Automate User Provisioning to Save 500+ Hours Annually On Onboarding

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December 26, 2023
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Streamlining the process of providing employees access to apps is at the heart of automated user provisioning.

Did you know that an average company spends around 500 hours each year doing this manually?

This delay in user provisioning means new hires wait for app access, wasting time.

Mistakes increase with more people and apps. That's why finding a better, faster way, like CloudEagle's automated provisioning workflows, is crucial.

This blog dives into how CloudEagle helps automate user provisioning and its benefits for your organization.

What is automated user provisioning?

Automated user provisioning involves automated workflows to provide employees access to the needed apps and make them productive from day 1. The workflow can be triggered by a specific event, like a new employee joining the organization, or run ad hoc, like when an employee requests access to a particular app.

Workflow automation streamlines providing access to apps rather than relying on manual intervention for each user, ensuring swift, accurate, and secure onboarding and offboarding of users within an organization's ecosystem.

Image of CloudEagle's user provisioning dashboard

Adopting workflows doesn't relinquish IT control, as administrators retain full authority, define rules, and maintain oversight from a centralized platform.

They can directly provision or deprovision employees as needed, for example, when an employee changes a departments and might need access to a different set of apps.

Why automate user provisioning?

Automated provisioning eliminates manual effort and saves time managing user access across applications. When new employees are onboarded or there is a change of role, IT teams have to ensure secure resource access by creating accounts, setting privileges, and managing credentials.

Manual completion of these tasks for each employee and system is time-consuming. Even with Active Directory (AD), administrators still manually configure resources. Automating this process allows IT to focus on technology and cybersecurity initiatives using pre-configured settings aligned with roles and governance policies.

Manual user provisioning poses several challenges.

  • Cumbersome processes lead to delays in granting access, hindering employee productivity.
  • Human errors in configuring permissions pose security risks, potentially exposing sensitive data.
  • Managing access to multiple apps results in inconsistencies across platforms, complicating user access management.
  • Scaling with manual provisioning becomes arduous, causing inefficiencies as organizations grow.
  • The time-consuming nature of manual tasks, which are prone to mistakes, diverts valuable IT resources from strategic initiatives.

These pain points emphasize the pressing need for automated provisioning solutions, ensuring swift, accurate, and secure user onboarding and access management within dynamic business environments.

Save up to 500+ hours annually with CloudEagle’s auto-provisioning workflows

CloudEagle helps you automate user provisioning with its customizable user provisioning workflows that simplify the task of user provisioning. They are no-code drag-and-drop workflows, so there is no dependency on the IT team.

CloudEagle offers 300+ integrations so that you can set up workflows for most of the apps in your stack. Administrators can define rules and triggers for user onboarding, modifications, and offboarding, streamlining the entire user lifecycle management process.

These workflows adapt effortlessly to organizational growth, enabling efficient user access management at scale.

With their ability to save time, enhance security, and optimize resource allocation, CloudEagle's auto-provisioning workflows will enable efficient and secure SaaS management, empowering organizations to save time on user provisioning.

Get new employees productive from day 1

When organizations automate user provisioning, new employees can get app access to start contributing from day 1. With CloudEagle, employees will be granted access to applications based on their roles and departments.

The admin sets up rules beforehand, like which departments need access to which apps, and when a new employee joins, they are automatically assigned apps based on the pre-defined rules. With this, employees dive into their roles immediately, maximizing productivity and streamlining onboarding.

Image of Auto-provisioning rule

Scale app provisioning

As organizations grow, manually handling user provisioning becomes increasingly complex and time-consuming. This is when the need to automate user provisioning becomes paramount. CloudEagle's automated provisioning workflows can streamline access management for the increasing number of employees and apps as your organization grows.

CloudEagle's workflows are integrated with Slack, so your employees can easily request access and tag relevant people without leaving the business communication platform.

Reduce provisioning errors

Automated provisioning minimizes errors by standardizing processes, ensuring consistent user access across applications. Establishing predefined rules and roles streamlines onboarding, reducing manual intervention and potential mistakes.

Regular audits and monitoring further enhance accuracy, swiftly identifying and rectifying any discrepancies in access permissions.

Manual processes are prone to errors. Automated user provisioning workflows ensure that the exact permissions will be granted to the authorized users every time a new employee is onboarded.

Save time and money

The time and effort saved through automated user provisioning directly translates into cost savings. Automated user provisioning yields substantial cost savings by streamlining the process of providing access to applications. The time saved can be spent on more strategic work.

It minimizes manual labor, reducing administrative overhead and potential errors. With streamlined processes, companies optimize resources and quickly onboard new employees, resulting in significant financial benefits and improved operational efficiency.

Remediant streamlined user provisioning and saved hundreds of hours managing app access


Remediant's IT team spent a lot of productive time on manual user provisioning and deprovisioning for multiple SaaS applications. Their spreadsheet-based process was tedious and time-consuming.  The manual process was also prone to errors, such as ex-employees still having access to apps.


Remediant leveraged CloudEagle to automate employee onboarding and offboarding. After integration, CloudEagle provided complete visibility into Remediant's user provisioning module. This centralization made user access management, provisioning, and de-provisioning effortless.


Image of Remediant's case study highlighting success

Remediant optimizes employee onboarding and offboarding with CloudEagle. The platform's deprovisioning and auto-provisioning features streamline app access management. This efficiency saved significant time and allowed the team to focus on strategic tasks.

Read the complete case study here.


Automating user provisioning isn't just a choice; it's a strategic move towards efficiency and security. By automating access management, companies save time, eliminate errors, and bolster security protocols.

Swift onboarding, accurate access revocation, and optimized license usage are pivotal benefits, ensuring productivity while fortifying data integrity and compliance standards.

CloudEagle's automated workflows redefine access management. They are easy, no-code, simple drag-and-drop, ensuring ease of use.

Book a demo today to witness firsthand how automated user provisioning revolutionizes your organization's efficiency while saving time for more strategic tasks.

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