Falkonry Optimized Their SaaS Renewals Using CloudEagle

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March 24, 2023


Falkonry is an AI solutions provider at an industrial scale. They simplify complex industrial operations by leveraging the latest technology and driving immediate impact, focusing on reliability, quality, and yield. 

Industry: Software Development

Use Case: SaaS renewals


Falkonry incurred unnecessary expenses due to auto-renewals. Their spreadsheet-based contract management system made it challenging for the team to renew their SaaS contracts on time.  

"We were using spreadsheets to manage SaaS vendors and apps, which made it increasingly difficult to keep track of renewal deadlines,” says Pratibha Mehta, Head of Operations at Falkonry. 

  • Their contracts were getting auto-renewed as there was no automation system to forecast renewals and send alerts. 

Furthermore, auto-renewals weren’t the only problem Falkonry was facing, 

  • SaaS Vendors were restricting access to the applications due to missed renewal deadlines, leading to app downtime and hassles in their business operations. 

Initially, Falkonry's team managed their small SaaS stack using spreadsheets. However, as they added more applications, the process became chaotic, prompting Pratibha Mehta and her team to find a reliable solution. 


Falkonry wanted to automate its contract renewals to avoid needless SaaS expenses.

CloudEagle platform’s centralized SaaS management system and contract renewal workflow features convinced Falkonry to onboard with us. 

After the internal system integrations, our platform automatically retrieved all contract-related data and spending from the applications and vendors and centralized it in one place. 

However, Falkonry predominantly used spreadsheets to manage SaaS contracts, so

  • CloudEagle team helped Falkonry upload all their excel sheets and contracts to feed the renewal dates and other contract-related metadata.

“We were able to see all our contracts in one centralized dashboard; this made it easier for our team to track and retrieve documents whenever needed,” says Pratibha Mehta. 

  • Our platform extracted all the contract renewal metadata from the contracts and created a renewal calendar for all applications.

  • We canceled all the auto-renewals in the contracts to prevent unnecessary expenses. 

Based on the renewal calendar, CloudEagle initiated renewal workflows 90 days in advance and sent reminder alerts to help the team renew their contracts on time.



SaaS renewals: CloudEagle's renewal reminders enabled Falkonry’s team to stay on top of renewals by helping them renew their contracts on time, preventing needless expenses. 

As renewal workflows initiate 90 days in advance, it provided ample time for the Falkonry team to make informed decisions on their contract renewals. 

“Their automation took care of our renewals. CloudEagle sent constant reminders and escalated them to various stakeholders until someone acted on them. The reminders only stopped when the contracts were renewed.”

- Pratibha Mehta, Head of Operations, Falkonry

Access restrictions: Falkonry renewed its contracts promptly using CloudEagle workflows, enabling the team to avoid vendor-imposed access restrictions and maintain uninterrupted business operations.

Falkonry got rid of its spreadsheet and centralized its SaaS contracts using CloudEagle. Our automated system continues to enable the Falkonry team to stay ahead of contract renewals. 

"I strongly recommend CloudEagle to anyone looking into managing their existing application contracts and automating SaaS renewals."

- Pratibha Mehta, Head of Operations, Falkonry

Are you incurring needless expenses due to auto-renewals? It’s time to get ahead of renewals and save on SaaS spend. 

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Pratibha Mehta
Head of Operations

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