Best SaaS License Management Software for 2024

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January 6, 2024
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In managing your business's digital assets, you're likely familiar with the challenges of handling software licenses. It is tricky, and a misstep can cost you.

OpeniT says companies waste an average of $135,000 annually because of underused SaaS tools and neglected software licenses. Ever wondered why you're spending money on software your team isn't using to its full potential? This shows you're not the only one.

In 2024, as technology advances, the importance of efficient SaaS license management will become paramount. The sector is evolving, and businesses can no longer afford the financial drain caused by idle software licenses. So, what's the solution?

This is where SaaS license management software steps in. This tool provides complete visibility into your purchased licenses and enables you to manage them effectively.

However, finding the right software to manage SaaS licenses can be complex, so we created this article to help you choose the right software without hassle.

What Is a SaaS License Management Software?

A SaaS license management software is a tool that helps organizations manage and optimize their software-as-a-service (SaaS) licenses. It keeps track of subscription renewal dates, monitors license usage rates and ensures licenses are renewed before they expire to prevent service disruptions.

Businesses face challenges in managing software licenses, such as underusing SaaS licenses, unintended auto-renewal of SaaS licenses, and a lack of visibility into what software is being used on which devices.

This software helps guard your cloud-based app investments, ensuring each license is used to its full potential. It tracks usage, prevents unnecessary expenses, and guarantees compliance.

Why Do Businesses Need Software To Manage SaaS Licenses?

You can manage SaaS licenses manually, which is slow and prone to errors. Businesses need software to manage SaaS licenses for several reasons. Here are some of it:

  • Streamlined license tracking: Software helps simplify the process, allowing real-time monitoring, efficient allocation, and immediate identification of unused licenses. This ensures optimal utilization, cost-effectiveness, and compliance, streamlining the licensing workflow for enhanced productivity and financial efficiency.
  • Automate license reclamation process: It automates the license reclamation process. The software ensures optimal resource allocation by swiftly identifying and reclaiming underutilized licenses. This automation prevents unnecessary expenses and frees up valuable time, enabling teams to concentrate on more impactful tasks.
  • Stay ahead of renewals: It provides proactive alerts and insights, ensuring businesses never miss a renewal deadline. This tracking prevents service interruptions and financial penalties and enables strategic planning. This allows organizations to maintain seamless operations and budgetary control.

Top SaaS License Management Software in 2024

The top SaaS license management softwares for 2024 will be a range of tools and platforms that will help businesses effectively manage their cloud-based apps and services.

1. CloudEagle

CloudEagle SaaS license manager layout.

CloudEagle is a comprehensive SaaS management and procurement platform. Its license management module provides many features to help businesses manage their software licenses effectively. It provides complete visibility into the organization's SaaS stack, preventing decentralized purchases and optimizing spending.

The platform streamlines license management, saves costs and simplifies cost optimization operations. Its features include license inventory, usage tracking, compliance monitoring, and automated license provisioning and de-provisioning.

It's user-friendly interface and API integration with other tools make navigating various management features easy and help you gain detailed insights into software usage and license management.

Using CloudEagle ensures your business minimizes wasted SaaS expenses, maintains licensing compliance, and provides better cost savings. This makes it a comprehensive solution for managing SaaS licenses and optimizing software investments.

Top Features

License management: Direct integrations enable CloudEagle to get complete visibility into your portfolio. You can see all purchased licenses, including individual usage and the cost spent on those licenses.

Armory wanted to save costs on high-spend vendors and adjust license numbers strategically. CloudEagle optimized licenses and negotiated discounts with vendors like Salesforce and New Relic, starting renewal processes 90 days in advance for substantial savings.

Read the detailed success story.

License reclamation and reallocation: You can configure workflows to automatically deprovision users from licenses due to low usage and reallocate them to users in need.

Renewal tracking: CloudEagle's renewal tracking technology ensures timely notifications, minimizing spending risks. Tailor renewal procedures and track license consumption for efficient renegotiation. It sends reminders via Slack and email.

Check out this inspiring success story of how Falkonry streamlined its renewals with CloudEagle, reducing costs and preventing app downtime through automated reminders and seamless integration.

Optimization of SaaS Spend: CloudEagle optimizes SaaS spending by identifying duplicates and redundancies. Analyze app usage to eliminate unwanted applications, streamlining costs efficiently.

Contract management: CloudEagle simplifies contract management by centralizing all contracts and sensitive documents. Access and safeguard them easily in one secure location.

Workflows procurement: CloudEagle enhances procurement workflows by streamlining the SaaS buying process. Utilize workflows, use Slack for purchase requests, and ensure quick, automated stakeholder involvement and request closure.

Check out this testimonial from Iffi Wallah, Co-Founder and CEO of Edge. He explains how CloudEagle transformed its operations as a fast-growing company reliant on multiple SaaS applications.

They previously lacked visibility into spending, license tracking, and efficiency in vendor negotiations. CloudEagle provided detailed insights, optimized costs, and enhanced collaboration via Slack, saving time and ensuring efficiency.

Additional Features

  • Latest pricing benchmarks.
  • Assisted buying.
  • Pre-negotiated vendor discounts.
  • Custom fields for flexibility.
  • Workflows for various types of purchases.
  • Vendor research and management.
  • User provisioning and deprovisioning workflows.


CloudEagle has three pricing plans: Starter, Growth, and Enterprise, depending on employee bucket size. Starting at $1000 /month, the Starter plan is suitable for small teams that need to manage a small number of applications.

The Growth plan is the most popular and includes additional features such as custom fields in vendor/app columns, SaaS research modules, and custom reports. It starts at $2000 /month.

The Enterprise plan, starting at $3000/month, offers complete visibility no matter how many applications you manage. It includes employee onboarding/offboarding features and a procurement request module. CloudEagle also offers SaaS buying services with negotiation experts to ensure the best price.

2. Zylo

Zylo SaaS license manager layout

Zylo's SaaS license manager helps you keep your SaaS software in check. It helps simplify workflow, from understanding your entire software collection, even the sneaky shadow IT, to storing all your license data in one super-organized place.

It helps you cut costs by removing extra tools you don't need and boosts security while ensuring you follow all the rules like GDPR, HIPAA, or CCPA. With Zylo, you can keep an eye on who's using their licenses and who's not, helping you make the best decisions to save money.

Zylo helps you identify users, match the proper licenses, measure usage, and automate tasks.

Top Features

  • Centralized license data storage: Zylo stores all your license data in one organized place, simplifying access and management.
  • Enterprise-level licensing agreements: Zylo allows you to leverage enterprise-level licensing agreements, optimizing costs and ensuring efficient use of resources.
  • Real-time license utilization monitoring: It helps monitor license usage in real-time, identifying underutilized licenses and optimizing resource allocation.
  • License utilization measurement: Zylo helps you measure license utilization, making the best decisions to deprovision inactive users, rightsize total license counts, and optimize feature usage.


Zylo's pricing is not based on fixed plans but on personalized quotes. The annual fee for platform access is between $35,000-$45,000. The pricing is tailored to the user's needs, aiming to deliver meaningful ROI

3. Reprise License Manager

Reprise SaaS license manager layout

Reprise License Manager (RLM) is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that helps you navigate SaaS software license management on-site and in the cloud.

RLM has a user-friendly dashboard, meaning your team can effortlessly navigate, generate reports, and make the best possible license decisions.

It integrates well with popular software, making your team's work seamless while keeping everything in line with license rules.

Top Features

  • License compliance: RLM ensures you stay on the right side of the law by guaranteeing that only legally obtained licenses are used.
  • Flexible licensing: It adapts to various licensing models, whether on-site or in the cloud; RLM ensures flexibility that suits your business needs.
  • License tracking and management: RLM helps keep track of all your licenses. It provides powerful tools to track and manage licenses comprehensively, ensuring everything is in order.


RLM's pricing is not publicly available but offers personalized quotes based on your needs. The annual fee for platform access is between $29 and $4,995. The platform is known for its flexibility in pricing and licensing software products. It is not inexpensive but less costly than developing an in-house solution.

4. AssetSonar

 AssetSonar SaaS license manager layout

AssetSonar is a robust SaaS software license management solution that provides comprehensive tracking to ensure license compliance, optimize spending, and prepare organizations for audits.

With its all-in-one capability, AssetSonar manages all software license agreements and data efficiently. This solution prevents unnecessary expenses and penalties by maintaining compliance and reducing software spending through diligent license usage tracking.

It also helps mitigate audit risks by offering up-to-date license information. It's a powerful tool for organizations aiming for efficient license management, cost reduction, and regulatory compliance.

Top Features

  • Comprehensive license reports: AssetSonar simplifies license management with detailed reports. This makes it easy to identify and address any missing components in your company's software licenses.
  • Automated renewal reminders: No more license expiration surprises! AssetSonar provides automated reminders for upcoming renewals, expirations, and payments, ensuring you stay on top of your license obligations.
  • Regular license checks and updates: AssetSonar takes the initiative by regularly checking and updating your licenses. You can trust that you will always have the latest and most accurate information.
  • Optimized license usage: AssetSonar helps you save money by identifying and adjusting underused or overused licenses, ensuring you get the most value from your software investments.


AssetSonar offers a single plan. The platform provides transparent and scalable pricing, with the option to pay monthly or yearly, starting at $69.99 or $539.89 per year. Also, it offers a 10% discount for 501(c)(3) organizations.

5. Snow License Manager

Snow SaaS license manager layout

Snow License Manager by Snow Software is another robust software asset management (SAM) tool that offers organizations unparalleled visibility and control over technology usage.

Tailored for efficient data management, it equips businesses for software license audits, ensuring compliance and rationalizing technology spending.

The platform excels in license compliance analysis, resource planning, cost administration, and more. This makes it an indispensable tool for organizations seeking meticulous control and optimization of their software assets.

Top Features

  • License compliance assistance: Snow License Manager helps ensure software license adherence and mitigates non-compliance risks.
  • Efficient technological resource planning: It facilitates effective management and planning of technical resources to align with organizational goals.
  • Optimized technology expenses: Snow License Manager helps businesses manage and optimize technology-related costs for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Snow License Manager doesn't have a specific pricing plan. For tailored pricing information, it is recommended to contact the vendor or visit their official website.

6. Productiv

Productiv SaaS license manager layout

Productiv's SaaS software license management automates license actions with real-time data, enabling quick setup, proactive recommendations, and optimization of app usage.

The platform gives IT teams efficient license management, offers spend optimization insights, and strengthens businesses in negotiations with SaaS providers, ensuring streamlined operations and cost-effectiveness.

Top Features of Productiv

  • Automated license actions: Productiv excels in automating license harvesting, reclamation, and downgrades based on real-time data, ensuring swift and accurate license management.
  • Strategic SaaS provider negotiation support: Productiv strengthens businesses in negotiations with SaaS providers by offering a better position through insights, trends, and proactive recommendations, ensuring optimal agreements and cost-effectiveness.


Contact Productiv’s sales team to learn more about their pricing plans.

7. Zluri

 Zluri SaaS license manager layout

Zylo is a SaaS license manager that makes everything easy and organized. With Zylo, you can see all your software in one place, including who's using it, what licenses you have, and how much you're spending.

It reminds you when to renew licenses so you never miss a deadline. Also, the cool part is that it can automatically handle getting new licenses, getting them approved, and removing them when they're not needed.

Whether someone new joins your team or leaves, Zylo takes care of it, ensuring your software is used wisely. And if your team needs new apps, it has a self-serve store, so they can get what they need without waiting.

Zylo is here to make managing software licenses easier so you can focus on what matters to your organization.

Top Features

  • Integration with 800+ tools: It seamlessly connects with essential apps, ensuring effortless integration and accessibility.
  • Software usage monitoring and renewals: It monitors how your software is used and efficiently handles renewals, aiding in strategic decision-making.
  • Comprehensive software inventory view: Zluri gives you a holistic view of your software inventory, covering licenses, subscriptions, contracts, and perpetual assets.


Zluri offers flexible pricing where you can choose specific features you need that are tailored to your business requirements. The platform has two modules: SaaS Management and Identity Governance, each with its set of add-ons.

This approach ensures you do not bundle features into multiple tiers, offering a more tailored experience.


In the ever-evolving digital sector, embracing SaaS license management is a strategic imperative. Efficient management ensures optimal resource allocation, cost control, and compliance.

CloudEagle stands out as the pinnacle among all the options, offering streamlined license tracking, renewal alerts, and automated processes. It helps you reclaim wasted dollars and achieve digital efficiency.

Take charge of your software ecosystem with CloudEagle - the epitome of SaaS license management. Don't just manage; thrive!

Explore CloudEagle today and transform your business by optimizing your software investments and ensuring a future-ready digital infrastructure.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is SaaS license management?

SaaS license management is responsible for efficiently overseeing and optimizing the usage, costs, and compliance of software-as-a-service subscriptions.

2. How does a SaaS license management software work?

It monitors, allocates, and optimizes Software as a Service license. It tracks usage, ensures compliance, and provides cost-effective and efficient management insights.

3. How do I choose the right SaaS license management software for my business?

Assess your organization's needs and consider features, scalability, and user-friendliness. Ensure it aligns with your budget and growth plans.

Written by
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Product Marketing Manager, CloudEagle
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