Remediant Tracked App Usage, Licenses, and Spend Data Effortlessly Using CloudEagle

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December 14, 2022

Remediant is an IT security company that offers privileged-access management software and services. It is also the only preventive lateral movement solution to help customers achieve Zero Standing Privilege. 

It helps businesses protect their accounts and other valuable data from hackers by detecting vulnerabilities beforehand. 

Industry: Computer and Network Security

Use Case: SaaS Visibility, Usage and Spend management


Remediant’s lean team didn’t have access to a centralized app management system, making it difficult to track their app usage and licenses effectively. 

“I spend hours logging into each application to view the app usage and spend data,” says Paul Lanzi.

  • The team spent most of their time logging into each application to view the app usage data. 
  • Attributing spend to each vendor was harder for the team and hindered them from making necessary spend optimization decisions. 

“It was time-consuming for the team to check if the licenses are fully utilized and whether or not we have to deprovision users from certain applications.” 

Paul Lanzi,  COO & Co-founder, Remediant.


Remediant chose CloudEagle for its advanced app usage tracking, SaaS spend monitoring, and license management features, making it the best option for their needs.

Our platform integrated with their SSO, finance, and HRIS systems during onboarding. 

  • SSO integrations enabled our platform to discover all the applications in their SaaS stack.
  • All the spend data relevant to their applications and vendors were revealed during finance system integrations. 
  • CloudEagle identified all the users and their access to applications after HRIS integrations. 

Once the integrations were complete, CloudEagle provided a bird's-eye view of all the applications, vendor spend, and usage data in a single dashboard. 

"Now I just login to CloudEagle since it can pull usage information." I can see who is provisioned or not and our spending on vendors in one place.'

Paul Lanzi, COO and Co-founder, Remediant


Visibility and App Usage: Remediant got complete visibility into their SaaS stack and is no longer visiting each application for app usage insights. 

Instead, they access CloudEagle to track app usage on each application. Our platform has become a centralized system of records for Remediant. 

Vendor spend: CloudEagle's vendor spend data has enabled Paul Lanzi and his team to pinpoint their spending on each vendor.

This helped the team make essential spend management decisions to save on SaaS spend. 

SaaS licenses: Remediant got much better at tailing their license purchases to actual usage rather than expected usage. The team can now see how their licenses are utilized and make the right decisions about right-sizing them. 

CloudEagle sorted all the SaaS management hassles for Paul Lanzi and his team.

They're relieved that they don't need to log in to each application to view the usage data and other insights; instead, they can view everything from one platform. 

"I would highly recommend CloudEagle to anyone looking for a software solution to take away some of the hassles of SaaS vendor management."

Paul Lanzi, COO and co-founder of Remediant

CloudEagle is the right solution for SaaS savings. Talk to our experts and start optimizing your SaaS stack. 

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Paul Lanzi
COO & Co-founder

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