7 Best SaaS Buying Platforms in 2023

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May 5, 2023
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Nobody ever said SaaS buying was easy. But does it have to be as daunting as most companies find it to be?

When it comes to finding the right software for your needs, negotiating the best price for your budget, and giving your team a seamless onboarding experience, the traditional purchase process often falls short.

Spending countless hours scouring the internet for viable vendors, comparing prices across a plethora of websites, and investing tons of precious resources might seem like the only way to secure the best deal on your latest SaaS purchase.

But what if we told you there was a faster, easier, and cheaper alternative?

SaaS Buying Platform: What Is It?

SaaS buying platform is a tool used to manage and streamline the SaaS procurement process through automation. These tools provide an equitable environment for companies to discover the best SaaS solutions for their needs, keep track of their subscriptions, monitor their usage, and optimize associated expenses.  

In most fast-growing organizations, SaaS procurement occurs within different departments. For instance, the sales, development, and marketing teams may each seek out and sign up for software products that best meet their needs.

While it is essential to prioritize subscriptions that best meet organizational demands, it is equally important to have a centralized decision-making process to manage costs effectively. This is where the best SaaS buying platforms shine.

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So, businesses need to invest their efforts in finding the right SaaS buying software to centralize their purchases and prevent shadow IT. We conducted a detailed analysis and have listed the best SaaS procurement software in 2023.  

Let’s take a look!

Top 7 SaaS Buying Platforms in 2023


CloudEagle is a comprehensive SaaS spend management platform with SaaS buying functionalities. CloudEagle leverages AI to provide an effortless purchase journey from discovery to deployment.

Its procurement feature comes equipped with machine learning algorithms that help facilitate negotiations with multiple vendors, automate renewal workflows, and quickly evaluate vendors with a personalized recommendation engine.

An image of CloudEagle dashboard

CloudEagle’s unique purchase system combines years of vendor research and first-hand experience with benchmarking insights to provide a multi-functional interface for you to handle all of your SaaS procurement needs easily.

With its expansive repository of ready-to-use RFP templates, instant reports on app usage and expenditure, and an on-demand team of experts. CloudEagle goes a step further than many of its competitors in delivering a complete and transparent SaaS buying experience.  

One of its key offerings is systematic financial reporting, which allows you to quickly generate a plethora of reports and analyses from dozens of customizable templates. This eliminates hours of manual labor spent making and managing reports, thereby improving your business’s overall operational efficiency.

An image of CloudEagle reports dashboard

You don't have to chase behind stakeholders for approvals. Once the request is raised, CloudEagle will automatically notify the stakeholders within the task until all the approvals are granted.

And then, you can proceed with the purchases, thus saving you time and increasing your productivity.

If your team lacks the bandwidth to negotiate with the vendors, our on-demand experts will negotiate with the vendors for you and purchase the right product at the right price. Here's why procurement teams are choosing CloudEagle.

Notable Features

  • Customizable intake forms to purchase both software and hardware
  • Slack for procurement to raise purchase requests
  • Tasks will be automatically assigned to specific stakeholders
  • Price benchmarking data
  • On-demand SaaS buying experts to negotiate on your behalf
  • Completely transparent purchasing process
  • Usage data and cost optimization insights
  • Contract management, renewal management, and license management
  • Automated renewal workflows
  • Pre-negotiated vendor discounts


A 15-day free trial is available. The starter plan is priced at $1000 per month. Each plan has guaranteed savings based on the amount spent.


Sastrify is a cutting-edge SaaS buying platform that provides companies with a comprehensive 360° view of their software stack. With its powerful tools and intuitive interface, Sastrify simplifies software management and procurement processes for businesses of all sizes.

An image of Sastrify's page

This purchase software automates many manual and time-consuming procurement tasks, such as identifying hidden costs, finding appropriate vendors, spending benchmarking, pricing negotiations, and software licensing.

An image showing Sastrify's feature

Sastrify’s in-house procurement team specializes in streamlining SaaS buying and empowering your teams with effective negotiation strategies to help you secure the best possible deals.


The starter plan is priced at $2,990 per month. Guaranteed savings based on the spend.


Cledara’s buying software boasts an innovative, easy-to-use interface that helps establish a lean procurement process that doesn’t infringe on your business’s core activities.

When it comes to cost-effective SaaS buying, Cledara takes things a step further with its unique rewards program. Its virtual card system allows procurement teams to handle IT expenditures easily and redeem 2% cash back on every software purchase.

An image of Cledara

One of Cledara’s standout features is its built-in compliance system, which ensures that all expenses and subscriptions made through the platform are compliant with company policies and regulations.

Designed for startups and large enterprises, Cledara provides a central hub for assisted buying and automated renewals.  


The Essential plan starts at $104/month, and the PRO plan is priced at $500/month.


Zluri is an all-in-one SaaS management platform that simplifies the entire procurement process, from analyzing your team's current IT stack to helping you identify the best tools for your needs.

An image of Zluri

The platform’s universal interface and intelligent analytics provide real-time insights into your SaaS usage and costs, enabling you to optimize your spend and reduce waste.

Zluri offers a range of features, such as renewal calendars, usage monitoring, vendor management modules, and license management, giving businesses greater visibility and flexibility to make efficient data-driven decisions.

Its analytics are geared towards eliminating shadow IT, improving vendor negotiations, and reducing IT overheads.

An image of Zluri's renewal monitoring feature

Zluri's automated renewal cycle offers the benefit of identifying and removing unutilized licenses from your existing stack, reducing SaaS sprawl, and boosting your ROI. With its affordable pricing model, Zluri has established itself as a reliable and cost-effective SaaS management platform.


Contact the sales team to know the pricing. Features and services vary based on the pricing tier you choose.


Tropic's all-inclusive software gives businesses a competitive advantage in managing their SaaS stack and buying.  

An image of Tropic App

Its customizable workflow standardizes purchase and renewal systems, streamlines internal approval processes, and enables businesses to negotiate deals in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take.

By automating tedious manual tasks, Tropic claims to save businesses hundreds of hours each year and thousands of dollars in SaaS spend.

Tropic's end-to-end SaaS procurement solution is designed to simplify the purchasing process and establish solid relationships between stakeholders, team members, and vendors.

With a dedicated team of procurement experts, Tropic leverages data-driven strategies to execute cost-effective purchases while scaling the procurement process to eliminate operational bottlenecks.


Tropic’s base plan is priced at $3,750 per month, which varies based on your SaaS spend.


Built especially for businesses with dozens of complex IT tools bundled together in an intricate ecosystem, Torii takes SaaS buying to another level with its distributed tools.

An image of Torii platform

Torii’s powerhouse of features includes rapid spend mapping, extensive integrations and plug-ins, license rightsizing, and flexible workflows.

Torii provides a comprehensive platform that empowers multiple teams across all departments to manage their SaaS procurement effectively.

Its automated spend optimization system allows you to access a consolidated overview of your expenditures and leverage cost benchmarks to take immediate action. With Torii, you can eliminate the hassle of manual tracking and gain complete visibility into your SaaS expenses.


Contact the team to learn about pricing plans.


Spendflo is another versatile SaaS buying software that facilitates the entire procurement cycle from start to finish. Spendflo’s platform comes with a full-scale buying hub that can effectively manage the IT procurement needs of your entire organization.

An image of SaaS buying platform Spendflo

One of its key offerings is its ability to create software catalogs. This means that organizations can easily create a centralized database of software products approved for use within the company. This helps to ensure that all software used complies with organizational policies and regulations.

This SaaS buying platform is designed to be highly customizable to meet the specific needs of individual organizations. The software offers a range of configuration options, allowing users to set up workflows, rules, and notifications tailored to their specific procurement processes.

This ensures the system is aligned with existing procurement practices, reducing the need for extensive training and minimizing disruptions to established workflows.


Spendflo’s base plan is priced at $2,500 per month; the plan varies based on your annual SaaS spend.

The Best SaaS Buying Platform for Your Needs

As numerous IT managers will attest, selecting the most suitable SaaS procurement software for your team can be challenging. That’s why it is essential to carefully evaluate the features and benefits of different SaaS purchase software before making a decision.

We recommend looking for a platform that offers automation workflows for procurement, renewal and assisted buying services for negotiations. It's also important to consider the software's scalability and compatibility with your existing systems.

Evaluating these elements and selecting dependable SaaS buying software can benefit your business. It can reduce time and costs, make IT purchases more efficient, and make cloud management simpler.

CloudEagle is one of the comprehensive SaaS buying platform in this list because of its SaaS management, spend management, procurement, vendor management and assisted buying features, making it an all-in-one solution for your business needs.

Book a demo to know how CloudEagle can help you streamline procurement.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is SaaS procurement?

SaaS procurement is the process by which a company searches for and purchases software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools for its day-to-day operations. Often carried out ad-hoc, SaaS procurement decisions can have huge business implications and merit thoughtful deliberation.

2. How do I choose a SaaS procurement platform?

SaaS procurement solutions simplify the SaaS buying process and support companies in managing contracts, payments, negotiations, and cost optimizations all on a single platform. Here’s how to pick the best SaaS procurement software for your needs:

  • Assess automatic discovery capabilities
  • Evaluate contract inventory features
  • Evaluate data security policies
  • Consider the total cost of ownership
  • Test and implement

3. Which software is best for SaaS spend management?

CloudEagle's advanced and intelligent AI-driven system offers a comprehensive solution for SaaS spend management. From initial application discovery to procurement workflows and assisted buying, CloudEagle enables organizations to achieve greater control, transparency, and accuracy in their procurement process.

Written by
Poonam Shrivastava
Product Manager, CloudEagle
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