Vendor consolidation reduces cost by 50%

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October 30, 2022

Key Highlights:

The customer consolidated two financial apps into one,  saving cost and  increasing ease of management. The customer was using, Gusto, and SaaSOptics for different use cases like bill payment, storing invoices, subscription billing, etc. By upgrading to QuickBooks Advanced, the customer was able to consolidate many of the use cases under one app. Data backed insights from CloudEagle helped the customer consolidate their apps and saved them 50% of the cost.

The customer had individual SaaS solutions for each of the financial processes.

  1. was used as a portal for vendor payment. Vendors were setup on and vendor invoices were paid using ACH. would eventually sync with QuickBooks.
  2. Gusto was used as payroll software by the customer. Gusto integrated to QuickBooks and also Mosaic.
  3. SaaSOptics was used for recurring subscription management which was also integrated into Quickbooks.
  4. Quickbooks Pro version was used by the customer for account keeping. QuickBooks was the single source of truth for all financial transactions in the company. Hence all the other apps had to integrate with Quickbooks. QuickBook also offers payroll, invoicing, and paying off invoices. With these features,, Gusto, and SaaSoptics could have been replaced.

The main challenge for the customer was the maintenance of three different apps for different use cases. Any sort of consolidation which reduced time to maintain three apps and save cost were the primary drivers for this project. However, customer support and some other features were non-negotiable. comparison: QuickBooks Online provides Online Bill Pay (powered by to pay bills without ever leaving the QuickBooks dashboard. Customers can track the payment, knowing exactly when the vendor would receive it.

CloudEagle’s platform was able to quickly narrow down reviews where customers had switched from to Quickbooks Advanced. Criteria like support, availability, reliability was evaluated by the customer.  The platform presented pricing for Quickbooks Advanced and CloudEagle’s data and insights saved the customer a lot of research time, in addition gave them a way to learn from other customers experiences.  It was clear that the customer could save 50% of their cost by dropping and upgrading to QuickBooks Advanced.

Gusto comparison: QuickBooks Payroll is an add-on to QuickBooks, available in both pro and advanced plans. It has payroll and multiple HR functions. QuickBooks also provides faster direct deposit and superior time tracking and reporting options. QuickBooks was more affordable compared to Gusto, as per employee cost is lower.

Upon analysis of the Quickbooks pro and advanced version and researching on the reviews, it was apparent that upgrading to QuickBooks advanced version will definitely provide better customer support.

SaaSOptics comparison: One of the main features for customer was the “deferred revenue recognition”. This was not available in QuickBooks. There is a workaround available however it’s not effective in the case of analytics.

The customer decided to eliminate Gusto and, and replaced it with QuickBooks Advanced, saving cost and ease of management. This saved them 50% of the software cost in addition to savings tons of research & diligence time.

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