Total cost of ownership is important when choosing vendors

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October 30, 2022

One of our customers was tempted to move their Payroll from one of their existing vendors to another vendor due to seemingly lower cost.

We scanned our database of 10M reviews to

  1. Figure out the pros and cons of the two vendors specifically around their payroll capabilities
  2. Filtered out the case studies etc which specifically talked about payroll capabilities in the target customer’s employee size.
  3. Considered other factors like phone support, 24 by 7 support, product maturity, ability to provide hassle-free payroll in 50 states, etc. by narrowing down reviews that specifically talked about these features.
  4. What was the experience of other customers switching to this newer vendor.

Our platform was able to pull very detailed reviews as well as case studies for the new vendor in question.

The reports highlighted the poor maturity of the “new vendor’s” product as well as several support issues.

The customer was quickly able to scan through CloudEagle’s detailed data and insights to determine that while it was very tempting to move to the new vendor; other factors like support issues, etc are show stoppers. The overall total cost of ownership including support, product bugs, etc was not favorable to justify the move.

The customer decided to stay with their current vendor and re-evaluate the payroll market landscape next year when the new vendor may be more mature in their offering and support structure.

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