7 Best Tropic Alternatives and Competitors

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December 27, 2023
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Tropic is a popular SaaS procurement and spend management solution that helps businesses simplify SaaS management and boost efficiency.

It’ll provide complete visibility over your SaaS stack, manage applications, allow you to track usage and spend, optimize licenses, and keep your stack secure.

Even though Tropic presents itself as an all-in-one solution, the tool largely focuses on SaaS management. Tropic might fall short if you’re looking for a solution to manage your entire SaaS lifecycle, from procurement to renewals.

Fortunately, there are a handful of comprehensive SaaS management and procurement software programs to help you. This blog will help you explore Tropic competitors and alternatives while addressing their key features, purpose, pros, cons, pricing, and G2 rating.

Best Tropic Alternatives and Competitors


CloudEagle significantly overcomes Tropic as a robust SaaS management, procurement, and spend management solution. It is a proficient Tropic competitor designed to optimize your SaaS stack, streamline procurement, and give end-to-end app, spend, and vendor visibility.

It's an AI-powered platform that helps you simplify vendor research. With 300+ integrations, it provides complete app visibility and identifies where your business is overspending. It automatically identifies free, duplicate, and redundant apps. You can analyze usage and decide which app to retire, consolidate, or right-size.

CloudEagle helps you streamline procurement with tailored intake request workflows and forms, automatically assigning requests to the designated stakeholders. Workflows expedite the process, provide complete visibility, and increase accountability.

It is a holistic solution that includes features for extensive contract, vendor, and spend management, expert negotiation services, and provisioning and deprovisioning workflows.

Key Features

Application Discovery & Usage Visibility: Get a bird's-eye view of your SaaS stack, usage insights, and granular spend data. Take a deep dive with over 300 integrations & identify unused, underutilized, and redundant apps. Manage shadow IT & maverick spending with a browser extension for employees.

To see how companies benefit from full SaaS visibility, check out the success story of how Heath Ceramics' IT and Finance team achieved it using CloudEagle.

Previously, they lacked visibility into their SaaS applications and struggled with spreadsheet-based management, hindering optimization. Thanks to CloudEagle, they have optimized and streamlined the system.

Automatic SaaS & Non-SaaS App Categorization: CloudEagle is a robust solution that categorizes a database of 150,000+ SaaS & non-SaaS apps, making tracking easier.

End-to-End Contract Management: CloudEagle has all the features you need for all-in-all contract management & metadata extraction. Get renewal alerts to get time to review insights for renegotiation or consider better options. Store over 100 invoices & contracts under one virtual roof.

Access & extract key information when needed, like renewal date and billing frequency, with just a few clicks.

CloudEagle simplifies SaaS contract management for organizations. For instance, check out the inspiring success story of Oyster HR.

When they faced difficulty managing SaaS contracts in spreadsheets, they transitioned to CloudEagle, enhancing efficiency and improving visibility into their contracts.

SaaS Cost Optimization: This Tropic alternative doesn't just help with SaaS procurement but also with SaaS spend management. Identify, eliminate, & right-size underutilized and unused apps according to application usage.

Faster Software Research: Simplify and accelerate your software research by leveraging AI-powered recommendations. With CloudEagle, find the ideal solutions for your company's needs and streamline the SaaS purchasing process. You can avoid researching multiple research websites, using industry jargon, or reading complicated reports. You get a list of relevant and emerging SaaS vendors by entering the business problem you want to address.

Assisted buying: Leverage CloudEagle's SaaS buying services. A team of negotiation experts will work with your team to help you negotiate and purchase the right software at the right price.

No-code Workflows: CloudEagle facilitates easy-to-use workflows for procurement, renewals, license reclamation, provisioning, and deprovisioning.

Seamless license provisioning & de-provisioning: Employee onboarding & offboarding can be strenuous, but not with CloudEagle. Its quick and seamless provisioning & deprovisioning workflows help you onboard and offboard employees automatically.

Check out this testimonial from Alice Park at Remediant, where she discusses how CloudEagle streamlines onboarding and offboarding processes.

Previously, assigning SaaS access to new employees and manually removing access from departing ones was challenging. However, with CloudEagle, it has become a seamless and efficient process.


The CloudEagle SaaS management solution offers three transparent, cost-effective pricing plans. The plans are free of hidden charges, support fees, or other integration costs.

1. Starter - $2000/month

2. Growth - $3000/month

3. Enterprise - $4000/month


CloudEagle’s G2 Rating: 4.7/5


Image of BetterCloud

Established in 2011 in New York, BetterCloud is a powerful SaaS management solution. The tool enables IT professionals to discover security threats and proactively mitigate risks through their monitoring tools. Users can easily identify, manage, and control their cloud solutions using BetterCloud.  

You can uncover shadow IT by identifying all sanctioned and unsanctioned SaaS applications used within your organization. BetterCloud will provide comprehensive insights into user activity, data usage, and security risks due to unauthorized apps.

One of the best aspects of BetterCloud is that you can manage user access, permissions, and roles across all SaaS applications. Streamline user provisioning and de-provisioning, enforce the principle of least privilege policies, and keep your tech stack optimized and secure.

Key Features

  1. Application Discovery: Get visibility into all your SaaS solutions & see how you can cut costs and enhance productivity.
  2. Workflow Automation: BetterCloud is another Tropic alternative that helps you streamline workflows & processes while minimizing onboarding time.
  3. Vulnerability Scanning: Get timely alerts on unauthorized access and ensure data integrity while combating security issues proactively.


  • The solution is easy to use, even for users with limited IT proficiency.
  • Added Google Suite content-based scanning feature for admins.
  • Bulk and automation-powered admin tools for admins


  • Users experience challenges from time to time in creating users from batches, leading to placement errors.
  • Users find the interface quite cluttered
  • Documentation for API & workflows can be tough to follow
  • Users reported that the solution lags or fails often.


Users must contact the team to know more about the pricing.


G2: 4.4/5


Image of Torii's homepage

Torii is an open-source SaaS management solution designed to help you cut down on IT and SaaS spend and automate IT workflows. The tool has powerful features for discovering shadow IT as well.

It goes beyond mere discovery. Torii explores deep into your SaaS usage data, identifying underutilized licenses and opportunities for cost savings.

You can reclaim unused subscriptions, negotiate better deals with vendors, and ensure everyone uses the right tools for the job using Torii's platform insights. It helps you optimize your SaaS spending and get the most bang for your buck.

Key Features

  1. AI-powered App Discovery: Highlight shadow IT across your enterprise and gain rich insights on your SaaS apps.
  2. Time-saving Workflow Automation: Setup provisioning & de-provisioning, automate app optimization, & enable license optimization. Establish workflows for risk management & enable real-time event triggers & alerts.
  3. Customize Your Experience: Tailor Torii as per your business's evolving needs.


  • This Tropic competitor provides an overview of your SaaS accounts with details like costs and inactive users.
  • Easy to use and seamless integration with most tools.


  • Does not provide a way to edit bulk users
  • Users have faced issues while integrating it with other tools
  • Simple tasks can be more challenging with Torii.


Customized plans can be requested from their team.


  • G2: 4.5/5


Image showing Productiv's dashboard

Productiv is another diligent SaaS spend control solution that lets you manage, plan, & secure your SaaS software portfolio. With Productiv, you can procure, manage, and renew your SaaS applications seamlessly.

It is a comprehensive SaaS Intelligence™ Platform built to enable you to proactively govern, optimize, and drive operational efficiency while using SaaS applications. It's more than just a SaaS management tool – it's an enabler for increased employee engagement, streamlined workflows, and maximized ROI.

You'll get complex visibility into shadow IT and how your employees are actually using their apps. This visibility is crucial for making informed decisions about which apps to keep, consolidate, and where to invest your budget.

Key Features

  • Actionable Insights: Real-time insights into the micro-usage of your apps at the team and user levels.
  • No-code Workflows: Simplify your processes and policies securely and efficiently with Productiv's no-code workflows. Streamline and control spending by eliminating redundant purchases.
  • Benchmarking & AI: Make the right purchases for your team members with intuitive data that supports your decisions.


  • Intelligent and user-friendly interface
  • Users can also customize usage criteria


  • Not many connectors are available on this Tropic alternative
  • Users cannot configure email sent on Productiv


Productiv offers custom packages to meet the targeted needs of each business. Users need to contact the Productiv team directly to get a customized quote.


G2: 4.6/5


Image of Zluri's homepage

Zluri is a cloud-based Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) platform designed to help organizations manage and secure their SaaS applications.

Teams worldwide have been utilizing Zluri for seamless SaaS management, IGA, efficient onboarding, offboarding, contract renewal management, and license management.

Zluri provides a centralized platform for managing all of an organization's SaaS applications, including user provisioning, deprovisioning, and access control.

It can help optimize your SaaS spend by identifying unused or underutilized applications, negotiating better deals with vendors, and optimizing license usage.

Key Features

  • SaaS Management: Discover & manage 100% of your SaaS applications and get rid of shadow IT. Eradicate app redundancy and save costs on wasted & unused licenses.
  • Complete Contract Management: Map all your SaaS contracts under one roof for greater cost visibility. Centralize data for faster, better decision-making.
  • Identity Governance: Automate access provisioning & de-provisioning securely for joiners and leavers in minutes. Establish identity perimeters and policies while simplifying the access approval process.


  • Easy-to-learn interface and intuitive navigation
  • Contract renewal alerts
  • A customer service you can rely on.


  • Initial setup for Zluri can be time-confusing and challenging
  • Setting up integrations is tiresome.


Users need to contact Zluri’s team to get a quote.


G2: 4.8/5


Image of Spendflo dashboard

Spendflo, a SaaS management solution, helps businesses identify, secure, and optimize their SaaS portfolio. Its data accuracy works best for enterprises with over 500 employees.

It is a robust platform that can help fast-growing businesses like yours save money and optimize SaaS spend. They partner with you to negotiate, buy, and renew the SaaS tools you need.

They eliminate the struggle of SaaS buying by handling the entire procurement process, from vendor selection to contract negotiation and renewal.

Spendflo can also help you quickly onboard new vendors and ensure they meet your security and compliance requirements.

Key Features

  • Product Delivery: Quickly identify solutions that are right for your business with trust scores allotted to each vendor by Spendflo. Trust scores are influenced by product ratings, active users, customer reviews, etc.
  • Sentiment Hub: This allows businesses to analyze how customers feel about their solutions. Organizations can access public sentiment and customer feedback to highlight key areas for improvement.
  • Assisted Buying: An easy-to-use solution that aligns the SaaS buying process from search to actual purchase. Compare apps, execute budgeting, and conduct the approval process with Spendflo.


  • Fast and end-to-end security and vendor compliance for businesses
  • Takes care of all SaaS contracts in one place.
  • Keep track of renewals as well as transitions to better solutions.


  • Pretty heavy service component
  • The solution needs enhancements in analytic capabilities.


The Essentials plan is free for everyone. The Enterprise plan’s price is available on request.


G2: 4.7/5


Image of LeanIX dashboard

LeanIX is a cloud-based Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) platform designed to help manage your IT and SaaS landscape.

Think of it as a map and compass for navigating your software applications, systems, and data. Its robust integrations enable it to provide detailed app usage and spending insights. This will help you make informed decisions about your IT investments and optimize them.

LeanIX is an extensive platform for IT management that offers features like IT budgeting, compliance management, version control, and transformation roadmapping.

Key Features

  • Enterprise Architecture: Build robust technological landscapes to deliver delightful customer experiences. This Tropic alternative helps you transform your company's IT infrastructure to enable the same.
  • Entitlement Management and Cost Optimization: Get complete license visibility and analyze usage for optimization. You can pool and allocate SaaS applications across teams. Simplify contract management with a centralized dashboard.
  • Deep Portfolio Insights and Decision Support: Provides customizable dashboards for IT landscape visibility. You can generate reports and diagrams for in-depth usage and spend analysis. Easily identify and mitigate SaaS security technology risks. Optimize your IT investments with accurate spend data.


  • Complete app portfolio management for businesses
  • Features for importing data
  • Good repository of sanctioned apps.


  • Users faced issues with performance and cloud migration
  • Reporting & Data Management could have been better
  • Tools for data patching are not available.


Contact the team for more pricing details.


G2: 4.6/5


Though Tropic is a powerful SaaS management tool, it comes with limitations. Tropic largely focuses on measuring, tracking, managing, & optimizing SaaS costs, and it procurement module is not comprehensive enough. Moreover, the tool cannot proactively detect and alert to shadow IT activities.

CloudEagle is an all-inclusive SaaS management solution that helps teams with app discovery, cost optimization, contract management, vendor research, provisioning, de-provisioning, assisted buying, and procurement workflow automation.

Besides CloudEagle, we also discussed the other six Tropic alternatives and competitors. After analyzing your business’s key requirements and needs, you can decide which SaaS tool would be best for you.

Written by
Vamshi Krishna
Product Manager, CloudEagle
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