Raise Procurement Requests from Slack, Manage Renewals from Slack and Granular Salesforce Activity

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November 30, 2023
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In this release

We are rolling out new features every month to help you optimize your portfolio, save on spend and enhance your user experience. At CloudEagle, we strive around the clock to ensure your requirements are met, as customer-centricity is our priority. 

1. Raise Procurement Requests from Slack - Raise purchase requests directly from Slack using CloudEagle’s procurement Slackbot. Stakeholders can approve and deny requests from Slack. Create private Slack channels for collaboration. 

2. Manage Contract Renewals from Slack - Stay ahead of contract renewals with Slackbot. Receive real-time alerts on Slack about upcoming contract renewals. Give you enough time to analyze usage and renew contracts on time.

3. Granular Salesforce Activity - Salesforce integration will now let you see more than just usage. You can track who creates opportunities, deal owners, etc.,  measure their effectiveness, and streamline your sales pipeline. 

Explore our new releases and share your experience. Your feedback will help us enhance our product to deliver the best experience your team needs. We release new monthly updates, so stay tuned for more exciting features.

Written by
Vibhu Jain
Product Manager, CloudEagle
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