CloudEagle Helps Armory Save 18% on SaaS Spend

CloudEagle skillfully negotiated with vendors on our behalf, resulting in successful contract cost reductions. Their expert SaaS buying team leveraged the latest price benchmarks to rightsize licenses on multiple contracts, realizing savings for our team.

- Elaine Guan, Senior Director of Finance, Armory

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Cost Reduction for Salesforce


Savings on GitHub Contract


Savings on Contract Renewals

Armory wanted to save money on high-spend vendors. They also wanted to right-size the number of licenses so they could reallocate investments to critical areas.


CloudEagle leveraged usage data from the platform to rightsize the number of licenses. Equipped with usage insights and benchmarking data, CloudEagle renegotiated with vendors for discounts. A renewal calendar was created to start workflows 90 days in advance.


Armory rightsized the licenses and secured cost reductions for several SaaS vendors, including Salesforce, New Relic, and others. Right-sizing licenses further increased the savings

Key Highlights:

  • CloudEagle experts achieved a 15% cost reduction for Salesforce.                   
  • Leveraged low usage and cut costs by 3% on GitHub.
  • Created cost optimization opportunities by rightsizing unused licenses.


Armory faced challenges in reducing spend for two of their largest-spend vendors. They wanted to reduce their costs for these two vendors while maintaining critical functionality and ensuring a smooth transition. 

Lack of visibility into license usage and benchmarking data affected their ability to negotiate with these vendors. Armory could not finalize the exact number of licenses they needed, resulting in an increase in unutilized licenses in their portfolio. 

They were also paying more than their peers due to a lack of benchmarking data. Armory’s IT and finance  team needed assistance negotiating with these vendors without affecting vendor relations. 


The CloudEagle platform was directly integrated with their internal systems, making it easier to identify cost optimization opportunities by analyzing the contract, renewal, and usage data. 

CloudEagle’s access to the latest price benchmarking data from $500 million transactions and detailed market research revealed that Armory’s peers paid less for the same CRM and code hosting applications. 

Our experts analyzed Armory’s usage patterns to further reduce costs to identify areas where the scope had been reduced. This helped our negotiation team align and right-size licenses to specific departmental needs. 

CloudEagle created renewal workflows that started 90 days in advance and provided visibility to the team. This greatly improved the efficiency of their IT and finance teams because now they had an automated process in place and did not have to rely on manual follow-ups.


Right-sizing and effective negotiations helped Armory save up to 30% on contract renewals. 

CloudEagle’s SaaS buying team leveraged competitive price benchmarks from market research and achieved a 15% reduction in the subscription rate for Salesforce. 

Our team identified a reduction in scope for GitHub and leveraged it during renegotiations to convince the vendor to lower the price. This translated into a 3% savings compared to the previous year, reducing Armory's SaaS spend.

Renewal workflows starting 90 days in advance ensured that Armory had up-to-date visibility of the renewal status and never missed deadlines.


Armory is a popular technology development company that provides a wide range of tools and solutions to help organizations accelerate their software development process and deploy applications with accuracy and reliability. They specialize in the development of advanced software delivery and operations platforms.

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