications and data.
  • Compliance and Governance: Help enforce compliance with industry regulations and internal policies, ensuring adherence to standards and reducing compliance risks.
  • Data Insights and Reporting: Offers real-time data insights and reporting capabilities, allowing administrators to monitor SaaS usage, track changes, and identify potential issues.
  • Integration Capabilities: Integrates with various SaaS applications, providing interoperability and centralized management across multiple platforms.
  • Policy Enforcement: Implements and enforces policies across SaaS applications, maintaining consistency and security throughout the organization.
  • Shadow IT Discovery: Identifies unauthorized or unapproved SaaS applications being used within the organization (shadow IT), enabling better management and control.
  • Collaboration Control: Manages collaboration settings within SaaS applications to ensure secure user sharing and communication.

BetterCloud Pros and Cons

Here are some of the benefits that BetterCloud brings to organizations

  • IT teams save several hours per day with workflow automation
  • It allows companies to maintain and keep in check with compliance policies
  • It offers role-based access control

However, BetterCloud also has a few disadvantages.

  • BetterCloud does not save you money. In fact, according to more than 250 client reviews, BetterCloud is 13% below average in cost-cutting when it comes to SaaS management platforms.
  • BetterCloud does not offer SaaS procurement or negotiation services.
  • It’s reported to be notoriously difficult to cancel
  • Customers note two existing versions of BetterCloud: "G.bettercloud," the outdated platform not recommended due to its sluggish, glitchy interface, and "App.BetterCloud," the updated, responsive version. Switching between G.BetterCloud and App.BetterCloud creates a functional hurdle for users. While App.BetterCloud excels in workflow capabilities, and G.BetterCloud is necessary for individual user and group interactions. This toggling disrupts workflow efficiency and user experience, posing a challenge for seamless operations.
  • BetterCloud workflows are complex and logic based requiring some level of coding expertise.

Image of Bettercloud dashboard

BetterCloud Pricing

BetterCloud provides three pricing tiers. The exact dollar value of the individual tiers is unavailable on the website, which creates a lack of transparency.

Discover + Platform tier

The Discover + Platform tier identifies the SaaS apps that have not been used enough and eliminates any redundant subscriptions.


  • Businesses can get visibility into all SaaS apps
  • It comes with scalable architecture features
  • It comes with automated workflows to save you hours of work
  • Endless library of customization abilities to make the working setup elastic to every industry

Manage + Platform

This subscription tier is dedicated to eliminating tedious manual processes. With BetterCloud Manage, you can automate repetitive functions, saving time and resources.


  • Frees up your teams' time by automating time-consuming tasks.
  • It can completely automate employee onboarding and offboarding.
  • It allows size changes, so no one has to make user-by-user visits for amendment.

Secure + Platform

This tier offers safety as it helps businesses anticipate threats and identify security problems quickly and easily. Whether your primary focus is controlling violations or assessing risks, BetterCloud's feature gets you out of the minefield.


  • Features a suite of tools to automate prevention, detection, and response
  • It has compliance management that allows you to monitor policy standards
  • It offers detailed insights into employee activity on SaaS applications
  • Audit Trail for the entire team to remain compliant with industry regulations

Each BetterCloud tier targets specific business aspects. Discover initiates SaaS management, Manages and automates tasks for productivity, and Secure safeguards against internal and external threats in your SaaS ecosystem.

CloudEagle’s 300+ integrations provide the most comprehensive data

Within minutes of integrating with your SSO, finance, and HRIS applications, CloudEagle's AI and CSM teams get you the most comprehensive and accurate data on all your SaaS applications. Get insights on usage, duplicate licenses, unused apps, and more from a single platform.

A platform with fewer integrations means that it will never be able to provide you with a complete picture of your SaaS landscape. There will always be some data missing and manual intervention is required.

Image showing Bettercloud's integrations

Switch to CloudEagle for savings on SaaS

Image showing how CloudEagle has helped customers

We operate on the three S's approach: See, Save, and Streamline.

See: Our CloudEagle platform offers a bird's-eye view of your SaaS ecosystem, providing a comprehensive understanding of software spending and user actions. Automating data extraction saves your team valuable time.

Save: Our platform detects duplicate and unused applications, optimizing your software assortment. Additionally, our benchmarking data supports vendor negotiations, securing the best deals. By taking care of your SaaS procurement and negotiation, we help save time and money.

Streamline: Our platform simplifies SaaS management. Automated renewal workflows with 90-day notifications ensure deadlines are met while saving time and effort. We streamline operations by automating repetitive tasks like onboarding, offboarding, access requests, and procurement.

Here is a feature-by-feature comparison of CloudEagle and BetterCloud:

Image showing the difference between bettercloud and cloudeagle

Why CloudEagle over BetterCloud?

  • CloudEagle’s SaaSMap, our mega database of 150K+ apps, powers our decisions for managing and renewing SaaS apps.
  • CloudEagle’s 300+ integrations already cover most of your apps, and we do not charge extra for any new integration.
  • Unmatched insights from our benchmarking data reveal how much you pay a vendor vis-a-vis peers. BetterCloud does not offer any price benchmarking data.
  • CloudEagle supports end-to-end procurement through the platform and assisted buying service.
  • At every point, you can see how much you have saved and potential savings on the platform.

Image of cloudeagle's dashboard

  • 5 minutes of setup and a few hours to complete visibility since our platform and team do the heavy lifting
  • Faster time to value means that you start saving from day 1

Image of a quote from Barnaby Go

Read the complete case study here

  • CloudEagle presents all the contract-related information in the form of convenient renewal cards for faster access to data at the time of renewal.

Image of CloudEagle's renewal module

Our thoughts

Your choice between BetterCloud and CloudEagle hinges on your objectives. Opt for BetterCloud to automate your IT operations and gain precise access control.

However, if you're focused on reducing SaaS expenses and seeking a holistic SaaS management and procurement solution, CloudEagle provides IT procurement automation and beyond.

BetterCloud doesn't display its pricing on the website; instead, it offers custom quotes. This lack of transparency raises questions about whether you're paying more or less compared to other BetterCloud customers.

There are a few additional drawbacks tied to BetterCloud's pricing model:

  • Costly for Small Businesses: For small businesses or startups with limited budgets, BetterCloud's pricing might seem relatively high. The pricing plans might include features that aren’t necessary for smaller teams, making it less cost-effective for them.
  • Complexity in Pricing Tiers: Sometimes, the pricing tiers might be complex, making it challenging for users to determine which plan suits their needs best. This complexity could lead to overpaying for features they might not use fully or underutilizing features in a plan they've chosen.
  • Additional Costs for Advanced Features: While BetterCloud's base pricing might seem reasonable, additional costs for more advanced or specialized features could add up quickly. This could create unexpected expenses for users who require those specific functionalities.
  • Limited Flexibility: Some users might find the pricing structure lacks flexibility, especially if they need a custom package or want to add specific features without subscribing to a higher-priced plan. This lack of flexibility might not align well with certain users' needs.
  • Price Increases: As with many subscription-based services, there's always the potential for price increases over time. While this is common in the industry due to updates, improvements, and inflation, it can be a concern for businesses operating on a tight budget.

BetterCloud Pricing vs. CloudEagle pricing

CloudEagle has transparent pricing based on the range of employees. While many players in the SMP space have per-employee pricing, CloudEagle’s employee range-based pricing ensures that our customers do not end up paying more with the increase in the number of employees and SaaS spending.

CloudEagle's pricing page

CloudEagle provides extensive features beyond just workflows for the quoted price. With three pricing tiers—Started, Growth, and Enterprise—each plan offers its own feature set. Choose the one that aligns with your company's size and needs. Additionally, CloudEagle offers consultancy services where our expert team personalizes the ideal solution based on your requirements.

You'll gain access to more advanced features as you progress through the pricing tiers. Our assisted buying services aren't bundled into the plan; you can purchase them individually. Whether you prefer the platform, the service, or a mix of both, the decision is yours.

We're transparent about our pricing—no implementation fees, hidden costs, or specialized integration charges exist. Everything is clearly displayed on our website for your convenience.

Visit the CloudEagle pricing page.

See how much you can save with CloudEagle: Savings Calculator

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