7 Best BetterCloud Alternatives and Competitors

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January 9, 2024
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In the past, overseeing SaaS applications was a cumbersome task, but SaaS management tools ushered in a new era. The introduction of SaaS management (SMP) tools marked a transformative phase, streamlining the management of SaaS tools and addressing challenges such as shadow IT, SaaS sprawl, and resource wastage.

However, with the market becoming saturated with numerous SMPs, determining the most superior platform has become complex.

One notable tool in this landscape is BetterCloud, which is widely adopted by organizations for its efficiency in SaaS management, onboarding, offboarding, license management, and access management.

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Despite its versatility, the need for a BetterCloud alternative has arisen due to its inability to fully meet user requirements despite being an advanced SaaS management tool. Users have expressed their concerns on platforms like G2, Capterra, and other social media platforms, highlighting the following issues:

  • Users face sync issues, leading to potential data discrepancies, while the steep learning curve of BetterCloud requires time for proficiency.
  • Basic features like grouping workflows and expanded if/then statements are lacking, limiting the full potential of the Workflows feature and necessitating workarounds.
  • Integration with non-existent features may add complexity, and BetterCloud's feature-rich platform can become costly with multiple add-ons.

Numerous BetterCloud alternatives, including both direct and indirect competitors, exist to enhance overall productivity for organizations.

Exploring these BetterCloud competitors can provide valuable insights into optimizing SaaS management for your organization.

If you want to know details about these BetterCloud alternatives, keep reading!

BetterCloud alternatives

Explore BetterCloud alternatives through CloudEagle, Cledara, Productiv, Sailpoint, Vendr, Tropic, and Zluri. Each platform possesses distinctive strengths, ranging from robust capabilities to specialized functionalities, providing various solutions to your diverse cloud management requirements.


CloudEagle stands out as a powerful SaaS management and procurement platform, surpassing BetterCloud by delivering efficient workflows, notification alerts, and expert services tailored to diverse business functions.

Positioned as a comprehensive competitor to BetterCloud, CloudEagle optimizes the complete SaaS lifecycle, providing transparent pricing and potential cost savings for businesses of all sizes.

With a broad spectrum of capabilities, CloudEagle excels in SaaS, vendor, contract, and spend management. It seamlessly integrates workflows, handles provisioning and deprovisioning, and offers expert negotiation services.

This versatility positions CloudEagle as the preferred choice for enterprises seeking holistic solutions in the realm of SaaS management.

Key Features

Efficient application discovery: The tool efficiently recognizes redundant, unused, risky, unauthorized, and underutilized applications, effectively curbing unnecessary SaaS spending. It can seamlessly integrate with your Single Sign-On (SSO), Finance systems, browser extensions, and desktop agents in just 30 minutes, ensuring comprehensive visibility into all your SaaS applications.

Image of CloudEagle's application discovery

Maintaining a renewal calendar: The tool eliminates last-minute contract renewal surprises by enabling renewal workflows up to 90 days in advance. Automation assigns tasks to the right stakeholders, ensuring a proactive approach. Renewal reminders are sent through Slack and email for timely notifications, enhancing overall renewal management.

Image of CloudEagle's contract renewal module

This feature was a game-changer for Falkonry. It helped them solve issues with missed contract renewals, saving them from unnecessary costs and downtime. As they SaaS portfolio grew, their spreadsheet-based system became hard to manage, but with CloudEagle, they streamlined their process using its renewal workflows.

Read the detailed story here.

Optimize license management: It effectively manages the license inventory to mitigate unnecessary SaaS spending caused by underutilized licenses. It involves monitoring utilization and reallocating unused licenses through workflows.

Custom reports: Users can access tailored insights to meet their specific requirements for board meetings, budget planning, M&A, quarterly reviews, and funding diligence. Also, users can explore detailed data on budgeting, technology changes, and SaaS spending per employee.

Image of CloudEagle's report module

Assisted buying: CloudEagle's experienced negotiators streamline vendor discussions, track market trends, and leverage price benchmarks to purchase the right product at the right price. Whether you lead negotiations with expert guidance or delegate the process to specialists, the decision is yours.

In a similar situation, WeFunder successfully used CloudEagle, cutting SaaS costs by 50%. They wanted to lower SaaS spend but found their compliance management tool costs too high.

Despite negotiations, the vendor demanded a large prepaid commitment, which was impractical during economic uncertainty. Nonetheless, CloudEagle turned out to be a game-changer for them.

Read the success story here.

Automated workflows: Users can harness CloudEagle's no-code procurement workflows to improve transparency, alleviate bottlenecks, save time, and streamline the procurement process.

These workflows extend beyond procurement, encompassing processes such as renewals, license reclamation, provisioning, deprovisioning, and more.

Slack integration for procurement: This integration facilitates seamless purchase requests directly within Slack, establishing dedicated private channels for collaborative decision-making and expediting the procurement process.

Vendor analysis: You can take advantage of CloudEagle's AI-driven vendor recommendation engine for thorough vendor research. Compare costs, features, and reviews directly within the platform, enabling you to make well-informed decisions without extensive external research.

Cost optimization: You can utilize CloudEagle's user-friendly dashboard to pinpoint underutilized applications and reduce excessive SaaS spending. The platform facilitates the most effective allocation of resources and licenses through in-depth analysis and optimization choices.

Instant employee onboarding and offboarding: The tool effortlessly streamlines employee onboarding and offboarding with SaaS applications, ensuring a seamless transition for rapid productivity through auto-provisioning workflows tailored to each employee's role and department.

Integration capabilities: CloudEagle provides over 300 integrations, including popular ones like 15Five, AWS, Active Directory, and Adobe Acrobat, all at no additional cost and are customizable to your specific needs.


  • CloudEagle features a comprehensive SaaS application catalog, providing many business options.
  • The platform goes the extra mile by offering pre-negotiated vendor discounts, ensuring cost savings for users right from the start.

Customer Satisfaction

  • CloudEagle has received positive user feedback, with users expressing satisfaction and encountering minimal issues. Responsive customer service ensures swift resolution when users need assistance.

Notably, leading organizations like RingCentral leverage CloudEagle's full-stack approach to consolidate applications, underscoring its effectiveness in the industry.

Check this testimonial from Eric Silver, AVP and Head of Procurement at RingCentral. He highlights CloudEagle's significant contributions in app rationalization, renewal benchmarks, integrated teams, and beyond.


CloudEagle offers three transparent and cost-effective pricing plans, free from hidden charges like support fees and integration costs, making it a more efficient choice than BetterCloud’s pricing.

  • 1. Starter - $1000/month
  • 2. Growth - $2000/month
  • 3. Enterprise - $3000/month



Image of Cledara

Cledara is your all-in-one solution for managing software subscriptions and emerges as a stable BetterCloud competitor. Its user-friendly platform gives instant visibility into subscriptions, easy usage monitoring, and streamlined renewals.

The platform simplifies software management by providing a detailed overview of spending and usage, allowing you to request, approve, pay, and automate accounting effortlessly.

Key Features

  1. Analytics Directory: Access a centralized directory of your software tools to effortlessly oversee costs, budgets, users, usage, contracts, and compliance.
  2. Spend Optimization: Track spending effectively with Cledara's insights. Receive alerts for price changes, identify duplicates, and uncover unused tools, ensuring optimal software stack management in real time.
  3. Integration: Link Cledara seamlessly to 4,500+ tools, automate invoice capture, and sync payments in real-time for effortless accounting.


  • Cledara provides users with an intuitive interface, ensuring a smooth experience for individuals of all skill levels.


  • One drawback is the lack of an option to distribute costs when an application is shared among different teams.


  • Cledara offers three pricing tiers: Essential at $271/month, Plus at $542/month. For Pro pricing, users are advised to reach out to the team directly.



Image of SailPoint

SailPoint Atlas is a comprehensive identity security platform designed to address evolving challenges without requiring extensive re-architecting.

A leader in modern enterprise identity security, SailPoint employs AI and machine learning to automate access management, reducing the friction associated with identity management deployments.

Key Features

  • Identity Security Cloud: SailPoint provides personalized solutions via the Identity Security Cloud to safeguard your workforce. Discover a variety of AI-driven Software as a Service (SaaS) products to find the ideal match for your requirements.
  • Identity and Access Management: SailPoint's platform leverages AI for efficient user access management, covering data security, non-employee risk, cloud entitlement, access risk, file access, password management, and low-code workflows.
  • Integration: Modern identity security relies on seamless integration and advanced technologies. With APIs and connectors, organizations can efficiently protect against evolving threats, ensuring complete access visibility in the digital landscape.


  • SailPoint provides various features and functionalities that offer comprehensive control over identity and access management, enhancing overall security.


  • The product's size contributes to a significant number of bugs, impacting the overall user experience, and addressing these issues promptly is crucial for maintaining system integrity.


  • Sailpoint tailors packages to suit the unique needs of individual businesses. Interested users are encouraged to contact the Productiv team directly to receive a personalized quote.



Image of Productiv

Productiv transcends traditional SaaS management with its SaaS Intelligence™ platform, adopting an employee-centric and data-driven approach. By amalgamating billions of data points on employee app usage with vendor contracts and organizational data, Productiv unites IT, procurement, finance, and business leaders, offering them trusted data.

Key Features

  • SaaS Optimization: Optimize your SaaS effortlessly with our AI sidekick, using intelligent benchmarks and usage data to enhance software and data management. Save time, gather insights, and take prompt action.
  • Discover: Discover SaaS apps instantly, receive real-time notifications for discoveries, and access in-depth insights into usage and expenditure, aligning your strategy seamlessly with relevant insights.
  • Governance: Ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations, streamline efficient SaaS app governance in a centralized location, and manage lifecycle stages, metadata, ownership, and policies seamlessly.


  • Productiv provides enhanced flexibility in presenting information and facilitates more comprehensive data integration than ever before.


  • Customer support responses may experience delays due to off-shoring and unavailability during US business hours.


  • To accommodate the specific needs of each business, Productiv offers personalized packages. Prospective users seeking a tailored quote are encouraged to contact the Productiv team directly.



Image of Vendr

Vendr is a leading player in transformative SaaS procurement, supporting software stack management teams. With a track record of empowering over 500 global organizations, Vendr is dedicated to streamlining the SaaS buying process.

Their unique SaaS buying platform, a first of its kind, combines product and people-powered services to enable rapid and cost-effective software acquisitions.

Key Features

  • Optimize SaaS Procurement: Use Vendr's SaaS buying guide to boost ROI and simplify software procurement, benefiting from strong spend tracking for enhanced control, shorter purchase cycles, and increased cost savings.
  • Proactive Threat Notification: Vendr's platform goes beyond standard monitoring, actively recognizing and alerting administrators to potential dangers and concerns associated with SaaS applications.
  • Seamless Policy Enforcement: Vendr simplifies security and data governance policies, ensuring a secure and compliant environment aligned with organizational standards and regulatory requirements.


  • Vendr facilitates effective vendor relationship management by tracking contract renewals, storing contracts, and overseeing due diligence and legal documentation.


  • In specific instances, the Vendr negotiating team fell short of achieving anticipated cost savings.
  • Additionally, the current limitations on multilingual services may pose challenges for organizations with diverse language needs.


Vendr offers three pricing plans: the Starter plan at $36,000, the Professional plan at an intermediate cost, and the Enterprise plan at $120,000.



Image of Tropic

Tropic presents a holistic approach to procurement process management, emphasizing visibility, control, and savings in spending, contracts, and supplier relationships for companies.

By consolidating procurement workflows, supplier management, and benchmark data in a unified platform, Tropic simplifies identifying and acting on business savings opportunities.

Key Features

  • Automated Approvals: Tropic streamlines procurement approvals with automated systems, reducing the need for manual intervention. It enhances overall workflow efficiency, allowing teams to focus on strategic tasks.
  • SaaS Contract Management: Tropic provides centralized control and visibility over all SaaS contracts, enabling effective management, tracking, and transparency. It ensures an organized SaaS contract management process.
  • SaaS App Discovery: TropicApp simplifies the exploration of SaaS applications tailored to business needs. With an intuitive interface, it streamlines the search and selection process, ensuring the adoption of the most relevant SaaS applications.


  • Tropic provides a SaaS platform that consolidates all software contracts, offering a centralized solution for efficiently managing software portfolios.


  • Users want proactive vendor selection suggestions based on software usage to optimize decision-making and enhance their experience, a feature currently lacking in the tool.


TropicApp presents three pricing tiers: Essentials, Plus, and Premium. For comprehensive pricing details, users are encouraged to reach out to the TropicApp team directly.



Image of Zluri

Zluri distinguishes itself as a formidable BetterCloud competitor in the cloud-native SaaSOps platform space, offering modern enterprises comprehensive solutions for SaaS Management and Identity Governance.

This platform empowers IT and Security teams by offering visibility into their SaaS landscape, facilitating the unlocking of recurring savings, and ensuring secure access governance through efficient provisioning and deprovisioning processes.

Key Features

  • Application Discovery: Empowers businesses to gain a holistic view of their software landscape, preventing shadow IT and ensuring comprehensive application control.
  • Cost Optimization: Intelligently analyzes usage patterns, streamlining expenses associated with software subscriptions for informed and cost-effective decision-making.
  • Onboarding & Offboarding: Automates critical workflows, minimizes manual efforts, reduces errors, and ensures a seamless transition for employees, contributing to organizational efficiency.
  • M365 Optimization: Specializes in Microsoft 365 optimization, addressing the specific needs of organizations relying on M365 tools for enhanced efficiency and reduced costs.


  • Zluri provides detailed data on subscription renewals, facilitating informed business decisions.
  • The platform minimizes the risk of shadow IT through effective app discovery features and an extensive app library.


  • Some users have reported issues with Zluri's reporting dashboard.
  • Companies may need to input data manually for tasks like bulk editing, resulting in significant time consumption.


  • Zluri tailors personalized packages to accommodate the specific needs of each business.



For an efficient approach to SaaS management within your organization, choosing a BetterCloud alternative is a strategic decision, and the other options highlighted in this article excel in terms of their superior features.

CloudEagle, in particular, distinguishes itself as an advanced SaaS procurement and management platform in the market. Driven by artificial intelligence, CloudEagle provides a seamless experience throughout the entire SaaS lifecycle.

It is not merely another BetterCloud competitor but an effective SaaS management and procurement tool for organizations, significantly boosting overall productivity.

Its unmatched versatility, cost-effectiveness, and comprehensive features make it stand out. It includes advanced vendor research, expert buying assistance, and streamlined procurement workflows.

To revolutionize your business's SaaS app management, scheduling a demo with CloudEagle is highly recommended.

Written by
Amith Manoj
Product Marketing Manager, CloudEagle
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