Asana Integrations, Workflows SLA Report, Multiple Intake Forms, UX Upgrade

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February 12, 2024
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In this release

We are rolling out new features every month to help you optimize your portfolio, save on spend and enhance your user experience. At CloudEagle, we strive around the clock to ensure your requirements are met, as customer-centricity is our priority. 

1. Asana integration - Enhance procurement efficiency with Asana integration. When a new request is submitted, automate task creation in Asana. Predefined steps, assignments, and improved collaboration streamline procurement operations for increased effectiveness.

2. Workflows SLA report- Our latest report is here to assist you in tracking and evaluating workflow performance, along with individuals assigned to them

3. Add multiple intake forms across workflows -  With multiple intake forms tailored to different procurement stages, you can capture precise details upfront with intake forms, reducing communication gaps. Enhance downstream tasks like vendor selection and contract processing for smoother, more accurate operations. 

4. UX upgrade of tables - A fresh, new design of the tables with enhanced user experience and usability features, redefining how you interact with data. You have a compact view or switch back to a normal view.

Explore our new releases and share your experience. Your feedback will help us enhance our product to deliver the best experience your team needs. We release new monthly updates, so stay tuned for more exciting features.

Written by
Vibhu Jain
Product Manager, CloudEagle
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