7 Zylo Alternatives And Competitors for SaaS Management

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November 22, 2023
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Marc Andreessen's statement, "Software is eating the world," remains true in 2023. SaaS applications have entered all business aspects, from order tracking to marketing, purchasing automation, SaaS management, and financial reporting, reshaping enterprise operations.

SaaS adoption shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, Gartner predicts that software spend will grow by over 40%, from $529 billion in 2020 to $750 billion in 2023.

That is not it! Experts anticipate an 85% reliance on SaaS-based software by 2025 in all organizations. Just like the saying “modern problems require modern solutions,” organizations increasingly adopt SaaS management platforms to manage all these SaaS applications.

Zylo is one of those platforms, offering full SaaS visibility, spend tracking, renewal and license management, and more. However, Zylo’s hidden pricing, lack of assisted buying, and limited automation have led organizations to seek superior Zylo alternatives and competitors with enhanced features and cost-efficiency in similar functions.

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To help you make the right decisions, here is an article on the 7 best Zylo competitors and alternatives for 2023, along with their essential features and insights into how they work to expedite your purchase decision.

7 Best Zylo Alternatives for SaaS Management

1. CloudEagle

CloudEagle stands out as a distinct Zylo alternative. It offers a comprehensive solution for enterprises looking to optimize their entire SaaS lifecycle, from app management to cost optimization, vendor-license renewal management, procurement automation, and negotiation assistance.

CloudEagle distinguishes itself from Zylo by offering transparent and cost-effective pricing for businesses of all sizes and not hiding behind gated pricing or pointless add-ons. CloudEagle, which promises potential savings, ensures that organizations of any size can efficiently optimize their SaaS spending and is not limited to enterprises alone.

While Zylo focuses solely on SaaS management, CloudEagle excels in SaaS management, spend management, deeper integrations procurement, user management, expert negotiations, and promising potential savings.

Its extensive features include the ability to streamline complex procurement processes, an area where Zylo may fall short. CloudEagle is the preferred option for enterprises looking to streamline their entire SaaS lifecycle and not just one specific use case like other platforms in the market.

Image of CloudEagle's dashboard

CloudEagle’s comprehensiveness is why prominent organizations like RingCentral consolidate two or more best-in-class applications using one full-stack application like CloudEagle.

Key Features

  • App Discovery: CloudEagle provides comprehensive app visibility by integrating with your internal systems and applications. It enables IT staff to prevent the rise of shadow IT by sending automatic alerts when discovering free applications.
  • SaaS Spend Management: CloudEagle delivers complete insight into SaaS spend, usage, licenses, and users, allowing you to manage critical assets from one dashboard. You can use accurate usage and spend analytics to gain ground in vendor negotiations.
  • Contract Management: Use CloudEagle's unified solution to consolidate contract and invoice management, providing easy access for vendor negotiations, audits, and other critical business operations while reducing the risk of lost data caused by decentralized storage processes.
  • Renewal Monitoring: With CloudEagle's proactive approach, you can keep ahead of SaaS license renewals. The platform generates a renewal calendar based on contract information and sends renewal reminders 90 days before deadlines. This paves the path for effective negotiation preparation and usage analysis.
  • Assisted Buying: CloudEagle's expert negotiators can help you expedite vendor negotiations, keep track of market trends, and purchase applications at the same price as your peers (pricing benchmarks). You can take the initiative based on our expert advice or allow our specialists to lead the talks; the option is yours.
  • Automated Workflows: Using CloudEagle's no-code procurement workflows, you can enhance transparency, decrease bottlenecks, save time, and optimize procurement. When a purchase request is submitted, all relevant stakeholders are notified via Slack and email, allowing them to collaborate through Slack and speed up the purchasing process.
  • Slack Integration for Procurement: This integration enables easy purchase requests directly through Slack, sets up dedicated private channels for collaborative decision-making, accelerates the procurement process, and enhances efficient communication among stakeholders.
  • Vendor Research: Use CloudEagle's AI-powered vendor recommendation engine to conduct in-depth vendor research within the platform, comparing costs, features, and reviews to make informed decisions, avoiding the need for extensive external research.
  • Cost Optimization: Using CloudEagle's simple dashboard, you can identify underused apps and reduce excessive SaaS spending by allowing thorough analysis and optimization choices, resulting in the most effective resource and license allocation.
  • Automated User Provisioning and Deprovisioning: Grant and revoke access to apps without accessing each application. Utilize provisioning and de-provisioning workflows to suggest applications according to the user's role and department. And when they leave, revoke their access automatically through deprovsioning workflows.

Additional Features

  • Extensive SaaS application catalog.
  • Pre-negotiated vendor discounts.
  • Custom fields for flexibility.
  • Workflows for various types of purchases.
  • SaaS marketplace integration.
  • Access to the latest pricing benchmarks.
  • Fast Onboarding.


CloudEagle has three transparent, cost-effective pricing plans with no hidden charges, such as support fees and integration costs, and offers more functionalities than Zylo.

1. Starter - $1000/month

2. Growth - $2000/month

3. Enterprise - $3000/month

2. Productiv

Productiv emerges as the go-to SaaS management solution and an eminent Zylo competitor for organizations seeking complete control over their business operations.

Productiv's SaaS IntelligenceTM platform is more than a mere tool; it provides IT, procurement, finance, and business leaders with deep data insights, enabling proactive control, spend optimization, and improved operational efficiency across their SaaS apps.

Image of Productiv's page

Key Features

  • Customizable Reporting: Customize your reports to meet your organization's needs, offering actionable insights supporting informed decision-making.
  • Industry-Specific Compliance: Ensure compliance with industry-specific data management and privacy requirements, providing organizations with peace of mind regarding their regulatory duties.
  • Granular Usage Monitoring: Track app use across the organization, custom periods, or specific contracts to gain a comprehensive view. With detailed utilization data, you can fine-tune your plan.
  • Real-time SaaS Utilization Tracking: Stay ahead by constantly monitoring license use, frequency, and internal or integrated app use. Productiv gives you real-time insight into your SaaS landscape.
  • Extensive Application Catalog: Manage a wide range of applications with ease. The catalog functionality of Productiv allows enterprises to track, optimize, and make educated decisions based on a diverse set of applications.


Productiv offers tailored packages depending on each business's specific requirements. Prospective users can contact the team for a specialized quote.

3. BetterCloud

BetterCloud stands tall as a powerful Zylo competitor in the world of SaaS management, with a specific focus on IT businesses. BetterCloud, known for its efficacy in detecting and managing critical SaaS apps, enables IT teams to optimize operations, improve productivity, and take complete control over their SaaS landscape.

Similar to Zylo, BetterCloud empowers IT teams to seamlessly discover, manage, and optimize critical SaaS applications within their organizational framework.

Image of Bettercloud's page

Key Features

  • Security and Compliance Mastery: BetterCloud is a market leader in providing robust security and compliance features that protect systems from unauthorized access. It makes configuring user roles and permissions easier for increased data security.
  • Holistic App Discovery: With BetterCloud's robust app discovery function, you can get a consolidated view of all SaaS apps across your organization. This feature benefits all teams by lowering expenses, increasing operational efficiency, and providing comprehensive control over SaaS apps.
  • Effortless Workflow Automation: BetterCloud's automation skills shine through with the ability to automate a wide range of SaaS management tasks. Automation streamlines routine updates for a more streamlined workflow by reducing onboarding processes and guaranteeing smooth access for new team members.
  • Improved File Security Measures: BetterCloud's proactive measures will help you prioritize file security. Receive quick notifications when files are exchanged with unauthorized individuals, enabling you to take immediate action to secure critical data and maintain the integrity of your data.
  • Enhanced Vulnerability Scanning: BetterCloud's sophisticated tools, such as vulnerability scanning, help you stay one step ahead of possible security risks. By proactively identifying and addressing security concerns, you can protect your SaaS environment from potential threats.


Contact the team to know more about the pricing.

4. Tropic

Tropic emerges as the best option for fintech enterprises, providing a comprehensive procurement-as-a-service solution that maximizes the value of every dollar spent on the software.

This comprehensive solution automates procurement and expenditure management across all spending categories. Notably, Tropic's Assisted Buying service allows firms to completely delegate the sourcing and renewal of SaaS contracts to Tropic's expertise.

Image of Tropic's dashboard

Key Features

  • Automated Approvals: Tropic's automated system expedites the approval process by reducing the necessity for manual intervention and speeding up procurement processes.
  • SaaS Contract Management: Manage all SaaS contracts through Tropic's centralized interface to gain complete visibility and control over the agreements.
  • End-to-end Procurement: Delegate tasks to Tropic's experts, utilizing the platform's vast end-to-end procurement features for a hassle-free solution.
  • SaaS Spend Optimization: Leverage Tropic's streamlined procurement and automated procedures to optimize SaaS spending, leading to significant time and resource savings.
  • SaaS App Discovery: TropicApp's user-friendly platform allows you to find the best SaaS applications for your business needs effortlessly.


TropicApp has three pricing tiers: Essentials, Plus, and Premium. Users must contact the TropicApp team directly for complete pricing details.

5. Vendr

Vendr is the ideal alternative to Zylo, especially for big IT companies trying to control their SaaS sprawl. It's a go-to solution for businesses, revolutionizing how they discover, acquire, and manage software.

At the heart of Vendr is an innovative SaaS procurement platform, a one-of-a-kind combination of cutting-edge technology and human-driven services. This approach is the go-to for quickly growing enterprises, ensuring quick software purchases with assured savings.

Image of Vendr's homepage

Key Features

  • Infrastructure Management: Allocate hardware and software resources with ease.
  • Threat Notification: Recognize and alert administrators about the potential dangers and concerns regarding SaaS applications.
  • Policy Enforcement: Define and implement security and data governance policies seamlessly.
  • Data Management: Administratively controls sensitive user data.
  • Government and Industry Compliance: Facilitate adherence to industry-specific compliance requirements and privacy standards.


Vendr offers three pricing plans ranging from $36,000 to $120,000. The starter pack begins at $36,000, and the enterprise pack costs $120,000.

6. Cledara

For Fintech startups and mid-sized businesses looking for an efficient Zylo alternative, Cledara is the catalyst for streamlined processes.

Cledara is more than simply SaaS management software; it's an extensive platform designed to ease purchase, administration, and cancellation procedures, all from a single, easy-to-use interface.

Image of Cledara's homepage

Key Features

  • A single SaaS dashboard: See all of your subscriptions in one place. Cledara's dashboard eliminates the need for searching by keeping everything visible and straightforward.
  • Easy Approvals: Getting software is simple and quick. Managers support what teams suggest. Maintain control while removing the complexity.
  • Intelligent Analytics: Get real-time subscription and user data. Find savings and organize your budgets with ease.
  • Automation of Invoices: Forget about manually managing bills. Cledara handles SaaS invoices automatically based on your emails.
  • Connects to Your Finances: Cledara integrates with your accounting and financial software. Keep everything in sync with ease.


For pricing, Cledara has three broad categories, i.e., essential, plus, and Pro. The Essential price is $271/month, followed by $542/month for Plus. For Pro, users must contact the team.

7. Torii

Torii emerges as a notable Zylo alternative, offering innovative SaaS solutions that simplify the complex SaaS stack management landscape. Torii, designed for modern IT teams, provides a unified hub for remarkable control over SaaS usage and expenditures, making it the go-to option for enterprises seeking efficiency and optimization.

Torii, emphasizing integration, compliance, and expenditure management, enables large businesses to take command of their IT domain, remove wasteful spending, and assure compliance and security across their SaaS stack.

Image of Torii's homepage

Key Features

  • Cost Control: Torii gives a comprehensive overview of expenditures and contracts, empowering enterprises to manage and control their assets better.
  • Effortless Automation: Automate repetitive SaaS procedures to streamline your workflow, enabling teams to focus on strategic goals rather than tedious operations.
  • Intuitive Administration Panel: Torii's user-friendly interface simplifies typical maintenance activities, resulting in a seamless and accessible user experience.
  • Proactive Threat Notifications: Torii's proactive threat notifications keep administrators aware and equipped to address concerns immediately.
  • Detailed Logging for Accountability: Transparency is important. Torii logs every program modification, providing a full log for reference and analysis. With a comprehensive history, you can maintain accountability and make well-informed choices.


Torii offers tailored packages depending on each business's specific requirements. Prospective users can contact the Torii team for a specialized quote.


Selecting the best Zylo alternative for effective SaaS management is a no-brainer. The alternatives listed in this article have superior features to Zylo.

CloudEagle stands out from other products as a market-leading modern SaaS procurement and management platform, leveraging AI to provide a seamless journey throughout the entire SaaS lifecycle.

With its versatility, cost-effectiveness, and comprehensive suite of features, including comprehensive vendor research, assisted buying, and improved procurement workflows, CloudEagle emerges as the optimal alternative to Zylo, catering to the diverse needs of businesses in the ever-evolving SaaS landscape.

Consider booking a demo with CloudEagle today to witness how it can transform your SaaS app management. Explore its features and discover how it can improve the productivity of your SaaS stack and expedite your business's procurement process.

Written by
Nishi Singh
SaaS Buyer, CloudEagle
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