Falkonry Optimized Their SaaS Renewals Using CloudEagle

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December 23, 2022


Falkonry is an AI solutions provider at an industrial scale. They simplify complex industrial operations by leveraging the latest technology and driving immediate impact, focusing on reliability, quality, and yield. 

With thousands of moving parts and personnel, managing an industrial plant can be challenging. But Falkonry changes everything; it gives a 360-degree view of the plant where the engineers can see everything happening in the plant in real time from one place. 

It assists and empowers users like plant personnel, process and maintenance engineers, line operators, and analysts to make better operational decisions that are incremental to the business. 

Being an AI solutions provider for industries, Falkonry has a vast team and uses a plethora of applications to carry out their daily operations seamlessly.


We had a conversation with Pratibha Mehta, Head of Operations at Falkonry. 

She and her team manage vendors and the financial and spend data related to them. Along with the vendors, they also manage vendor contracts, users, and their access to various applications used by Falkonry. 

The problem started with the traditional method of contract management, 

  • Falkonry were using a spreadsheet to manage their vendor contracts. The more applications they used, the harder it became to keep track of it using spreadsheets. 

And they started to miss out on renewals as it was hard to track contract renewals, and there was no automation system to send alerts. 

  • Being a service provider, they use a huge volume of SaaS applications, and visibility was a significant issue as they could not track which team was using what and how much are they using it. With no app usage insights and spend data, they didn't have complete control over their SaaS spend.

Pratibha Mehta said with hundreds of SaaS applications rolling out daily, we were finding it hard to choose the right software that would fit our business needs, and that's when CloudEagle came in handy. 


CloudEagle fixed the contract renewal issue of Falkonry by sending out renewal alerts. CloudEagle assigns dedicated managers that remind users as renewal closes, and they continue until the renewal is paid on time. This is different from the reminders sent by other SMPs. 

  • Renewal workflows will start 90 days in advance and keep escalating to different managers until the user renews. 
  • Falkonry started to notice a change in their SaaS spend with the help of CloudEagle's optimization recommendations. 

With thousands of SaaS applications in the market, finding the right vendor can be a daunting task; but that's not the case with CloudEagle.

  • Falkonry's team was able to find vendors that matched their business needs easily. Thanks to CloudEagle's robust vendor recommendation engine, Pratibha's team loved this functionality as it helped them save time. 
  • Now, the Falkonry team can focus more on strategic tasks rather than searching and chasing behind vendors. 

Without app visibility, Falkonry's SaaS spend was beyond control. 

  • CloudEagle's detailed app optimization insights helped Falkonry save 50% on one of their long-term vendors, and the team is positive that they can repeat the same with multiple vendors and save more SaaS costs. 


Pratibha Mehta and her team don't have to worry about app visibility, as CloudEagle gives them a bird's eye view of their SaaS stack. It also displays accurate app usage insights and spend data, so they can effectively negotiate with the vendors and get better deals. 

No more missing out on renewals, as CloudEagle's Renewal guidance helps Falkonry stay on top of the renewals. 

And Falkonry gave a special thanks to the vendor recommendation engine of CloudEagle, as it helped them find the right vendors without costing them time or energy. They are relieved that CloudEagle will do all the heavy lifting of finding SaaS apps, so they can focus on more strategic tasks. 

"I strongly recommend CloudEagle to anyone looking into managing their existing application contracts, exploring new applications and to get unique insights that help in vendor negotiations,"

 - Pratibha Mehta

Do you want to get 100% application visibility, find suitable vendors without wasting your time, and save on SaaS spending?

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Pratibha Mehta
Head of Operations

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