7 Vendr Alternatives To Streamline SaaS Procurement

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October 12, 2023
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In a competitive market where organizations increasingly rely on SaaS solutions to run their operations, the need for a robust solution to streamline their SaaS purchasing process has risen.

Most organizations still follow manual procurement processes, resulting in procurement delays, bottlenecks, and efficiency challenges for purchase requesters.

Procurement professionals can’t be chasing stakeholders for approvals; they have their own strategic tasks to focus on too. This has pushed organizations to look for a SaaS procurement solution, and Vendr is a popular choice for its robust procurement module and negotiation services.

However, a new SaaS trend is emerging where organizations are looking for full-stack solutions rather than best-in-breed solutions like Vendr, which primarily focuses on procurement.

Besides, considering the economic uncertainty prevailing in the market, we know you are looking to cut costs, and Vendr’s expensive price tag might not align with your financial goals.

We believe you want to get the best bang for your buck, and we’re here to help you find the right alternative to Vendr to streamline your procurement process and optimize your SaaS stack.

Vendr Pricing

Vendr’s Starter plan is priced at $36,000 for companies with a $400K-$1M annual spend.

Will this align with your financial goals? Maybe this Vendr pricing guide can help you make the right decision.

But for now, let us list out the alternatives to make your decision making process easier.

Let's go!

7 Vendr Competitors and alternatives


CloudEagle is a market-leading modern SaaS procurement and management platform. It leverages AI to provide an effortless purchase journey from research to contract signing.

It is a comprehensive platform that enables finance, IT, and procurement teams to get visibility into their software stack and spending.

Implementing automation in your procurement process ensures transparency and eliminates bottlenecks, and CloudEagle offers the ideal feature set for streamlining the entire SaaS procurement procedure.

This allows procurement teams to save time and boost productivity, freeing them from the need to constantly pursue stakeholders and enabling them to concentrate on their strategic responsibilities.

What sets CloudEagle apart is its procurement module's versatility, as it extends beyond solely SaaS applications. Users have the capability to submit purchase requests for various items, including software and hardware.

With features like a vendor research module, customizable intake forms, a Slackbot for procurement, assisted buying services, SaaS visibility, cost optimization, and user management, CloudEagle emerges as a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for managing and procuring SaaS applications.


  • Streamlined Procurement Workflows: No-code workflows are available to automate repetitive request approval tasks. CloudEagle's procurement workflows guarantee that all stakeholders collaborate together, resulting in speedy and effective procurement.
  • Improved Transparency and Visibility: Gain complete visibility into your procurement process. Track who initiated requests and track action statuses in real-time, increasing transparency and allowing effective team communication. All users can see the progress in real-time
  • Assisted Buying: Use CloudEagle's SaaS buying specialists to negotiate with vendors. These professionals ensure that the right products are purchased at the right prices by leveraging benchmarks, saving your procurement team time and effort.
  • Vendor Research: Use CloudEagle's vendor recommendation engine for quick vendor research. This feature accelerates the vendor selection process, allowing you to quickly compare vendor’s prices, reviews, etc. side-by-side.
  • Customizable Intake Forms: Create intake forms that are tailored to your individual software or hardware purchase needs. Configure automated workflows for each form that are triggered automatically when a relevant request is submitted.
  • Slack for Procurement: Allow users to request purchases directly via Slack. When workflows initiate, stakeholders are notified via Slack, and private channels for collaborative decision-making are automatically created.
  • Proactive Renewal Monitoring: CloudEagle takes a proactive approach to SaaS license renewals compared to other solutions that send basic reminders. Based on contract information, the platform generates a renewal calendar and sends renewal reminders 90 days before deadlines. This paves the way for efficient negotiation preparation and usage analysis.
  • Cost Optimization: It is critical to identify underutilized, duplicate, and free apps to optimize SaaS spending. CloudEagle excels at this by identifying such apps and displaying them in separate dashboards for assessment and optimization decisions.
  • Complete Contract Management: CloudEagle offers a robust contract management system that allows you to consolidate all contracts and invoices in one place. This allows quick access to vendor negotiations, audits, and more.
  • User Provisioning and Deprovisioning: Managing app user access can be a difficult undertaking. Auto-provisioning rules are available to suggest the right apps to users based on their roles and departments. The user module consolidates all users and their access to apps; you can deprovision them with a single click.
  • SaaS Management: By integrating with your internal systems, CloudEagle offers comprehensive visibility into your SaaS stack. It provides precise usage insights, enabling you to efficiently allocate and optimize license sizes. Additionally, it proactively sends alerts when it identifies unauthorized apps, effectively curbing shadow IT.


CloudEagle has three transparent, cost-effective pricing plans with no hidden charges, such as support fees and integration costs, and offers more functionalities than Vendr.

1. Starter - $1000/month

2. Growth - $2000/month

3. Enterprise - $3000/month

2. Zylo

Zylo is a renowned SaaS management platform with interesting procurement services. Its features extend to SaaS manager and negotiator services, making it a potent tool for IT experts, software asset managers, and CIOs.

It offers complete application visibility, precise usage insights, spend data, and essential help in managing renewals and licenses—all to reduce costs.

With its rich feature set, Zylo caters to the needs of IT, finance, and procurement teams, facilitating seamless SaaS management, operational streamlining, and spending optimization.


  • AI-powered Discovery Engine: Zylo's AI-powered engine helps procurement experts identify the best software solutions for their firm based on unique needs and objectives.
  • Data-driven Benchmarking: Zylo enables benchmarking to identify the efficacy and worth of various software products, assisting in making informed decisions.
  • License and Compliance Management: Zylo excels at managing software licenses and guaranteeing vendor agreement compliance, lowering the risk of non-compliance concerns.
  • SaaS Visibility: Zylo provides broad visibility of all apps the team uses through AI-matching models. Also, it unifies them in one dashboard, including app spend, contract data, and usage details. Thereby assisting procurement teams in making informed choices and usage decisions.
  • Renewal, Spend, and Duplication Management: Zylo streamlines the procurement process by efficiently managing renewals and sending timely reminders. It sends reminders to let you know when your SaaS software is up for renewal.


Contact the team to get a customized quote.

3. Sastrify

Sastrify is a market-leading software-as-a-service procurement solution that helps businesses automate SaaS purchasing and save associated expenses. This platform transforms procurement by providing critical features like automated procurement workflows, expert negotiation services, etc. that improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

With Sastrify, you can streamline the procurement process, save valuable time, and access a wealth of resources. From finding the right SaaS tools with expert support to centralizing your software contracts, efficient negotiations with vendors, and accessing a comprehensive overview of your SaaS stack, Sastrify offers a 360° SaaS procurement experience.

Additionally, enterprises can use Sastrify's negotiation expertise to handle the technical aspects of procurement, allowing teams to focus on obtaining the most valuable assets.


  • Automated Procurement Workflows: Sastrify uses automated workflows to streamline procurement procedures, eliminating manual activities and increasing productivity.
  • Expert Negotiation Services: The platform gives users access to negotiation professionals who can expertly handle vendor contacts in order to secure the best terms and rates.
  • Contract Renewal Workflows: Sastrify streamlines contract renewals with specific workflows, assuring timely and cost-effective renewals.
  • Reselling Partnership with Vendors: Sastrify's reselling connections with vendors provide access to unique offers and discounts, maximizing procurement outcomes.
  • Price Benchmarks: The platform provides Price benchmarking data, allowing enterprises to make informed decisions and secure cost-effective SaaS technologies.


The plans start at $2,990 per month and $35,880 per year.

4. Kissflow

Kissflow is a dynamic platform with diverse features, including sophisticated procurement capabilities. This user-friendly platform enables organizations to optimize their procurement procedures, save manual labor, and increase productivity.

The procurement capabilities of Kissflow are intended to improve visibility, control, and cooperation throughout the procurement process.

The intuitive user interface makes the platform accessible to a broader audience inside a company by allowing procurement teams and other stakeholders to simply explore it.


  • Customizable Procurement Workflows: Kissflow lets customers build and implement customized procurement workflows, ensuring that unique business goals and regulatory requirements are addressed.
  • Vendor Management: The platform provides extensive vendor management solutions, allowing enterprises to quickly assess, onboard, and manage vendors.
  • Purchase Order Management: Kissflow streamlines purchase order development and management by enabling real-time tracking and approval.
  • Spend Analytics: Users may receive significant insights into their procurement efforts by accessing thorough spend analytics and reports, which can help them uncover cost-saving options.
  • Contract Management: Kissflow makes it easier to manage procurement contracts, from creation through renewal, while also assuring compliance and mitigating risks.


Kissflow's basic plan starts at $1500/ month. For the enterprise plan, one needs to contact the team.

5. Procurify

Procurify is a prominent procurement and spend management competitor of Vendr that enables companies to take control of their procurement processes.

Organizations can utilize Procurify to streamline purchasing, track spending, and obtain important insights to optimize their procurement activities.

This cloud-based platform has a simple user interface that makes it readily accessible to procurement teams, finance departments, and employees throughout the organization. Procurify improves procurement visibility, accountability, and efficiency, resulting in cost savings and better decision-making.


  • Purchase Order Management: Procurify simplifies the preparation, approval, and tracking of purchase orders while offering real-time visibility into procurement procedures.
  • Expense Tracking: The platform makes it simple for users to track expenses, capture receipts, and reconcile charges, ensuring accurate financial records.
  • Vendor Management: Procurify provides vendor management tools that help you monitor vendor performance, manage supplier relationships, and make educated procurement decisions.
  • Spend Analytics: Procurify's analytics and reporting features can be used by users to obtain insights into spending patterns, uncover cost-saving opportunities, and optimize budgets.
  • Approval Workflows: Procurify allows businesses to design bespoke approval procedures that ensure compliance with internal policies and regulatory standards.


Procurify plan starts at $2000/month.

6. Spendflo

Spendflo is another Vendr alternative for an efficient procurement process. It solves the issue of decentralized SaaS product acquisition, which frequently results in veiled visibility, with a significant portion of SaaS assets being unknown within IT departments.

Also, Spendflo can help enterprises with renewals, spend management, and product discovery. They also provide negotiation services.

So, businesses can utilize Spendflo to manage their SaaS finances, minimize workload and purchasing time, improve and develop security and compliance measures, and automate approval processes.


  • Sentiment Hub: Spendflo's Sentiment Hub allows you to assess your team's attitudes toward SaaS technologies, delivering meaningful information for informed purchase decisions.
  • Manage SaaS Contracts in Place: Spendflo offers centralized contract management, ensuring contracts are handled efficiently and compliantly, which is an important part of procurement.
  • Renewal Reminders: The platform delivers timely reminders for SaaS license renewals, ensuring proactive procurement management and cost optimization.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Spendflo provides complete monitoring of SaaS expenditure across users and teams, assisting in the identification of opportunities for optimization and cost management within your procurement plan.
  • Recognizing Underused Licenses and Duplicate Apps: Spendflo's intelligence solutions assist in identifying redundant licenses and underused applications, easing procurement activities and cost management.


Spendflo's base plan is priced at $2,500 per month; the plan varies based on your annual SaaS spend.

7. Zluri

Zluri is another Vendr competitor that is a valuable asset for corporate firms, particularly for the procurement process.

It is a SaaS management tool that empowers IT teams to manage their cloud-based services. From a single dashboard, users can find, manage, and optimize their SaaS stack.

Furthermore, Zluri removes the need for inefficient processes such as manual spreadsheet updates and allows teams to centralize the data in one location for use across numerous deployments.

Also, it offers a simple user interface that allows numerous stakeholders to collaborate on projects successfully.


  • Centralized Contract and Renewal Management: Zluri centralizes the management of software contracts and renewals. It ensures you know upcoming renewal dates, terms, and pricing. Thereby helping you avoid unexpected costs and negotiate better deals with vendors.
  • Approval Workflows and SaaS Buying Experts: Zluri streamlines the procurement process by providing approval workflows. This feature ensures all software purchases abide by the necessary approval process, preventing rogue or unnecessary software purchases.
  • Detection of Duplicate apps: This feature helps you detect and eliminate redundant apps. Thereby greatly helping to reduce costs, a crucial problem in the procurement landscape.
  • Intelligent Application Discovery: The platform's intelligent application discovery features enable procurement teams to identify and analyze previously unknown or unaccounted-for SaaS tools, which is a key asset in any procurement operation.
  • Risk Mitigation: Zluri actively supports compliance management by assuring adherence to corporate policies and regulations, successfully mitigating compliance-related risks that frequently plague businesses.


Zluri has three pricing tiers: Starter, Growth, and Enterprise. For specific details, users need to contact their sales team directly.


In conclusion, selecting the best Vendr option is essential for a streamlined procurement process or for managing SaaS apps. Each alternative has its own set of features and benefits, making the decision-making process critical.

Among the top Vendr competitors, CloudEagle stands out for its comprehensive SaaS management platform, which offers features like complete vendor research, assisted buying, streamlined procurement workflows, and complete SaaS visibility.

Making the right decision saves time and money and delivers valuable usage insights. Our recommendation for you is to choose a full-stack solution, and CloudEagle is the ideal choice for it.

So, book a demo today and see how CloudEagle can help you streamline SaaS procurement and help you manage and optimize your SaaS portfolio.

Written by
Kevin Lee
SDR, CloudEagle
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