Provisioning & Deprovisioning History, Unauthorized Access, and Identifying Purchases from Credit Cards

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January 31, 2024
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In this release

We are rolling out new features every month to help you optimize your portfolio, save on spend and enhance your user experience. At CloudEagle, we strive around the clock to ensure your requirements are met, as customer-centricity is our priority. 

1. Provisioning and Deprovisioning history - A custom report that keeps you in the loop on who's gaining or losing access. Enhance security and ensure optimal resource use.

2. Inactive users with app access - A custom report showing ex-employees who still have access to company apps - helps in security, risk mitigation, and cost optimization.

3. Purchases from Credit Card - Unauthorized purchases made on company credit cards can be identified through the custom report. Detect and prevent shadow IT expenses. 

4. Integrations - This new release includes exciting integrations like JIRA, Ironclad workflow, etc. to streamline workflows, contract approvals and eliminate manual processes.

Explore our new releases and share your experience. Your feedback will help us enhance our product to deliver the best experience your team needs. We release new monthly updates, so stay tuned for more exciting features.

Written by
Prasanna Naik
Co-founder, CloudEagle
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