Auto-Trigger Workflows, Set Renewal Opt-out Date, Multi-Currency Conversion 

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August 31, 2023
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We are rolling out new features every month to help you optimize your portfolio, save on spend and enhance your user experience. At CloudEagle, we strive around the clock to ensure your requirements are met, as customer-centricity is our priority. 

1.  Auto-trigger workflows - Set up automated triggers for contract renewals to prevent auto-renewals. The platform will automatically trigger the workflow for contract renewal based on the specified time frame. 

2. Renewal opt-out date - Configure renewal opt-out dates and receive notifications 30, 60, and 90 days before the renewal deadline. Monitor the "Action Required" section on the dashboard to stay informed and take prompt action if you opt out of the contract. 

3. Multi-Currency Conversion - Access spending insights in your preferred currency within CloudEagle. This feature lets you streamline global transactions without needing an external currency converter. 

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Written by
Vibhu Jain
Product Manager, CloudEagle
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