7 Best Zluri Alternatives and Competitors

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December 21, 2023
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Before the advent of SaaS management tools, it was a hectic and slow process for IT teams to manage the organization's SaaS portfolio. Keeping track of hundreds of tools and their assets, like license and contract renewals, took time and effort.

Then came the transformation with SaaS management tools. This advanced invention helped transform the industry to manage SaaS tools and also helped reduce shadow IT, SaaS sprawl, and an unnecessary waste of resources.

But when there were few tools, it was easy for people to know which one to opt for. However, as many SMPs came to the market, it became challenging to determine the superior platform.

One such tool is Zluri, an efficient SaaS management tool many organizations use for SaaS management, efficient onboarding, offboarding, license management, renewal management, and many others.

Image of Zluri

But still, it is only partially effective for organizations. Though it has many uses, it doesn't directly provide any identity and access management tools and doesn't have procurement services, which most organizations look for.

Zluri's pricing might be a consideration for some, as it can be higher, especially for those seeking cost-effective solutions. Exploring alternative options that balance efficient SaaS management while being more budget-friendly could be worthwhile

Yes, many Zluri alternatives are available, mainly the direct and indirect Zluri competitors, which will optimize your organization's overall productivity.

Read to learn more about the best Zluri alternatives and their competitors.

The 7 Best Zluri Alternatives for Your Organization

Discover the top alternatives to Zluri with CloudEagle, BetterCloud, Cledara, Productiv, Torii, Vendr, and Tropic. Each platform brings unique strengths, from robust capabilities to specialized functionalities, offering diverse solutions for your cloud management needs.


CloudEagle outshines Zluri as a robust SaaS management and procurement platform, catering to diverse business functions with efficient workflows, alerts, and expert services.

As a comprehensive Zluri competitor, CloudEagle optimizes the entire SaaS lifecycle, offering transparent pricing and potential savings for businesses of all sizes.

Its versatility spans SaaS, vendor, contract, and spend management, integrations, provisioning/deprovisioning, and expert negotiation services, making it the preferred choice for enterprises seeking holistic solutions.

Key features

Efficient application discovery: The tool identifies redundant, unused, risky, unauthorized, and underutilized apps contributing to increased SaaS spending. Its out-of-the-box connectors seamlessly integrate with your Single Sign-On (SSO), Finance, browser extensions, and desktop agents within 30 minutes, providing complete visibility of all your SaaS applications.

Image showing CloudEagle's app data

Maintaining a renewal calendar: You can avoid last-minute surprises with contract renewals. The system initiates renewal workflows up to 90 days in advance, assigning tasks to the appropriate stakeholders through automation. You also receive renewal reminders via Slack and email.

Optimize license management: You can effectively manage license inventory to prevent unnecessary SaaS spending due to underutilized licenses. It involves monitoring utilization and reallocating unused licenses as needed. License reclamation workflows are also available.

Custom reports: You will gain insights tailored to your needs for board meetings, budget planning, M&A, quarterly reviews, and funding diligence. Explore data on budgeting, tech changes, and SaaS spending per employee, and request custom reports.

Image showing CloudEagle's reports

Assisted buying: CloudEagle's seasoned negotiators expedite vendor discussions, monitor market trends, and ensure competitive pricing through pricing benchmarks. Whether you prefer to take the lead based on expert advice or delegate negotiations to our specialists, the choice is yours.

For example, when Nowports didn’t have the time and bandwidth to streamline their SaaS procurement process, they chose CloudEagle's assisted buying services. This decision helped them streamline their SaaS procurement, resulting in a 34% reduction in spending through centralized contracts and timely renewals.

Read the inspiring success story here.

Automated workflows: You can utilize CloudEagle's no-code procurement workflows to enhance transparency, reduce bottlenecks, save time, and streamline procurement. Upon submission of a purchase request, relevant stakeholders receive notifications via Slack and email, promoting collaboration through Slack and expediting the procurement process.

Not just procurement; workflows are available for renewals, license reclamation, provisioning, deprovisioning, etc.

Slack integration for procurement: Seamless purchase requests directly through Slack, creating dedicated private channels for collaborative decision-making, and accelerating the procurement process characterize this integration. It fosters efficient communication among stakeholders.

Vendor analysis: Leverage CloudEagle's AI-driven vendor recommendation engine for comprehensive vendor research. Compare costs, features, and reviews within the platform, making informed decisions without the need for extensive external research.

Image of CloudEagle's contract management module

Cost optimization: With CloudEagle's user-friendly dashboard, identify underutilized applications and trim excessive SaaS spending. The platform ensures the most effective resource and license allocation through thorough analysis and optimization choices.

Aira's success story showcases how CloudEagle helped them optimize costs. With inefficient licensing costs due to inactive JIRA users, CloudEagle suggested a suitable and cost-effective bug-tracking tool.

As a result, Aira achieved an impressive 90% reduction in bug-tracking software costs.

Instant employee onboarding and offboarding: You can effortlessly streamline new employees' onboarding and offboarding processes with SaaS applications, fostering a seamless transition that facilitates rapid productivity.

Through auto-provisioning workflows, you can assign specific applications tailored to each employee's role and department efficiently and revoke access while deprovisioning.

Integration capabilities: CloudEagle offers 300+ integrations, including 15Five, AWS, Active Directory, and Adobe Acrobat, at no extra cost and customizable to your needs. With quick connections to SSO, Finance, and HRIS apps, its AI-powered platform provides accurate data on all SaaS apps, revealing insights on usage, duplicate licenses, and more.

To see if CloudEagle is right for you, look at other experiences, too. Check out this testimonial from Lucas Dermois at ICEYE, where he talks about how CloudEagle helped them save thousands of dollars.


  • CloudEagle boasts an extensive SaaS application catalog, offering diverse business options.
  • The platform provides pre-negotiated vendor discounts, ensuring cost savings for users right from the start.


CloudEagle features three transparent and cost-effective pricing plans, free of hidden charges such as support fees and integration costs, which is more efficient than Zluri pricing.

  • 1. Starter - $1000/month
  • 2. Growth - $2000/month
  • 3. Enterprise - $3000/month



Image of bettercloud dashboard

BetterCloud, a software company from New York, is your solution for easy and efficient SaaS management. Founded in 2011, the platform unlocks the potential of seamless IT automation. Whether streamlining SaaS tools, securing files, or enhancing overall efficiency, BetterCloud is trusted by thousands of companies globally.

Key features

  1. Security & Compliance: BetterCloud offers robust security features and simplified compliance, enhancing data protection.
  2. App Discovery: You can easily view all SaaS apps, cutting costs, boosting efficiency, and ensuring control.
  3. Workflow Automation: It streamlines tasks with BetterCloud, reducing onboarding time for a smoother workflow.
  4. File Security & Vulnerability Scanning: BetterCloud delivers rapid alerts on unauthorized file access, safeguarding data integrity and empowering organizations to mitigate security risks proactively.


  • BetterCloud excels in user management, enabling easy handling of large batches of student information and streamlined import processes.


  • There are occasional challenges with BetterCloud not successfully creating all users from large batches, leading to placement errors in groups or OUs.
  • Despite the overall time savings, users report manually resolving issues, such as misplacements. Improved batch processing reliability would enhance the user experience.


  • Users must contact the team to know more about the pricing.



Image of Cledara

You can simplify your SaaS universe with Cledara's user-friendly SaaS Management platform. Cledara offers instant visibility into your subscriptions, making monitoring usage and optimizing renewals easy. Thanks to real-time spend analytics, effortless approval flows, and automated invoice capture, Cledara puts you in charge, streamlining your software management hassle-free.

Key features

  1. One SaaS dashboard: It consolidates all your subscriptions, eliminating the hassle of searching. Cledara ensures visibility and simplicity.
  2. Streamlined Approvals: The process of obtaining software is swift and uncomplicated, with team-recommended tools promptly receiving manager approval to uphold control without complications.
  3. Invoice Automation: Bid farewell to manual bill management, as Cledara automatically handles SaaS invoices based on your emails.
  4. Financial Integration: You can seamlessly sync Cledara with your accounting and financial software, connecting everything effortlessly.


  • Cledara offers an intuitive interface, ensuring a seamless experience for users of all backgrounds.


  • One drawback is the absence of an option to allocate costs when an application is split among various teams.
  • Initially, there was a limited ability to monitor and understand SaaS spending.


  • Cledara offers three pricing categories: Essential at $271/month, Plus at $542/month. For Pro pricing, users should contact the team directly.



Image of productiv's dashboard

You can transform SaaS management with Productiv's analysis of 50+ engagement dimensions, which enables teams to optimize portfolios based on user interactions. You can utilize their advanced spend management platform, powered by AI, for actionable insights from procurement to renewals.

Key features

  1. Customized Reporting: The tool provides customized reports to match your organization's requirements, providing valuable insights for well-informed decision-making.
  2. Industry-Compliant: It ensures adherence to industry-specific data management and privacy regulations, offering peace of mind for regulatory responsibilities.
  3. Detailed Usage Monitoring: Track SaaS app usage organization-wide for a comprehensive view and stay proactive by continuously monitoring license use and app insights.
  4. Comprehensive App Catalog: You can effortlessly manage different SaaS applications and track, optimize, and make informed decisions through the product catalog functionality provided by the system.


  • Productiv offers flexibility in displaying information and integrating data more comprehensively than before.


  • There’s a slowness in customer support responses, possibly due to off-shoring and unavailability during US business hours.


  • Productiv provides personalized packages to meet the specific requirements of each business. For a customized quote, prospective users can contact the Productiv team directly.



Image of Torii's dashbaord

Torii is the leading SaaS management platform for IT. Torii is an advanced SaaS management platform that reveals shadow IT, streamlines spending, and automates diverse use cases. With cutting-edge AI discovery, Torii uncovers up to 4x more SaaS apps, establishing a trusted system of record and delivering actionable insights.

Key features

  1. Cost Management: Torii offers a thorough overview of expenses and contracts, empowering enterprises to enhance asset management and control.
  2. Automation Simplicity: The tool streamlines workflows by automating repetitive SaaS procedures with Torii, allowing teams to concentrate on strategic goals rather than routine tasks.
  3. User-Friendly Control: Torii's intuitive administration panel simplifies typical maintenance activities, ensuring a seamless and accessible user experience.
  4. Proactive Threat Alerts: It helps you stay informed with Torii's proactive threat notifications, enabling administrators to address concerns promptly.


  • Torii offers a comprehensive overview of SaaS accounts, presenting essential data such as license counts, inactive users, and costs.


  • Torii's usefulness is constrained by the information third parties provide through their application's APIs.
  • Some simple tasks in Torii are perceived as more challenging than complicated ones, indicating potential areas for improvement in user experience for routine activities.


  • Torii offers customized packages based on individual business needs. For personalized pricing information, users can contact the Torii team for a quote.



Image of Vendr

Vendr is at the forefront of transformative SaaS procurement, serving as a trusted ally for software stack management teams. With a track record of empowering over 500 organizations globally, Vendr is dedicated to streamlining the SaaS buying experience.

Key features

  1. Effective SaaS Buying: With Vendr's ultimate SaaS buying guide, you can maximize your organization's ROI and streamline software procurement with powerful SaaS spend tracking capabilities. From transactions to contracts, Vendr puts you in control of shorter purchase cycles and increased cost savings.
  2. Threat Notification: The platform recognizes and alerts administrators to potential dangers and concerns related to SaaS applications.
  3. Policy Enforcement: It seamlessly defines and implements security and data governance policies.
  4. Data Management: The tool provides administrative control over sensitive user data for enhanced security.
  5. Government and Industry Compliance: It ensures adherence to industry-specific compliance requirements and privacy standards.


  • Vendr helps manage vendor relationships by tracking contract renewals, storing contracts, and managing due diligence and legal documentation.


  • The Vendr negotiating team did not achieve the expected cost savings in specific instances.
  • Currently, multilingual services are limited, which may be a drawback for organizations with diverse language needs.


  • Vendr provides three pricing plans: Starter at $36,000, Professional at an intermediate cost, and Enterprise at $120,000.



Image of Tropic's dashboard

Tropic is a comprehensive solution for companies to manage their procurement processes, focusing on visibility, control, and savings in spending, contracts, and supplier relationships. The SMP aims to provide innovative solutions, with Tropic offering benefits such as average savings of 23%, significant time savings, and a 4x return on investment.

Key features

  1. Automated Approvals: Tropic expedites approvals with automated systems, reducing manual intervention in procurement.
  2. SaaS Contract Management: Using its centralized interface, the tool provides control and visibility over all SaaS contracts.
  3. SaaS Spend Optimization: It optimizes SaaS spending with Tropic's streamlined procurement and automated procedures, saving significant time and resources.
  4. SaaS App Discovery: You can effortlessly find the best SaaS applications for your business needs with TropicApp's user-friendly platform.


  • Tropic offers a SaaS platform that consolidates all software contracts, providing a centralized solution for efficient management.


  • Users seek proactive vendor selection suggestions linked to software utilization for optimized choices, aiming to enhance decision-making and streamline their experience—a feature currently lacking in the tool.
  • Software platform migration delays may hinder immediate efficiency gains, impacting user expectations.


  • TropicApp offers three pricing tiers: Essentials, Plus, and Premium. Users must contact the TropicApp team directly for complete pricing details.


Conclusion - Why CloudEagle Can Be Your Best Choice as a Zluri Alternative.

For effective SaaS management in your organization, opting for a Zluri alternative is a strategic move, and the alternatives featured in this article surpass Zluri in terms of their superior features.

CloudEagle, in particular, stands out as a market-leading, contemporary SaaS procurement and management platform. Fueled by artificial intelligence, CloudEagle offers a seamless journey across the entire SaaS lifecycle.

It is not just any other Zluri competitor but an ineffective SaaS management and procurement tool for organizations, which enhances their overall productivity.

Its unparalleled versatility, cost-effectiveness, and comprehensive suite of features set it apart. It includes advanced vendor research, expert buying assistance, and streamlined procurement workflows.

If you want to transform your business's SaaS app management, booking a demo with CloudEagle is highly recommended.

Written by
Amith Manoj
Product Marketing Manager, CloudEagle
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