How we got Birdeye off their SaaS spreadsheets

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October 29, 2022

Key Highlights:

Monthly exercise to update the SaaS spreadsheets

Birdeye, one of our customers is the leader in customer experience platforms in the US with over 600 employees. Like any fast-growing company, individual teams had bought a lot of software which they managed on several individual spreadsheets. The finance and operations team would go through a monthly exercise to ask each department about what apps the teams had bought, and who was using these licenses and then cross-verify it with credit card or invoice transactions. Manually updating the spreadsheet was non-scalable

With the pandemic, more SaaS applications were bought at a faster pace and Birdeye found it difficult to manage the software purchases and renewals on a spreadsheet. It was becoming non-scalable to have the ops team run around and update spreadsheets. The spreadsheet would go out of date very soon with more purchases happening every week.

The spreadsheet missed if the assigned users were actually logging in and using the app.

They were looking for a solution to get a more accurate picture of their SaaS stack, software spend, and most importantly if they were getting their money’s worth – were users actually using these apps they were paying for.

How CloudEagle helped:

CloudEagle has built out-of-the-box connectors with almost all financial and SSO systems. Using these connectors, Birdeye was able to get a complete view of its SaaS stack within a few hours. The onboarding process was very simple and only took about 10 min. The platform combed through their finance and single sign-on transactions to form a list of SaaS products they ever paid for or their employees used.

Within a few minutes, CloudEagle’s auto-categorization kicked in and automatically segregated the SaaS vendors from non-SaaS vendors, saving them hundreds of hours manually trying to do this.

CloudEagle also has individual integrations with several vendors like Zoom, Slack, Atlassian Jira, RingCentral, etc. Birdeye was able to connect using the individual integrations to get deeper insights into many of these applications’ usage. Birdeye was most impressed as they got a complete view of their SaaS spend, along with usage within a few hours of connecting their systems. The onboarding was very simple and painless. CloudEagle’s out of box connectors and auto-categorization engine took care of all the tasks. With this, Birdeye was able to get complete visibility with an always up-to-date SaaS stack dashboard. If your team is looking to save time and wants to get rid of their SaaS spreadsheets, please schedule a free getting rid of SaaS spreadsheet demo here.

Get complete visibility into your SaaS spend and app usage!