How competitive intelligence can help you better renegotiate with your SaaS vendors

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October 30, 2022

A leading AI company in the manufacturing vertical was paying for API access with their existing vendor of 5 years.

CloudEagle platform was able to scan through competitors features and pricing models & analyze that other vendors were not charging for similar API access. This was possible due to our proprietary SaaSMap, a database of 100M reviews, 200K case studies and 100,000 vendors.

This market intelligence armed the customer to make an informed argument with the SaaS vendor, giving them negotiation leverage. Also, the team pointed out to the vendor that the API access was no incremental cost for the vendor in question, and in fact, the API key was used for customer integration built by the customer.

The vendor bill went down by 50%, something the customer had been paying for 5 years.  They re-invested the dollars in some additional software they were wanting to buy for some time.

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