Benefits of SaaS and the importance – What does SaaS mean?

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June 10, 2021
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First thing’s first, What SaaS means?

Before learning the benefits of SaaS, we have to know what SaaS actually is. SaaS (Software as a Service) offers an attractive alternative to standard software installations in a business environment (traditional model) where you have to build servers, install applications, and configure them.

Instead, the application is on a remote cloud network accessed through a network or API. You and your organization have permission to use it for a specified period and to pay for the software you use.

Below are some benefits of SaaS:

Dipping the showtime

Software as a Service (SaaS) is different from conventional models. In SaaS, the software (application) is pre-installed and configured.

You simply deploy an instance server in the cloud and the app will be up and running in a few hours. In simpler words, it reduces the installation & configuration wait time, thus reducing the potential problems.

Updates and Upgrades

With SaaS, providers update their solutions and make them available to their customers. The cost and effort associated with upgrades and newer versions are less than traditional models, it’s easy to buy and install an upgrade package.

Easy to use and actionable proof of concept

The SaaS offering is easy to use as it is packed with best practices and examples. Users can check drafts and test software functionality or new start functions first. Also, you can have more than one instance with different versions and migrate smoothly. Even in a large environment, you can use the SaaS offering to test the software before buying it.

Scalability and Integration

SaaS solutions are typically located in scalable cloud environments and can be integrated into other SaaS offerings.

There is no need to buy servers or other software compared to traditional models.

You also have the flexibility to scale your SaaS usage as needed.

Lesser costs

SaaS can provide effective cost savings. It is located in a multi-customer environment where the hardware & software licensing costs are lower compared to traditional models. Add that to the benefits of SaaS

A similar benefit of Software as a Service is that you can scale your customer base quickly as SaaS allows small and medium-sized businesses to use the software at scale when needed without having to pay the high licensing fees all the time.

Also, the maintenance costs are lessened because the solution is distributed to all the customers.

Some other benefits of SaaS include Greater Mobility, Better Collaborations and Faster innovations.

Written by
Prasanna Naik
Co-founder, CloudEagle
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