100% Application Discovery

Mitigate risk and optimize spend with 100% SaaS discovery
Lack of visibility is a risk – from licenses assigned to ex-employees to paying for apps that are no longer being used. Mitigate such risks by getting complete visibility into all apps that are being used –   from sanctioned  to free and duplicate apps. Enable your IT and finance teams to manage the entire SaaS stack from a single point and identify optimization opportunities with ease. 
Get SaaS Visibility

Simplify SaaS application management

Uncover all applications used within your organization, including risky and unauthorized ones. Analyze app usage and decide which applications to optimize or eliminate from your SaaS stack.
Discover apps and limit shadow IT

Discover cost optimization opportunities

Once discovered, we know that it can be hard to distinguish between SaaS and non-SaaS apps. Our 150,000+ app database automatically categorizes SaaS from non-SaaS apps so you can focus on more strategic tasks.
Track spend and save more

Save on SaaS license management

CloudEagle’s integrations enable you to track app licenses, their usage, and adoption. Automate license management and ensure licenses are provisioned to the right users based on usage and priority.
Simplify license provisioning

Seamless integrations for complete SaaS visibility

SSO Integration
You can now identify all the apps your employees have logged into, whether through a G Suite social login or SSO login.
Finance Integration
Identify all paid apps using our financial integration, even if they are not used anymore.
Direct Integrations
Over 400+ direct integrations give you round-the-clock visibility into app usage or non-usage.
Browser Extension Plugin
Our browser plugin finds and gives you 360* visibility into all the apps being browsed online.
Desktop Agents
Desktop apps that do not use browser logins can be determined by agents installed on the system.

Get app usage visibility with 200+ Direct integrations

With over 200+ direct integrations into SaaS applications, you get deeper insights into usage like exact login details, a number of premium licenses, how many have not used the app in the last 30 days, and more which will give you 100% visibility to take appropriate actions.

Browser Extension for added visibility

Cut down on unauthorized or risky applications by catching them early. By enabling browser extension, you’ll have 100% coverage on all your employees' applications.

Save time with automatically categorized Apps

With a new app launched every day, it’s hard to keep track of the name and category of apps. With a 150,000 database, we automatically categorize your SasS apps from non-SaaS so you can quickly glance at what the apps do and why your team has purchased/used them. 

Your drive for 100% SaaS
visibility begins now