CloudEagle Reports Reveal Department-level spending for Aira and WorkSpan

“CloudEagle’s team keeps delivering results on time and money! My Vendor Management team uses CloudEagle almost daily for our internal review, and I use CloudEagle actively to pull out reports for quarterly board meetings."

- Troy Otilio, CEO, Aira

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Aira and WorkSpan's finance team struggled to pinpoint SaaS spending to individual departments due to the size of their app stack. Manually accessing contracts and spending details for each application consumed valuable time.


CloudEagle integrated with Aira and WorkSpan’s SSO and finance systems. CloudEagle's detailed reports facilitated easy retrieval of spending details, enabling spend attribution to specific departments. It helped the teams easily identify high-spending departments.


CloudEagle's reports revealed department app usage, application spend by department, and vendor spend by department. These comprehensive reports enabled efficient SaaS budget reorganization and granular spend visibility.

Key Highlights:

  • Aira and Workspan struggled with attributing SaaS spending to departments.
  • CloudEagle's integration provided a comprehensive spend view.
  • Four report types helped identify department-level spending.


Despite the fact that Aira and WorkSpan have different functionalities, they both used CloudEagle for similar use cases. CloudEagle helped them identify spending based on each department through insightful reports.


Aira and WorkSpan had multiple internal departments like marketing, sales, engineering, etc.; each department used various applications to perform specific tasks. 

  • It was challenging for the finance team to attribute SaaS spending to each department.
  • They had to manually visit each application to view the contract and spending details, costing them valuable time. 
  • As the team didn’t have a comprehensive view of department-level spending, making informed decisions for cost optimization was challenging. 


Both Aira and WorkSpan were onboarded to CloudEagle.

As soon as they were onboarded in just 30 mins, CloudEagle integrated with their SSO and finance systems and provided an eagle’s eye view of their spend data. 

  • CloudEagle reports made it easier for the team to retrieve all the necessary spending information and were able to attribute them to each department.

  • The team identified the high-spending departments along with detailed spend reports on the applications and vendors they were using. 

The Impact


To identify department-level spend, CloudEagle provided four different types of reports, 

1. List of departments

2. Apps used by individual departments

3. Application spend by each department

4. Vendor spend by each department

These comprehensive reports helped Aira and WorkSpan's finance and procurement teams easily identify which departments were spending on what applications and saved 630 hours for the team annually. The team leveraged this data to reorganize their SaaS budgeting. 

They are relieved that they didn’t have to use multiple platforms to get granular reports; they just needed a comprehensive solution like CloudEagle to get spend visibility and sort out their SaaS spending hassles. 

“CloudEagle’s team keeps delivering results on time and money!" My Vendor Management team uses CloudEagle almost daily for our internal review, and I use CloudEagle actively to pull out reports for quarterly board meetings.

- Troy Otilio, CEO, Aira


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