Deeper Usage Insights on Asana Licenses, Benchmark Against Peers, Check Usage Trends 

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September 30, 2023
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We are rolling out new features every month to help you optimize your portfolio, save on spend and enhance your user experience. At CloudEagle, we strive around the clock to ensure your requirements are met, as customer-centricity is our priority. 

1. Deeper Usage Insights on Asana Licenses - Dig deeper into Asana usage metrics: monitor comments, track task creation and completion, identify inactive users, and enhance ROI by removing unused Asana licenses.

2. Benchmark your price against peers - Compare your spending against the most recent benchmarks to determine if your cost per license is higher or lower than your industry peers, enabling more efficient spend management.

3. Usage trends - Analyze monthly application usage and identify whether there is a surge or drop in usage. An indicator will show whether the usage has increased or decreased compared to the previous months.

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Written by
Vamshi Krishna
Product Manager, CloudEagle
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