Vendor Consolidation Reduces Cost by 50% For Falkonry

Our finance team managed apps like, Gusto, and SaaSOptics, but maintaining them became a hassle. CloudEagle's research led us to QuickBooks Advanced, reducing costs by 50% and streamlining operations. This strategic shift boosted efficiency, retained crucial features and increased ROI.
- Pratibha Mehta, Head of Operations, Falkonry

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Cost reduction


Apps consolidated

473 hrs/yr

Saved on vendor research

The customer used multiple SaaS apps to manage financial tasks, causing high complexity and costs. Consolidation was needed without compromising critical features.


CloudEagle's platform provided insights into alternative solutions. CloudEagle's data analysis and user reviews highlighted that QuickBooks Advanced could meet their needs.


CloudEagle recommended eliminating Gusto and and upgrading to QuickBooks Advanced. Data-backed insights from CloudEagle helped customers consolidate their apps and saved them 50% of the cost.

Key Highlights:

  • CloudEagle's insights identified QuickBooks Advanced as a cost-effective solution.
  • The customer consolidated two financial apps into one.
  • Consolidation and Gusto saved 50% in software costs for Falkonry.


The customer managed three distinct financial apps:, Gusto, and SaaSOptics, each serving different purposes like bill payment, payroll, and subscription management. 

This fragmented approach demanded extensive time and financial resources. Their main challenge was consolidating these tools while preserving critical features and customer support.


CloudEagle’s platform quickly narrowed down reviews where customers had switched from to Quickbooks Advanced. The customer evaluated criteria like support, availability, and reliability.  

The platform presented pricing for Quickbooks Advanced and It highlighted QuickBooks Advanced as a robust alternative capable of replacing disparate tools. 

The platform streamlined the decision-making process by evaluating user experiences and comparing features. CloudEagle's data-driven approach expedited the transition reducing 80% time spent on research, leading to the quick adoption of QuickBooks Advanced as a one-stop financial solution.

The Impact


The customer successfully migrated to QuickBooks Advanced, eliminating and Gusto. This strategic shift reduced software costs by 50% while simplifying app management. 

CloudEagle's comprehensive data insights expedited the decision-making process and ensured a seamless transition. 

The customer retained essential functionalities and improved customer support, delivering a substantial return on their investment. The transition saved significant costs and spared valuable research and diligence time, further enhancing operational efficiency.


Falkonry is an AI solutions provider at an industrial scale. They simplify complex industrial operations by leveraging the latest technology and driving immediate impact, focusing on reliability, quality, and yield.

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